Oisin671's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of Disney 1953 movie Peter Pan.


  • Peter Pan - Doug Funnie (Doug)
  • Wendy Darling - Linka (Captain Planet)
  • John Darling - Max (Mighty Max)
  • Michael Darling - T.K. Takaishi (Digimon)
  • Tinker Bell - Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold!)
  • Captain Hook - Roger Klotz (Doug)
  • Mr. Smee - Harold Berman (Hey Arnold!)
  • The Lost Boys - Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil (Rugrats), Jerry and Frank (The Three Friends and Jerry)
  • Tick Tock the Crocodile - Alligator (Mighty Max)
  • Nana - Jenna (Balto)
  • The Pirates - Stromboli, Coachman (Pinocchio), Ringmaster (Dumbo), Edgar (The Aristocats), Amos Slade (The Fox and the Hound), Percival McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under), Clayton (Tarzan), Stabbington Brothers (Tangled), Lorenzo (The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest)
  • Singing Pirate with Accordian - Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)
  • Red-Haired Mermaid - Jessie Bannon (Jonny Quest)
  • Brown-Haired Mermaid - Mimi Tachikawa (Digimon)
  • Black-Haired Mermaid - Punky Brewster
  • Blonde-haired Mermaid - Brittany Taylor (Daria)
  • The Chief - Boris Pickles (Rugrats)
  • Tiger Lily - Patti Mayonnaise (Doug)
  • Indians - Bears at Salmon Run (Brother Bear) and Sunnyside Toys (Toy Story 3)
  • Indian Squaw - Minka Pickles (Rugrats)
  • George Darling - Stu Pickles (Rugrats)
  • Mary Darling - Didi Pickles (Rugrats)

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