Down In The Dumps is the fourteenth episode of the third and final season of Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes, which originally aired on February 27, 2016. In this episode, Amelia is heartbroken after her beloved teddy bear, Mr. Bubbles, is flung into a garbage truck driven by Mr. Kendrick Walker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson). This is also the episode where Thomas and Uncle Mitchell do not appear.


  • While Jill and Aunt Juliana are washing the prized boat, Amelia prepares for a tea party to Mr. Bubbles. However, as she leaves for the supplies, Sophia and Alya pretend to make Mr. Bubbles soar into the air, which leads the teddy bear into landing on a garbage truck driven by Mr. Walker. When Amelia returns a few minutes later, she is horrified to see that Mr. Bubbles is gone. Devastated and heartbroken, she lets out a loud, long and dramatic scream, which attracts Sophia and Alya's attention, as well as the Winterfords' Pet Cat Catherine. Jill and Juliana hear the commotion and race to find Amelia, who is crying very loudly. Jill explodes with anger and banishes Sophia and Alya to their rooms until further notice. Lolita, Amethyst, Charleigh, and Madeline have heard the news, and they must work with Betty, Lorry, Jolene, Ralph and Cole in order to prove that Sophia and Alya are innocent. Somehow, Cathy goes off to find Mr. Bubbles so that she can cheer Amelia up. Eventually, she finds the teddy bear in the dumpster, picks it up and goes back to the Winterford House. At the Pinewood Courtroom, Lolita and the others report to Judge Clements about Sophia and Alya's punishments. When Officer Valentine arrives with Mr. Walker, an indignant Judge Clements finds him responsible and sentences him to remain in jail because of his guiltiness. Later, Amelia is delighted when Cathy arrives with Mr. Bubbles, who is secretly filthy. Mrs. Winterford and Aunt Winterford decide to wash him up so that he can be spotless. Amelia is relieved to be back with Mr. Bubbles, and Sophia and Alya apologize to her for the incident. At nighttime, Sophia writes on her diary, knowing about what has happened since Mr. Walker is found guilty. She then closes the diary, turns off the lamp and goes to sleep as the episode ends.


  1. Sophia Winterford (Tara Strong)
  2. Alya Winterford (Minae Noji)
  3. Amelia Winterford (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  4. Jill Winterford (Minae Noji)
  5. Aunt Juliana Winterford (Laraine Newman)
  6. Cathy (Katie Griffin)
  7. Lolita Diamond (Vanessa Marshall)
  8. Ellen Diamond (Jocelyn Loewen)
  9. Amethyst Giger (Grey Griffin)
  10. Charleigh Greene (Mae Whitman)
  11. Madeline Voorhees (Lara Jill Miller)
  12. Betty Hawkins (Janyse Jaud)
  13. Lorry Coutts (Candi Milo)
  14. Jolene Sanchez (Rosie Perez)
  15. Ralph Hart (Jason Marsden)
  16. Cole Winston (Danny Cooksey)
  17. Judge Erica Clements (Eden Sher)
  18. Lawyer Harriet Cunningham (Kath Soucie)
  19. Officer Charlotte Valentine (Jonquil Goode)
  20. Mr. Kendrick Walker (Kevin Michael Richardson)


  • This episode is where neither Mr. Winterford, Uncle Winterford, nor Master Jodie and Superintendent Brewster appear, not even Mackenzie and her friends.
  • Amelia's cries are the same as Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.
  • This is the very first time where Sophia and Alya both get punished.
  • Mr. Kendrick Walker makes his only appearance in the series.
  • It is revealed that Ellen tells the others to keep it down, because of her mother's headache.
  • Britney Spears' Stronger plays during the scene of Cathy on her quest to find Mr. Bubbles.


