Top: Kulala. Bottom: Dororo. I accidentally misspelled "broccoli". Oops! ^.^'l'

It's karaoke time at the Keronian base in the Hinata Residence. Dororo went first, and decided to sing a song by Dana Carvey...oh boy....

Dororo: Kulala, this song is for you! Enjoy!

Kulala: Yay!

This is where the music starts people.

Dororo: There's a lady I know

If I didn't know her

She'd be the la-tay I didn't know.

And my lady, she went downtown

She bought some ber-ra-ccoli

She brought it ho-ome...

She's choppin' broccoli

Choppin' brocco-li

Choppin' brocco-la

Choppin' brocco-laa-aa

She's choppin' brocco-lay!

Choppin' brocco-lay!

She's chop-eh-un!


Okay everyone, it's over now. He's done.

Kulala: Kukuku! That's funny! Thanks Dororo!

Keroro: That was hilarious!

Kululu: Good show!!

(Note: I don't own the characters or song. The characters are from Sgt. Frog and the song is by Dana Carvey. The only thing I own is Kulala, my fan character.)

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