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Doom: The Plutonia Experiment is a Fanfic that was posted on GAJ by *griffinlancer. The fanfic overall has had positive reviews, by members of different gaming communities he is a member of, and even people he doesn't know.

The story itself attemps to follow the WAD to the letter, with the exception of the Main Character, and the setting where the story begins. The WAD had the nameless marine stationed on Earth, while the Fanfic began in space. Aside from that, there are only a few other differences. One being that the main character's name is not Flynn Taggart, but Sid Armas. And he is not a marine, but an Army Ranger.


The Fanfic begins as a dream that Sid is having of a premonition of events to come that he is yet to understand. As he wakes up, he begins his introduction of how he ended up in space, and how he almost ended up a marine. As he says this, he also mentions that he is still a virgin, mentioning that he has been busy with his work schedule so much, that he pretty much moved women out of his equation, that is, until his Platoon leader comes to check up on him, or so he thinks. From there, the two engage in intercourse, that the author cuts off early before the scene becomes explicit.

The Fanfic continues with an alarm being raised the next morning, the situation being an emergency from a space station named the BioSphere. From there, Rangers and Marines are sent out to investigate. The Marines are sent first, while the Rangers wait in their dropships for their cue, which is given after a few moments. As they land and spread out, They begin their motion towards the main courtyard, where, as if out of nowhere, Sid and his small group are attacked by an unseen force, and he presumably passes out.

As he awakes, he sees the death amoung him. He quietly begins to commandeer a pistol from a dead body, and begins his investigation, alone. As he continues on, he encounters a fellow soldier, reworked into a zombie. He quickly eliminates the threat. As he continues through the floors, before encountering his Platoon leader once again, where she takes him to a secret floor, where they link up with Dr. Howell, a partaker in the experientation of the Quantum Accelerator, the device which brought the hellspawn to the facility in the first place. He then tells Sid that he is the only one to stop the accelerator from bringing more hellspawn in. Sid agrees, and after a brief nap and reminice with his Platoon Leader, sets ot on destroying the Quantum Accelerator, from which the story begins to pick up on action.

At the End of the Fanfic, the main character squares off against the Gate Keeper, along with a Cyberdemon. As the odds are against him, he manages to break the endless wave of monsters, defeat the Gate Keeper, which kills all of the lower hellspawn, except for the Cyberdemon. As they begin the staredown, the ruined corpse of the Gatekeeper reveals a mother demon of sorts. She then kills the cyberdemon, and tells Sid his future, which seems to be an eternal damnnation after his mortal death. He takes it plain and simple, and continues on through the portal that arises from the GateKeeper's corpse. Sid ends back in safe hands, back on the ship where he left off, finding his Platoon Leader safe as well.

Other Projects

As of right now, griffinlancer is writing the continuation to Plutonia, TNT, which he has postponed, on account of "Lack of Interest". Other Projects can be found on his profile on

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