  • (We open this episode with Jill and Juliana busily washing the prized boat)
  • Jill: Oh, would you look at that boat!
  • Juliana: It's been a prize since we've won.
  • Jill: I have to admit, Juliana, that we always wash boats.
  • Juliana: That's good.
  • (Somehow, Amelia is ready for a tea party)
  • Amelia: Oh, Mr. Bubbles, you're my lovely teddy bear. Now, I've got a tea party to attend so stay right there.
  • (She leaves to get the supplies, as Sophia and Alya gleefully watch)
  • Sophia: Boy, did Amelia know how to get the tea party supplies!
  • Alya: That's right, Sophia. And we know how to snatch it.
  • Sophia: (scheming) Perfect.
  • (We soon go to Here With Me Now, as it plays as the opening sequence)
  • Chorus: I can tell you anything at all (But you'd never laugh at me) Didn't have to look before I fall (Cause you'd always catch me) Anything I did I had a friend (And you always had me) And we made a pact until the end Together we'd always be But now, I'm gone, (But now I that I'm gone girl tell me) Are you moving on (Are you moving on girl)
  • (We see find Sophia and Alya discovering Mr. Bubbles)
  • Sophia: The coast is clear.
  • Alya: We'll just snatch that teddy bear and throw it into the garbage truck.
  • Sophia: (picking Mr. Bubbles up) I wonder if that bear belongs to?
  • Alya: I see. It belongs to Amelia.
  • Sophia: Look! There's the garbage truck man.
  • (Kendrick The Garbage Truck Man with a southern valley accent is having a coffee break)
  • Kendrick: Ah, there's nothin' more than drinkin' a nice sip of coffee.
  • Sophia: Now!
  • (Alya throws Mr. Bubbles into the garbage truck)
  • Alya: Success!
  • (Kenrick finishes drinking and heads off to his garbage truck)
  • Kendrick: Ah am sure ta feel mah work fer today.
  • (He drives away, not noticing Mr. Bubbles inside)
  • Sophia: Oh, no!
  • Alya: It's taking Mr. Bubbles with it!
  • (Back with Amelia, she has brought all the tea supplies for the party)
  • Amelia: I'm back! Now it's time for...
  • (She drops the tea supplies and gasps to find that Mr. Bubbles has disappeared)
  • Amelia: Mr. Bubbles! He's gone! GONE FOR REAL!!!
  • (She lets out a loud, long and dramatic scream, as the camera zooms into her mouth and stops at her uvula)
  • (We go to Sophia and Alya, who could hardly hear Amelia's scream)
  • Sophia and Alya: Uh, oh.
  • (Cathy is taking a nap when she is awakened by Amelia bursting into tears and yowls frantically)
  • (Jill and Aunt Juliana could hear Amelia crying and rush to the scene)
  • Jill: Amelia, what's the matter with you?
  • Aunt Juliana: Please, calm down.
  • Amelia: (tearfully) Calm down?! Calm down?! My beloved teddy bear has disappeared and now I can't find him!
  • (She continues to cry loudly)
  • Sophia: Sorry, mom.
  • Alya: It was all an accident, we swear!
  • Jill: (angrily) What have you two done to your little sister?!
  • Sophia and Alya: Because we...
  • Jill: That does it! I've had enough of this! I want both of you in your rooms, this instant!
  • (Iron bars slam shut on Sophia and Alya in a close up turn)
  • Alya: But...
  • Sophia: How?
  • Both: (in unison) How could this happen?
  • (At the Diamond household)
  • Lolita: Ah, it's good to feel free and relaxed.
  • (At that moment, Amethyst, Charleigh and Madeline arrive)
  • Lolita: Is something wrong, girls?
  • Amethyst: Sophia's been grounded!
  • Lolita: What the scallop?!
  • Charleigh: It's all because she and Alya made Amelia cry.
  • Madeline: And we can't free her from this punishment.
  • Lolita: Man, that's too awful.
  • Betty: Too awful for us.
  • (Lolita and her friends turn around and see Betty and her league)
  • Lolita: Betty! How did you and your friends get here so soon?
  • Betty: Because we want you to ask about this incident.
  • Lorry: You'd better mind yourself, or else you're in for it.
  • Jolene: Pfft! Oh, please! I'm too Gothic to feel the blame.
  • Ralph: More like a precious way.
  • Lolita: But we're talking about Sophia! Don't you get it, Betty?! She's grounded for life and so is Alya!
  • Betty: What?!
  • Lolita: It was Mrs. Winterford. She made them go to their rooms until further notice.
  • Amethyst: Lolita's right. We cannot afford Mitchie to get into trouble.
  • Lorry: Oh my goodness!
  • Jolene: No way!
  • Ralph: What are we going to do now?!
  • Ellen: Excuse me.
  • Girls: Huh?
  • Ellen: I'm trying to focus on my card tower, so please stay silent.
  • Lolita: That must be my big sister, Ellen. She wants us to be quiet.
  • Betty: You got it. Although, it's not a bad idea.
  • Charleigh: We must get to the Pinewood Courtroom and tell Judge Clements right away!
