• Lilo - Dot [A Bug's Life]
  • Stitch - Oliver [Oliver & Company]
  • Nani - Gadget [Chip 'n Dale]
  • David - Chip [Chip 'n Dale]
  • Cobra - Monterey Jack [Chip 'n Dale]
  • Pleakley - Flik [A Bug's Life]
  • Jumba - Dodger [A Bug's Life]
  • Gantu - Hopper [A Bug's Life]
  • Grand Councilwomen - Jessie [Pokemon]
  • Mrs Hasawaga - Kitty Katswell [TUFF Puppy]
  • Moses Puloki - Gaston [Beauty and the Beast]
  • Mertle Edmonds - Alice [Alice in Wonderland]
  • Elena Teresa and Yuki - Sailor Moon,Dawn and May [Sailor Moon and Pokemon]
  • Ice Cream Man - Geppeto [Pinocchio]


  • Dot is a young girl by Gadget Hackwrench's son.
  • Oliver is a orange kitten like an alien.
  • Gadget Hackwrench is a Dot's Sister.
  • Chip is a Dot's father and Gadget Hackwrench's best friend.
  • Monterey Jack is a social worker.
  • Flik is a Dodger's son with Agent.
  • Dodger is a evil genius are enter the Dot's house when attacking the house. After your destroying the Dot's house, and Monterey Jack bring Dot will take that away!
  • Gantu is a main villain.

Scene Index

  1. Dodger's Trial
  2. Oliver Escapes
  3. "Where is he?"
  4. Dodger's Deal
  5. Opening Credits
  6. Monterey Jack's Visit
  7. Fight!
  8. Bedtime Wish
  9. Oliver meets Truck
  10. Dot meets Oliver in Adopt
  11. Island Escape
  12. Dysfunctional Angel (Song: Stuck on You)
  13. Luau Dinner
  14. New Kitten Comes Home
  15. Bedtime...
  16. Ugly Duckling
  17. Model Citizen
  18. Surfing (Song: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride)
  19. Oliver Drowns
  20. Aftermath on the Beach
  21. Aloha 'oe
  22. "I'm Lost"
  23. "We're Fired!"
  24. Dodger Attacks
  25. Gadget Hackwrench loses custody
  26. Hopper captures Dot
  27. Ohana means Family
  28. Rescue
  29. "This is my family"
  30. Hawaii Forever/End Credits

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