Door-Jammed is Episode 2 of John and the Creepy Crawlies.


John and some of the creepy crawlies get locked in a creepy house. When Ant and Daddy Longlegs hear a howl, they and the others start accusing each other of being a werewolf.


John Stewie

The Creepy Crawlies

Derek Peacorn (John's Best Friend)


It starts with John, Slug, Moth, Flea, Tick, Glow Worm, Bedbug, Snail, Earthworm, Weevil, Aphid, Mite and Woodlouse walking through a forest until they notice an old creaky house.

John: Let's go look in there.

When they enter, the door locks behind them. John tries to open the door, but it's stuck.

Slug: Oh great. We're stuck in here.

*Meanwhile, at Derek's house*

Derek was playing some video games until when he went to grab something, a hammer on a shelf landed on something expense.


The scream reached John's house, where Daddy Longlegs and Ant were watching a werewolf movie. Daddy Longlegs paused the movie when they heard the scream.

Ant and Daddy Longlegs: The howl is coming from somewhere nearby!

The duo, combined with Derek's screaming jolted Hornet awake, causing him to fall from the bed he was sleeping on.

Hornet: Ow...

*Theme Song*

Wasp was the first to notice that Hornet fell. She quickly came to his aid.

Wasp: Hornet? Are you alright?

Hornet: Yeah. I just got startled by all of the screaming.

Wasp: Okay, so what was Derek screaming about?

Hornet: Dunno. Let's investigate.

The duo flew to Derek's house to see Derek obviously pissed at something.

Derek: Aw come on! That item cost a lot of money! A lot! Why am I so dumb?

Hornet: Okay, so that's what that screaming is about. Wouldn't you feel the same?

Wasp: Yes of course.

Hornet: Oh right. Wow, I wonder how much money that was.

Wasp: I would be doing the same if that happened to me.

Hornet: And... what would have happened?

Wasp: I probably would go on a stinging spree.

Hornet: Well then it's a good thing that didn't happen.

Wasp: I agree.

Derek: *Sighs* I can cross my fingers that I will find that item again.


The scene changed to Derek going into the local grocery store. He was with somebody who would help him find the broken item.

Helper: This aisle should have what you're looking for, sir.

Derek walks down the aisle.

Derek: I'll just hope they're not out. Because I'm going to be mad.

He eventually finds the object.

Derek: About time.

He takes the object and pays for it. Then he puts it on the shelf.

Derek: Good thing I found it.

*End Fantasy*

Derek: I'll just have to get lucky.

Hornet: Okay, that was weird.

Wasp: Yeah. So, what now?

Hornet: I don't know about you, but I'm going back to sleep after getting interrupted.

Hornet heads back to the house.

*Meanwhile, with John*

Aphid: We're stuck in here forever!

John: Not yet. We'll find a way out.

Moth: We'll all be fine.

Snail: Are you sure?

Then a hammer lands on John's foot. John does his best to suppress his screams.

John (Straining): I'm okay.

Moth: *Giggles* See ya, John.

As soon as the creepy crawlies left left, John howled in pain, which resembled a werewolf howl. The howling reached the house not too far away.

While Ant and Daddy Longlegs were watching a werewolf movie, Daddy Longlegs paused it the moment the heard John's howling. Ant began to shudder.

Daddy Longlegs: I ain't going to ask if you-if you heard that, because I don't wanna know the answer.

Ant: Was that the hideous howl of the undead?

Ant hugged Daddy Longlegs in fear, but Daddy Longlegs pushed Ant right off of him.

Daddy Longlegs: Hey! I don't remember saying that was okay.

The duo then heard growling. Daddy Longlegs jumped on top of Ant.

Daddy Longlegs: But, if it will make you feel better!

The two looked from behind their pillows to see a shadow in front of a flashlight.

Ant & Daddy Longlegs: Werewolf!

The shadow turned out to be Termite standing in front of a flashlight. Termite held his stomach in pain.

Termite: Ooh. I'm hungry.

Ant & Daddy Longlegs: The spiky fur, the long claws, the bad breath! Termite's a werewolf!

*Commericial Break*

As soon as Hornet and Wasp came back into the house, they notice Ant & Daddy Longlegs freaking out.

Hornet: Great. Now, what are those two doing?

