Dorman is an Israeli student of the Academy of Magic, one of the first students overall and now red class' second Apprentice. He is a graduate, and is infamous across the Academy for his temper. As a summoner, he participates in the blue and red classes, although he has some proficiency with the white color of mana. He has joined the Academy of Magic when he was 24.

Character Outline


Dorman's current portrait

Dorman is about 1.5 meters tall (roughly five feet), which makes him shorter than the average person. His body has a rather broad set of shoulders, with plenty of muscles on it. He's got short, black hair and brown eyes. His face isn't exactly smooth, but it isn't rugged, either.

As a person, Dorman is a man of action, though he's never afraid of backing himself up with words. He would always try and view the situation with as much logic as possible, even though his somewhat flamboyant sometimes gets the best out of him.

Pre-Academy History

Dorman was born in Jerusalem, in the State of Israel. When he was 18, he joined the army, to the armored division. After he finished his first few years of training, he was sent to Gaza City - together with 8 other men - to be a part of a counter-attack in response to a suicide bombing inside Israeli territory. While taking a break, the 9-men unit's tank was destroyed by a sudden mortar strike, launched by rebels who hid in the city. One mortar's fragments hit Dorman's arm, thus filling it with dozens of tiny metallic fragments. As the unit tried to flee, their commander got shot in his shoulder by sudden pursuers. Dorman and the captain stayed behind in order to stall their pusuers, but they were captured. After a few hours of captivity, Dorman managed to free himself and his captain.

When they finally met up with the rest of their unit's men, they found out that the extra infantry they've been carrying along was killed by sniper fire. Not a lot later, the captain died due to his shoulder wound being too contaminated. After that, things went from bad to worse - the whole unit was captured, and three additional members were executed - the team's medic was put inside a huge meat grinder in order to satisfy the thirst for blood some people had, and the two other ones were executed by decapitation. The video-tape was sent to the media all around the world.

After two weeks of Gaza, only a third of the original nine-men unit survived. Dorman (the tank's gunner), the tank's driver, and the tank's engineer. During the fourteenth day in Gaza, Dorman channeled mana for the first time. He managed to land an empty humvee on a mine outside the wall, and blew it up. During their escape, the tank's engineer lost his life by a bullet. After a day or two, Dorman and his last surviving comrade made it out of Gaza, back into Israeli territory.

Four years later, Dorman was recruited to the Academy.

Academy History

Dorman started at the Academy as a Ioqi (blue) mage. For two years, he stayed at his primal color, but something in it was holding him back. He decided to enroll in another class - the Shi (red) one. To his surprise, he was accepted, and he soon began advancing in ranks. During the whole Voldo conflict in Arcanis, Dorman was rather quiet and unnoticable, building his power for later opportunities. His first loss in a duel, to Damien Wilacoth, made him determined to get stronger. During his visit to the Cabal pits, he participated in the Cabal Games. His luck didn't prove him well, and he had to duel against none other than Ryu Phoenix, leader of the Cabal at that time. He managed to score off a draw with the graduate, but was unsatisfied with that. Since then, he's been training to defeat Ryu in an actual match.

As time went on, Dorman met many students, and steadily rose up in ranks. He had a time of injuries, when he constantly attempted to flee from the Hospital Ward, regardless of Yugure's objections.

After his graduation, Dorman regained possesion of his weapons - a pair of Desert Eagle pistols and a M16 assault rifle, all of which were confiscated as he entered the Academy. In a trip to Llanowar in Dominaria, he managed to buy an immolating halberd, which served him quite well in his time.

During one of the normal days Dorman had, he met Cassy Tomb. A Nezumi who seemed to like Dorman, although he usually returned rather cold reactions. Eventually, Dorman and Cassy became a real couple, but Cassy kept betraying Dorman's trust, which led to him eventually dumping her.

Years passed rather uneventfully for Dorman, until the Abel conflict burst. During the conflict, Damien has acknowledged Dorman that he had became stronger, and Dorman tried to help Damien out, despite the Magus' warnings and objections. While on a mission to find Aoi Wazura, Dorman had absorbed a part of Lowe Margas's red form, in order to heal him from the injuries he had endured during that mission. Not a long time later, Dorman was killed by Selendrile in an attack that earned him the scars across his torso and in his neck.

After his revival, the red essence from Lowe has been released from him. Not a long time after, he and Eritta worked together in order to help create a body for that essence, who named himself Helios. After his death, he understood it was better to stay away from the Abel conflict, and keep everyone else who wasn't invited out of it, too.

When he was on a trip to Arade with Nicolae Danrigakopf , Cassy Tomb, Zane Fleia, Draiken Talkos and Arcus Acer, a frightening ability had awoken in him. It seemed his revival did something to the mortar fragments in his right arm, thus granting it an ability to punch even through cement walls with little to no effort. However, Dorman was unable to control the activation of his right arm. Not only that, but he would become mentally instable when the arm activates, and has a chance of fainting at any given moment. He found out about it in a way he'd rather not have - by having attacked Nicolae and Cassy.

As he witnessed the end of the Abel conflict, Dorman decided it was time to have some rest, after becoming red class' second Apprentice. When he was about to learn new spells from Eva, Helios attempted to attack him, although Dorman already anticipated that move, so he took precautions - Dorman was already inside the room, while Eva desguised herself as Dorman, using her Kitsune powers. After that attack, Dorman has become all but hostile to Helios.

During the attack of the illusions on Arcanis, Dorman died from the gas, too, and was revived - like every student of the Academy. He was attacked by one illusion, in desguise of Zane Fleia, which he fell for. He was ready to attack Zane on sight, had the other students not showed him that it was an illusion. During the time that Arcanis was cut off from the Multiverse, Dorman had given Cassy a last chance. He is currently attempting to help re-establish connection with the Multiverse outside, due to plans he has for Keld and attempting to find out what's exactly wrong with his right arm. Lately, he has become an employee for 'Los, and thus a servant of 'Dis. He had recieved a single boon from it - the ability to activate his right arm at will, in return for service, loyalty and secrecy.

During the corruption arc, Dorman was one of the first to be captured, proceeded only by Ferias Terras and Sakura Kitsune. After being corrupted by Raiga, he captured Asgre Thar Deathstalker and brought her to Raiga. Upon Raiga's attack on the Academy, Dorman was killed by Kin, a fellow summoner who is also somewhat a friend of Dorman. When he was resurrected, his former looks were restored.

The right arm

Dorman's right arm is a rather special one. The fragments of the mortar that hit him, were actually enchanced with a near-infinite amount of mana. It needed a severe trauma of the body to unlock, which was Dorman's death. The fragments were enchanced by a Planeswalker who was conducting an experiment on potential summoners, who's name is Yan - the same Planeswalker who recruited Dorman.


  • Dorman's current physical appearance in based on that of Roy Mustang from the anime Full Metal Alchemist.
  • Dorman has begun the Academy as a careful man, but slowly changed to the reckless man he was, and then into the expirience veteran he now is.
  • Dorman is infamous for his lethal use of the Izzet Guildmage and Sneak Attack spells in order to defeat opponents in one turn.
  • Dorman is a member of the Silens Umbra, with the special rank of 'Raging Inferno'.

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