Dowager Hatt in CGi

Dowager Hatt is The Fat Controller's mother and has visited Sodor once, and her son held a party for her. Her Dalmatian dog (soon to be named Gremlin) ran away. She says the Railway is really useful, and the Fat Controller says she is always right! That doesn't explain why he put her in a home, though.

Dowager Hatt was introduced in Season 5, made a cameo in Season 6, and appears again in a Season 9 Story. Her full title is Dowager Hatt, revealed in the Season 9 episode in the UK.

She is the only member of the household to originate in the television series, never having appeared in the books.

Date of Birth

  • September 25, 1981


Dowager Hatt's Theme is Percy and Harold's Race, Which she Shares With The barberThe Angry Policeman, & Gremlin the Dalmatian