Down by the Docks is a song from the sixth season.



Down by the docks, that's the place to be,

Down by the docks, gateway to the sea,

Down by the dockside, we are the team,

Working together, just like family.

Down by the docks, you're never on your own,

Down by the docks, it's really home from home,

Down by the dockside, down by the dockside.

Down by the dockside, is where we want to be.


Chief Diesel at the docks,

He's the tough guy. He's the one who sorts the trucks.

He's the one to see, in emergencies...

He's the one to see.

Tirelessly working, never complaining,

Part of the dockside team...


Looking down on everyone,

Always working. Lifting cargo by the ton.

And he's up so high, he can reach the sky...

Part of the dockside team.

Whatever the weather, you'll see him out there,

Part of the dockside team...



Who have crossed the seven seas,

Sailing homeward. Bringing all and sundry.

And the trade winds blow their ships back home...

Safely to the shore.

We are the workers, stoking the boilers

Of Sodor's industry...


Down by the dockside, down by the dockside

Down by the dockside, is where we want to be.



Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Thomas, Percy and the Post Train - The scene of Thomas passing a seaside village has been extended.
  • Tender Engines - The scene of Gordon entering Brendam is extended.
  • All at Sea - The scene of Duck pulling trucks at Brendam has been extended.
  • Henry and the Elephant - A deleted scene of Henry and Gordon at Brendam.
  • Make Someone Happy - The scene of Percy and Oliver passing through Brendam has been extended.
  • No Sleep for Cranky - A deleted scene of Henry and Gordon at Brendam.
  • Twin Trouble - A deleted scene of Donald passing the beach.
  • Something in the Air:
  1. A deleted scene of Thomas' eyes looking from left to right after the fish are dropped on him.
  2. The scene of Thomas and Henry leaving Brendam has been extended.
  3. The scene of Henry passing the Fishing Village is extended.
  4. A deleted scene of the crate of fish hanging over Thomas.


  • The last scene is mirrored.
  • The Japanese title for this song is "Let's Go to the Harbour".


  • In the scenes of the men dancing, the man in the blue-striped shirt and the man in the green jacket switch places for a second.
  • Cranky was not the crane who dropped the treacle on Percy.