Pilot Episode is a 0 episode from June 12, 1999. The unaired episode was cancelled.

Episode: Season 0, Episode 0

Airdate: Cancelled

Next Episode: The Legend of the Big Red Chicken

Characters present

Dora (debut)

Boots (debut)

Backpack (debut)

Map (debut)

Swiper (debut)

Benny (debut)

Isa (debut)

Tico (debut)

Grumpy Old Troll (debut)

Mami (debut)

Papi (debut)


Dora and Boots find away out to the Giant Cupcake.




  • Dora makes a debut character with purple shirt and blue pants until Dora the Explorer in the Road to Recorvery, Are You Karate Kidding Me, and Demise of The Planet of the Apes.
  • Boots makes a debut character with Purple Skin Light Purple Faces and Green Shoes.
  • Tico's Vest is Red, Tangerine, Greenish-Blue, Brown And lime in The Pilot.
  • Swiper's Mask And Gloves Are Red in the Pilot.
  • Map's Voice Had a Deep, Low, Dopey Voice in the Pilot.
  • Papi's Shirt is Green in the Pilot.

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