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Dot Space Theory

In the later months of the year 2006, a new theory explaining some of the mysteries of the universe was created by Wolfman and Lock. The theory states that although mankind follows a linear time continuum, the higher power that created everything, i.e. God, is positioned on a separate but parallel continuum. Because this power can be at one point in time, or before it, or after it, and is at all times at every point, a line is meaningless and can be summed up in a dot. Therefor, because all things in the universe came from this creative origin, it makes sense that if people have souls, they come from the dot continuum at birth, and at death return to this dot continuum, as in heaven. Clearly, this theory is opposed to atheism and nada. The point of having such a theory hasn't been yet determined, but the idea once came up has a something about it that makes people want to share it, however, you probably wont. Have a nice day, see you at the dot.

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