The duo were watching Termite and Dragonfly play Go Fish. Hornet approached Ant and Daddy Longlegs.

Hornet: Alright, you two are looking at Termite funny. Explain now.

Ant & Daddy Longlegs: Termite's a werewolf!

Hornet: A... Who to the what now?

Daddy Longlegs: He's been right there the whole time.

Ant: Just waiting for his chance to feast on ant flesh.

They both ducked under the pillows, dragging Hornet with them.

Daddy Longlegs: If we don't wanna be his snack, we gotta act, and we gotta act now.

Daddy Longlegs pulled out a garlic necklace, which Hornet smelled with his antennae immediately.

Hornet: Ugh... What do you need the garlic for?

Daddy Longlegs: This garlic should him at bay. Werewolves can't stand it. Ant, got your mirror ready?

Ant holds the mirror out to Daddy Longlegs.

Ant: When he doesn't see his reflection, we'll know for sure he is a werewolf.

Hornet: Um, guys? Last time I checked, those are for repelling vampires, not werewolves.

Hornet noticed the two were gone.

Hornet: Where did they go?

Termite: Do you have any hearts?

Dragonfly: Mm-mm. Go fish.

Termite took a card out of the pile. When he added the card to his hand, Daddy Longlegs came up to Termite with the garlic necklace.

Termite: Argh, hey!

Vinnie put the garlic necklace in his face. As Termite stepped away, he is confronted by Ant, bearing the mirror.

Termite: What are you-

Termite was blocked off by the duo. He was eventually backed up to the wall of pillows. Ant had the mirror in Termite's face, where the latter refused to look at the mirror.

Hornet: Stop that!

Ant: Daddy Longlegs, he can't look. Termite's definitely a werewolf! Keep your distance. You... you... termite-wolf!

Termite: Termite-wolf?

Hornet came up to the scene.

Hornet: Unfortunately, these two are convinced you're a werewolf.

Termite: Let me get this straight. You think I'm a lycanthrope.

Daddy Longlegs: No, we think you're a werewolf.

That comment led to Hornet hitting him on the head.

Daddy Longlegs: Ow, what was that for?

Hornet: Lycanthrope is the technical term for werewolves, okay?

Termite: At any rate. Garlic and mirrors repel vampires, not werewolves.

Hornet: Told ya so.

Daddy Longlegs: Hmm. Howled at any moons lately?

Termite: NO!

Dragonfly: No creepy crawlies howl.

Daddy Longlegs: So Dragonfly. Ripped anything from limb to limb recently?

Hornet: Other creepy crawlies that aren't her friends.

Ant gasped.

Ant: Does that mean there are three werewolves in the house?

Daddy Longlegs: Aah! That's what it means!

Hornet: Ant, Daddy Longlegs, that is absolutely-!

Hornet was cut off from Ant and Daddy Longlegs screaming.

Hornet: Agh!

Ant & Daddy Longlegs ran all over the place until they hid under the bed.

Termite: Heh. Heh.

Hornet: *Sigh* Werewolves. That is about as real as ghosts. Am I right?

Dragonfly began to back away from Termite and Hornet.

Hornet: Dragonfly, come on!

*With John*

The rest of the creepy crawlies were searching around until ghosts floated inside the house and went inside the creepy crawlies.

Then they were led into a room with no way out.

Creepy Crawlies: HELP!!!

*At the House*

Everyone was doing different things while Ant and Daddy Longlegs were cowering in fear.

Ant: Werewolves are all around us!

Daddy Longlegs: They're just waiting for the chance to have a daddy longlegs and ant snack.

Mosquito went up the duo.

Ant & Daddy Longlegs: Werewolf!

Mosquito: Huh?

Horsefly approached the group.

Horsefly: Hi guys!

Horsefly revealed her sharp teeth. The 2 of them screamed.

Daddy Longlegs: Watch out Mosquito! Those teeth were made to rip out Mosquito hearts!

Ant (Whispering): Don't turn your back on her.

Hornet: That's crazy!

Mosquito began to back away from Horsefly. Termite, Hornet and the others came up to the duo.

Hornet: Forget about this whole werewolf thing, please!

Wasp flew down from nowhere.

Wasp: Ah! Werewolves? Wasp-eating werewolves?!

Hornet: No, please no, Wasp.

