Narrator: 1 day, Rosie was at the junction when Murdoch trundled in with some Freight Cars.

Rosie: "Phew!"

Narrator: remarked Rosie.

Rosie: "What a funny smell.

Rosie: "Can you smell a smell?"

Bill: "I can't smell a smell."

Narrator: said Bill.

Rosie: "A funny musty sort of smell."

Narrator: said Rosie.

Murdoch: "No 1 noticed it 'til' you did, it must be yours."

Narrator: Not long ago he had fallen in a dirty ditch. Rosie enjoyed teasing him about it.

Rosie: "Bill, Ben, do you know what I think it is? it's ditchwater."

Narrator: Before Murdoch could anwser, Rosie trundled away.

Narrator: Bill and Ben could hardly believe their eyes.

Bill and Ben: "She's dreadfully, we're feeling quite ashamed, we're feeling quite ashamed, she's dreadfully rude."

Narrator: They turned their attention to Rosie.

Bill and Ben: "You mustn't be rude, you make us ashamed."

Narrator: But Rosie didn't care a bit.

Rosie: "That was super hilarious."

Narrator: She was feeling very pleased with herself.

Narrator: Bill and Ben were deeply shocked, they had lots of good respect for Murdoch the Big Orange Engine.

Narrator: Rosie left the twins at the station and went off to a mine for some freight cars.

Narrator: A very long time ago, miners digging for lead had made tunnels underground, their rooves were strong enough to hold up freight cars, but not the weight of railroad and diesel engines, a large notice warned them not to enter the area.

Narrator: Danger! Engines must not pass this board.

Rosie: "Crazy old board."

Narrator: She had often tried to pass it, but had never succeeded, but this morning, she made 1 single plan.

Narrator: The fireman went out to throw the switch.

Rosie: "Now it's time for my plan."

Narrator: Bumping the freight cars fiercely, she jerked her driver right off the footplate and followed them right into the siding.

Rosie's Driver: "Come back, Rosie!"


Rosie: "Oh my word, I'm sunk!"

Narrator: And she was.

Rosie: "Oh dear, I'm such a daft engine."

Fat Controller: "And a very disobedient 1 too, we saw you."

Rosie: "Please let me outta here, I wont do it again."

Fat Controller's Wife: "We're not sure, we can't lift you out with the cranes, the ground's not firm enough, now let's see, we wonder if Murdoch can pull you outta there."

Rosie: "Yes, kind sirs and ma'am."

Narrator: But she didn't wanna meet Murdoch just yet.

Murdoch: "Down the mine is she? what a joke, hey, hey, Rosie, we'll have you outta here in a couple of puffs."

Narrator: "Strong cables were fastened right between the 2 railroad engines."

Fat Controller: "Are you all prepared?"

Fat Controller's Wife: "Pull!"

Narrator: It was a lot harder than they all thought it would be, and finally Thomas was free.

Rosie: "I'm terribly sorry that I was very sneaky."

Murdoch: "It's no big deal, Rosie, you made me laugh a bit, I'm impressed."

Rosie: "So am I."

Murdoch: "And so you are, Rosie, should we form an alliance? you can help me out and I can help you out.

Rosie: "Right you are, Murdoch."

Murdoch: "Good, then it's finally settled."

Narrator: And from buffer to buffer, the allies trundled back home to the Roundhouse.

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