Douglas' Sodor Adventures is a Douglas/Noddy's Toyland Adventures parody series.


  • Douglas as Noddy
  • Harold as Big Ears
  • Toby as Bumpy Dog
  • Henrietta as Tessie Bear
  • Byron as Mr. Tubby Bear
  • Catherine (from RWS) as Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Big City Engine (from RWS) as Master Tubby Bear
  • Jeremy as Mr. Plod
  • Neville as Mr. Milko
  • Flying Scotsman (from RWS) as Mr. Jumbo
  • Bluebell (from RWS) as Clockwork Mouse
  • Millie as Sally Skittle (Millie and Sally Skittle are both end with e)
  • Tiger Moth as Bert Monkey
  • Elizabeth as Martha Monkey
  • Donald as Bunkey
  • Belle as Dinah Doll
  • Daisy as Miss Pink Cat
  • Stepney as Mr. Sparks
  • Kelly as Mr. Train Driver
  • Kevin as Mr. Wobbly Man
  • Stafford as Sammy Soldier
  • Dennis as Mr. Noah
  • Molly as Mrs. Noah
  • Dodge as Sly
  • Spamcan (from RWS) as Gobbo
  • Splatter as Harry Slime
  • Luke as Noddy's Car
  • Flynn as Father Christmas (Flynn and Father Christmas are both start with F and Flynn and Father Christmas are both red)
  • Big Bird (from Sesame Street) as Mr. Straw
  • Zoe (from Sesame Street) as Mrs. Straw


Season 1

  • Douglas Loses Sixpence
  • Douglas and the Diesels
  • Douglas and the Naughty Coach
  • Douglas and the Pouring Rain
  • Douglas and the Kite
  • Douglas and His Whistle
  • Douglas and Elizabeth
  • Douglas' New Friend
  • Douglas and the Milkengine
  • Douglas Delivers Some Parcels
  • Douglas and the Special Key
  • Douglas Gets a New Job
  • Douglas and the Broken Truck

Season 2

  • Douglas and the Missing Trucks
  • Douglas and the Useful Rope
  • Douglas Loses His Whistle
  • Douglas Cheers Up Harold
  • Douglas Goes Shopping
  • Douglas Borrows An Umbrella
  • Douglas Meets Some Silly Hens
  • Douglas Lends a Hand
  • Douglas Finds a Special Coach
  • Douglas to the Rescue
  • Douglas Sets a Trap
  • Douglas Has a Bad Day
  • Douglas and the Fishing Rod
  • Douglas and the Magic Night

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