The Skarloey Railway is where the little engines live. The engines include Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Freddie, Mighty Mac, Duke, and Bertram. Today, it was the time of the year when the little engines were due for a new coat of paint. Skarloey and Rheneas were different shades of red, Sir Handel and Mighty Mac blue, Peter Sam green, Rusty orange, Duncan yellow, Freddie grey, and Duke and Bertram different shades of brown. Duncan was pleased when he got a new coat of yellow paint, and boasted about it.

Duncan: Look at me! I'm the pride of the Skarloey Railway!

Sir Handel: We've seen you pull trucks! You're only a goods engine!

Duncan: I pull coaches too!

Rheneas: Yeah, but not as much as most of us do.

Duncan: But Mr. Percival has plans for me!

Duncan was only making it up, but the others believed him

Rusty: What plans?

Duncan: Uh, wait and see. Yellow engines come out the best!

Peter Sam: Rubbish! I like my green paint! Engines are important, no matter what color they are!

Duncan scoffed and went to sleep. Next morning, he was going to take passengers around the mountains. He had to wait for Thomas to arrive, and Duncan didn't like waiting one bit. At last Thomas arrived.

Thomas: I'm sorry I'm late! I was held up at the junction, and pigs on the line made it worse!

Duncan: Blue engines aren't useful engines! There's too many of them!

Sir Handel: Duncan, boasting a lot could lead to a fall.

Duncan: Go away, stupid Sir Handel! You're spoiling my image!

Sir Handel was cross, and puffed away with his train. Duncan soon left, and was very cross.

Duncan: They're all jealous of my yellow paint! I'll show them!

He met Skarloey at a junction, and Duncan boasted more than ever.

Duncan: You see, Skarloey, yellow is the only proper color for an engine!

Skarloey: I've always been painted red, and I wouldn't want to be any other color!

Duncan: You're just rusty red scrap iron! {He puffs away, ruder than ever.}

Duncan steamed up the mountain, and he was tried and grumpy.

Duncan: I'm overworked, and I won't stand it!

He arrived at the station where Duke was waiting.

Duncan: Hurry up! Important yellow engine coming!

Duke: Duncan! You know pride comes before a fall!

Duncan: What do you know? You're just old iron!

Duncan was becoming more cockier and ruder than ever. He stopped under a signal to let Rheneas pass, but unfortunately, Duncan was under a tree full of birds. A bird flew into the air, and dropped something... right on Duncan's boiler!

Duncan: Ugh!!!

Rheneas passed by and found it very funny.

Rheneas: Pride comes before a "fall"!

Duncan was very cross, and started off too quickly. He rolled down the track too fast, and suddenly, his wheels left the rails! The coaches were rolling down the line, but the guard braked them to a stop, but poor Duncan landed safely, in a muddy pond! Duncan wasn't shiny and clean anymore, he was very dirty and muddy. Sir Handel and Skarloey had seen everything.

Skarloey: Hello! What's this?

Sir Handel: Must be a new engine that fell from the sky!

Skarloey: That's not a new engine! It's Duncan!

Sir Handel: But it's Duke's color, and Duncan doesn't think engines not painted yellow aren't useful engines!

Duncan: Are you going to help me, or are going to laugh all day?

Soon, Duncan was back on the rails, and Mr. Percival came to see him.

Mr. Percival: Duncan, you have been very rude to the other engines, and have not been a responsible engine.

Duncan: I'm sorry, sir...

Mr. Percival: And while you are cleaned, I want you to think of ways you can be a responsible, reliable engine.

Duncan: Yes, sir...

Soon Duncan was cleaned. And after that, he never made rude remarks about the engines' colors again (for now).


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