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  • Boots as Simba
  • Dora as Nala
  • Papi as Mufasa
  • Mami as Sarabi
  • Tico as Timon
  • Benny as Pumbaa
  • Swiper as Scar
  • Isa as Kiara
  • The Big Red Chicken as Uncle Max
  • Senor Tucan as Rafiki
  • Map as Zazu
  • Grumpy Old Troll as Banzai
  • Baby Jaguar as Vitani
  • Backpack as Ma
  • Diego as Kovu
  • Owl as Nuka
  • Storm Cloud as Ed
  • Witch as Zira
  • Pirate Pig as Shenzi
  • Daisy as Sarafina
  • Baby Blue Bird as Iron Joe

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