Down Into The Desolate Unknown is, as of July 26, 2007, the final painting in the series that will appear in Larkill Manor's Gallery, though more are expected to be created before the house is open to the public. It is the first of the paintings to be painted on a wood-frame canvas, where as all previous paintings were painted on canvasboard. It keeps with the creepy atmosphere and dark colors of it's predicessors, but also adds some additional color. The painting features an areal view looking down into a bland, grey room. In the floor in the center of the room is an enormous circular hole which streaches down into complete darness. There is an open door on the righthand side of the room, from which light is cast into the room. Standing near the edge of the large hole, with their back to the open door, is a person with brown hear and wearing a red shirt. They seem to be gazing down into the hole. There is also blood smeared in several spots on the room's walls and floor, and it can even be seen dripping down into the hole and smeared by the entrance as if by the door opening. The painting has strong symbolism which seems to suggest depression and suicidal tendancies.

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