Daddy Longlegs: See how you handle this werewolves!

Daddy Longlegs threw a silver coin at Wasp. Luckily, Wasp managed to duck.

Hornet: Daddy Longlegs! What are you thinking?!

Daddy Longlegs: Hah! The wasp ducked! Werewolves have an aversion to silver.

Hornet: Daddy Longlegs that's just dumb. She ducked to avoid the random coin YOU threw at her.

Daddy Longlegs: She is sooo a werewolf.

Mosquito approached Horsefly.

Mosquito: Your teeth are unusually pointy, Horsefly.

Horsefly: Oh yeah? Well explain to me why you have blue fur on your back.

Mosquito: Huh?

Hornet: I don't think that-

Ant: And why do you two not believe in werewolves?

Daddy Longlegs: Unless you are.

Hornet: No we're not.

Assassin Bug: Are too.

Spider: So, it's an all-out war now huh?

Tarantula: That's correct.

Everyone but Termite and Hornet commenced arguing.

Termite: *Sigh* This won't end well.

Hornet: Agreed.

*With John*

John was looking for the creepy crawlies. He saw a door and attempted to open it, alerting the other creepy crawlies.

Flea: John, we're in here!

John: I can't open the door.

*Commercial Break*

*At the House*

All of the creepy crawlies minus Termite & Hornet, were threatening each other with silverware and wolfsbane. They were all in a circle for some reason.

Dragonfly: Stay back, or I'll wolfbane you!

Ant: These silver spoons have a dual purpose: you can stir things with them, and you can use them to ward off werewolves!

Termite: Oh, brother.

Caterpillar: You two are just trying to save yourselves by staying up there.

Centipede: Mosquito, you need to get over here.

Carpet Beetle: Please stop, there's no need for this.

Ladybird: Stay back there, Fly.

Fly: I'm not disgusting like you think. Even if I was, I wouldn't be a werewolf.

Tiger Beetle: Stop hiding it.

Wasp: Wait I know. Since Ant and Longlegs are calling us werewolves, it's OBVIOUS that they're werewolves.

Ant: What? No! Longlegs, are you a werewolf?

Daddy Longlegs: Of course not.

Dragonfly: That's an obvious lie.

Spider: I think our best bet is Dragonfly.

Horsefly: Why her?

Spider: Because she looks like one.

Dragonfly: Do not.

Water Strider: I suspect you.

While these events were transpiring, Termite was reading a book and Hornet was watching the events happen. He then approached Bumblebee and Mosquito.

Bumblebee: Mosquito, Mosquito, Mosquito!

Nothing happened.

Bumblebee: Why aren't you gone? I said your name three times.

Hornet: Bumblebee, that's how you summon ghosts, or something. Not to get rid of werewolves.

Bumblebee: Yeah. Or her name isn't Mosquito.

Mosquito: Or your name isn't Bumblebee. Hmm, how about that?

Meanwhile, Scorpion had Butterfly cornered.

Scorpion: You don't stand a chance when you have no weapons.

Butterfly: Did you forget I can fly?

Butterfly attempts to fly away, but Scorpion pulls her back.

Scorpion: Nice try.

Tarantula appears.

Tarantula: Can you two stop attacking each other?

Scorpion: So you want me after you?

Mud Wasp: Girls, please stop.

Grasshopper: Catch me if you can!

Grasshopper hops around.

Cricket: Ugh. It's obvious that it's Grasshopper now.

Cicada: I couldn't agree more.

Froghopper was attacked by Silverfish and Locust.

Silverfish: I don't get why you're trying to defend yourself.

Froghopper: If I were a werewolf, I would let you catch me.

Locust: No, it's because you are and you don't want us catching you.

Junebug: Can you believe this?

Sandfly: I know, Junebug-Wolf.

Walking Stick: Sandfly-Wolf!

Firefly starts glowing.

Firefly: It means I'm not a werewolf.

Potatobug: As if.

Firefly: You wanna fight?

Earwig: I'll fight you.

Hornet: Unbelievable.

Assassin Bug: What are you saying?

Stink Bug: I don't even want to say.

Water Beetle: I was thinking the same thing. But look at Cockroach's teeth.

Cockroach: Just because of my teeth, I'm not a werewolf.

The fighting ones growl at each other.

Ant: War!

