1. Coming To Videocassette and DVD

2. Charlotte's Web 1/2 Teaser Trailer

3. Now Available on Videocassette and DVD

4. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius VHS and DVD Trailer

5. Nick Jr. Air Guitars Bumper

6. Nick Jr. Face Takes A Nap (Tortrillas and Salsa Version)

7. Face Starts A Short "Tortrillas and Salsa"

8. Nick Jr. Face Watches A Parade

9. Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Videos Trailer

10. Peanuts Videos Trailer

11. Paramount 90th Anniversary: Feature Presentation

12. Paramount 90th Anniversary

13. Nick Jr. Kids Opening (Little Bear Segment)

14. Nick Jr. Face Looks Out His Window (Pink Panther Version)

15. Nick Jr. Hawaiian Bumper

16. Face Starts the Cartoon Short "Pink on the Cob"

17. Nick Jr. Face Sings Different Types Of Music

18. Nick Jr. It's Time to Play, Nick Jr! (2001)

19. Nick Jr. Face Makes Up A Song (Dora the Explorer Version)

20. Face Starts the Episode "Dora the Explorer: Dora, La Musico"

21. Nick Jr. Face Announces Hocle and Stoty

22. Face Starts A Short "Hocle and Stoty: Bad Storm"

23. Nick Jr. Face Does the Sound of the Instrument

24. Dora the Explorer at Nick

25. Nick Jr. on CBS Bumper (2000)

26. Nick Jr. Face Sings the Waiting Song (Dora the Explorer Version)

27. Face Starts the Episode "Dora the Explorer: Pablo's Flute"

28. Nick Jr. Face Spells His Name

29. Face Starts A Song "Moose and Zee: Makes Me Music"

30. Nick Jr. Face Sings His Very Very Short Goodbye Song 2

31. Nick Jr. Kids Closing (Little Bear Segment)

32. Dora the Explorer Closing Credits

33. Nick Jr. Productions

34. Nick Jr. Pigs Logo

35. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo

36. Paramount 90th Anniversary Still Logo

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