Dougal and the blue cat/A close shave is a parody with Dougal and the blue cat pictures and A close shave sounds.

The cast is:

  • Dougal as Duck
  • Zebedee as Edward
  • The blue things as The troublesome trucks
  • Dylan as The barber
  • Mr. Rusty as The fat controller
  • Brian as Thomas
  • Texas pete from superted as Gordon
  • Skeleton from superted as James
  • Bulk from superted as Henry

  • Footage: Dougal and the blue cat in 70's cult film and Superted in siriol animation
  • Audio: Hit entertainment

Dougal and the blue cat first came out in 1974. Dougal and the blue cat fits Pop goes the diesel, Dirty work and A close shave very well.

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