  • (The other girls nod and they head off to the Pinewood Courtroom)
  • (Meanwhile, Sophia and Alya are arguing about the incident)
  • Alya: It's all your fault, Sophia! Our mom busted us again because of Amelia! You should be sorry for what you did!
  • Sophia: Oh yeah? Well, I'm not affording myself to hang out with Jacob or dance in a ballet!
  • Alya: Still, we can't find Mr. Bubbles!
  • Sophia: If somehow we can look for him, then maybe he's in the dumpster with Kenrick Walker.
  • (Amelia is in her room, suffering over Mr. Bubbles)
  • Amelia: (tearfully) Poor me. I've wanted to love Mr. Bubbles since the very beginning. Now, he's not with me today.
  • (Cathy feels sorry for Amelia and decides to go on a quest to find Mr. Bubbles. As it happens, Britney Spears' Stronger plays)
  • Britney Spears: Ooh hey baby. Hush, just stop There's nothing you can do or say, baby I've had enough I'm not your property as from today, baby You might think that I won't make it on my own But now I'm Stronger, than yesterday Now it's nothing but my way My loneliness ain't killing me no more I, I'm stronger Than I ever thought that I could be, baby I used to go with the flow Didn't really care 'bout me You might think that I can't take it, but you're wrong 'Cause now I'm Stronger, than yesterday Now it's nothing but my way My loneliness ain't killing me no more I, I'm stronger Come on, now Oh, yeah Here I go, on my own I don't need nobody, better off alone Here I go, on my own now I don't need nobody, not anybody Here I go, here I go, here I go Alright Here I go, here I go, here I go  Stronger, than yesterday It's nothing but my way My loneliness ain't killing me no more I'm stronger, than yesterday Now it's nothing but my way My loneliness ain't killing me no more Now I'm stronger, than yesterday Now it's nothing but my way My loneliness ain't killing me no more I'm stronger!
  • (Stronger ends, as Cathy arrives at the dumpster)
  • Cathy: finally reaches the dumpster and looks all around)
  • Cathy: Meow?
  • (Suddenly she finds Amelia's teddy bear, Mr. Bubbles, who is next to a small house)
  • Cathy: (picking Mr. Bubbles up) Meow.
  • (She takes Mr. Bubbles back to the Winterford household)
  • (We transit to Lolita and her friends arriving at the Pinewood Courtroom)
  • Lolita: Judge Clements, Judge Clements!
  • Judge Clements: What's the problem?
  • Betty: We've heard that Sophia and Alya are both in trouble.
  • Judge Clements: Then, the man who's responsible for taking Mr. Bubbles away must be...
  • (Chief Officer Charlotte Valentine arrives with her guards who are holding Kendrick)
  • Betty: Well, what do you know?
  • Officer Valentine: Judge Clements, I believe that this garbage truck man is responsible for taking Mr. Bubbles.
  • Kendrick: Ah didn't do it! It was all an accident! Ah swear!
  • Judge Clements: Mr. Walker, I must warn you about your actions. So now you are officially guilty.
  • Kendrick: But, but but...
  • (The guards simply take Kendrick to jail)
  • Amethyst: That's what you get for breaking Amelia's heart, you silly blabbermouth!
  • Charleigh: Don't ever come back!
  • Lolita: Phew, that was a close one.
  • Madeline: Now, let's get back home before we know it.
  • (We soon transit to Sophia and Alya in their rooms)
  • Jill: Okay, girls. Punishment is over. I want you out of your rooms and outside now.
  • Sophia and Alya: Thank you, mom.
  • (Cathy soon arrives with Amelia's teddy bear, who is all dirty)
  • Aunt Juliana: Yuck, what is that?
  • Amelia: Mr. Bubbles!
  • (She runs over and hugs him, but sniffs something)
  • Amelia: Pee-Yew! You look dirty.
  • Jill: Don't worry, Amelia. A clean wash down will ought to do it.
  • (Soon, Mr. Bubbles is as spotless as ever)
  • Amelia: Oh, thank you mommy. It's been many years since I lost him.
  • Jill: You're welcome, sweetheart.
  • (She kisses her on the cheek)
  • Sophia: Phew, thank goodness!
  • Alya: We should have been getting an excuse from you, Amelia. We're very sorry for throwing your stuffed bear.
  • Amelia: That's alright, Alya. Accidents do happen after all.
  • (That night, Sophia is in her room writing in her diary before going to sleep)
  • Sophia: Dear diary, I was so relieved that me and Alya have been finally out of our punishment. My mom knows how to console our little sister, and it's a good thing my friends learned to stand up to Kendrick. It was all thanks to Judge Clements and Officer Valentine and they were right all along. I will never throw my little sister's teddy bear ever again. Sincerely, Sophia Winterford.
  • (She closes the diary, turns off the lamp, and goes to sleep as we end the episode)

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