Double Header and Other Stories is a fan fiction DVD of the Wooden Railway Series. Like Off the Rails and Other Stories, Percy and the Signal and Other Stories, and Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Other Stories, it contains seven episodes, a bonus episode, and a song.


Witness all the fun of "Double Header" with Thomas and friends. Hear the tales of James, Donald and Douglas, Skarloey, and Gordon and City of Truro. Come to Sodor where the fun never ends.


1. Double Header

2. The Deputation

3. Bull's Eyes

4. Break Van

5. Old Iron

6. Home at Last

7. Domeless Engines

Bonus Episode

No Sleep for Cranky

CD Sampler

1. Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

2. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Cover Art

Main: Donald and Douglas from Break Van

Inset: Salty

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