Bumblebee's stomach began to growl.

Bumblebee: Ooh, I am hungry.

The other pets, minus Termite and Hornet, backed away in fear.

Daddy Longlegs: Oh, the bumblebee's gonna go wolf on us!

Hornet: Bumblebee would never eat her friends.

Daddy Longlegs: That's exactly what a Hornet-Wolf would want us to think.

The other creepy crawlies screamed and ran to hide.

Hornet: Last time I checked, werewolves don't exist. They're mythological.

Termite puts down his book and came off the couch.

Termite: Hornet's right. Werewolves don't exist.

Daddy Longlegs: That's exactly what a termite-wolf would want us to think, too. We have our eyes on you two.

The other creepy crawlies watched Termite and Hornet intently, and Bumblebee ran off to hide.

Termite: Ay yi yi.

Hornet: You know what, I'm done with this.

Hornet makes his way to the closet.

Hornet: Wasp, let me in, please.

Wasp: No! I won't take any chances.

Hornet: Alright, I'm coming in.

Hornet just walked in the closet.

Hornet: Look, do you honestly believe me to be a werewolf?

Wasp: Well...

Hornet: Think about it. Werewolves come out at night. And it's broad daylight.

This eased Wasp's conscious.

Wasp: Alright. I trust you. But, if you go wolf on me, I'll rid of you of this place.

Hornet: Got it.

*With John*

The creepy crawlies were still trapped.

Moth: This is fun.

Aphid: Not.

John: I'll get you guys out. I wonder what's going on at the house.

Moth was then hit on the head by a brick, when she let out a howl like scream. All of the creepy crawlies heard said screams and retreated to their hiding places. Wasp was hugging Hornet in fear. As she did, they all entered a fantasy.

[Wolf-I-Fied Song Fantasy]

The house changed to a nighttime version of the city.


The night is getting darker

And the full moon is in the sky

In the distance you hear a howl

And a blood-curdling cry

You think it's probably just the wind,

But then something else happens,

Something that makes you think again.

While the narrator was talking, Wasp & Hornet were walking down a street in the city.


There's something moving

Out through the night

You've got that sickly sinking feeling

That something isn't right

Wasp grabbed Hornet's leg and ran with him to the house.


You run to find a shelter

Lockin' the door

But behind you there's a shadow

Crawling 'cross the floor


You turn to scream (Aah!)

It seems a little mean

Legs are shaking, terrified eyes

And your heart's a-racing


Those claws, those teeth

Who's that underneath?

Is that a termite?

Your eyes can't believe he's been...

[Wasp & Hornet]


You better escape 'cause there's no one here to save you

And you cannot deny he's been


Just say goodbye 'cause there's no place left to run to

There's no place left to hide

Wasp & Hornet were chased around the house by a Wolf-I-Fied Termite.


You think you made it,

Running out the back.

But you better think again,

Because something's on your track.

Wasp & Hornet were then cornered by Termite. The duo ran to a trash can.


You run into a corner,

Turn to see who's there

Now there's a whole mob of them,

That is really unfair!

Wolf-I-Fied versions of their friends appeared out of the trash can.


You turn to scream (Aah!)

Get something in between

Legs are shaking, terrified eyes,

And your heart's a-racing.

Wasp & Hornet were cornered at all sides by the Wolf-I-Fied Creepy Crawlies.


Those claws, those teeth

Who's that underneath?

Are those your friends there

Your eyes can't believe they've been



No need to try 'cause there's no one here to save you

And you cannot deny we've been


Just say goodbye 'cause there's no place to run to

There's no place left to hide

Wolf, i, Wolf-i-fied!

(Hornet: Oh, I don't feel so good about this!)

Wolf, i, Wolf-i-fied!

(Wasp: Hey, they're pretty good dancers!)

Wolf, i, Wolf-i-fied!

(Hornet: I don't care about good dancers!)

Wolf, i, Wolf-i-fied!

Then Termite came up to the two. Wasp hugged Hornet in fear while Hornet comforted her.


Hornet was dumbstruck when he saw it was just a fantasy.

Termite: Scary, scary stuff huh? *Snarls*

Everyone but Hornet and Termite: Ahhh! Werewolf!

Hornet: Aw, man... I was duped.

Termite: This whole thing is dumb. Why are we even doing this?

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