Dr. Conan is an episode of Case Closed. This cartoon aired in Japan. This episode is similar to the episode The Suspicious Spicy Curry (Part 2) because it features the same problem to Conan but in different stories.


After solving the case of killing Richard's brother, Reginald, Conan goes to a radio station where he works as a network called Dr. Conan to give people advices. Mitch comes around and is hammering a poster of his face saying "Vote for Mitch!" to the wall of the room. Conan is annoyed with the noise so he yells at Mitch saying "Quit it with the hammering!". After that, when trying to answer the question, he lost his voice. He cannot talk and no words comes out when moving his lips. After Mitch found out he is mute and he lost his voice, Mitch pushed Conan and started taking over his job. He changes the title of his work to Mighty Mitch - Never Have too Much Vise!

Mitch gives phony information to viewers everywhere like that George should have a pineapple for breakfast instead of cereal or Luffy should quit pirating or Kagome should tattling on Sota for tricking the tooth fairy. Conan tries to tell Mitch that he's being out of control but he'd wish he could. Then, Mitch's bodyguard, Kenshin, threw Conan in the glass screen. The real Jimmy Kudo, along with Kyo and Kiyo, are having a strike and are waiting for Mitch to appear in the screen. But after Conan appears in the screen trying to talk but couldn't, Jimmy and the 2 K's grab him and send him to Rachel's nurse office.

As you can see, lots of chaos happends around: George's tongue was filled with spikes, Luffy became a business man, Kagome was grounded and lots of other stuff. Conan comes back holding fava bean soup. He sayed that he was cured from drinking Rachel Moore's Fava Bean Soup. So, for punishment, he spilled the whole soup on Mitch's face on purpose so that he can scream real loud that he loses his voice too.

Conan explained to the people that it was a mistake. After that, Mitch was unable to talk and they gave him the punishment of his life: wedgie-bounce. Mitch tried to scream, but sadley, he is mute and no one helped him. The cartoon ends.


  • Jimmy sayed "Hurry it up, already!" but in the closed captions, he sayed "Hurry the sucky up!".
  • In the Japanese version, the soup's called Ichiraku Ramen.
  • Naruto appears in this episode but does not speak.
  • Sota is mentioned but not seen.
  • Amy does not appear in this episode.
  • Rachel appears but does not talk.
  • It is revealed that Richard has a brother named Reginald and that Rachel has an uncle.
  • Phantom Thief Kid, (Kaito Kid in Japan dub), killed Reginald because he has no appritiation for his magic.
  • Reginald is Richard's brother who played soccer with him since they we're 11.
  • In the background during the chaos, you can see Ari, Hakudoshi, Shannon, Ryoma, Kenshin, Pecola and Sazuki.


  • Conan: Today, on Dr. Conan, we receive a special moment on your information, Jane. (Mitch appears and hammers his poster) You should try to... get along with... your fa... mi... ly!
    • Mitch: Done! Now it's time to paint the house.
    • Conan: Mitch! You've done some horrible things. Will you do me a favor?
    • Mitch: Sure pal, sure!
    • Conan: Good! Will you... QUIT IT WITH THE HAMMERING????!!!
    • Mitch: (falls down and gets up) Huh?
    • Conan: (tries to talk but unable to because he lost his voice)
    • Mitch: What's wrong?
    • Conan: (mouthing: I... can't... talk...)
    • Mitch: Ouch man! Your bumped!
    • Conan: (mouthing: I can't do the show without my voice! What will I do?)
    • Mitch: I know! I'll be your understudy! I'll do everything for you!
    • Conan: (mouthing: No! Mitch! Don't do it!)
    • Mitch: (pushes Conan and decorates the house to Mighty Mitch) Welcome to Mighty Mitch! Never have too much Vise! How can I help you?
  • Conan: (tries to push Mitch away but Mitch whistled which caused Kenshin to appear and grabbed him)
    • Jimmy: Hurry it up, already!
    • Kyo: What's taking them, so long?
    • Conan: (goes on the screen and mouthing: You guys? Help me!)
    • Kyo: The glass is hearable. But, I can't hear Conan.
    • Kiyo: Maybe, he's mute.
    • Jimmy: Take him to Nurse Rachel to make him speak.
    • Conan: (mouthing: Where are you guys taking me?), (Jimmy and the 2 K's take Conan to Ms. Rahcel)
  • Conan: Stop Mitch! Your tormenting ship is over. Thanks to Rahcel Moore's Fava Bean Soup, I gain my dialogue back. But, think fast! (spills the soup on Mitch's face)
    • Mitch: IIIII'MMMMMMM BBBBBBLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNDDDDD!!! (mouthing: I can't speak!)
    • Conan: Perfect!
  • Conan: Attention, everybody! I give you a trick I call, the wedgie bounce! (pulls the hook and brings it down which causes Mitch to jump and sore)
    • Mitch: (mouthing: I'm sorry! I won't ever do it again! Please forgive me! I'm sorry!)
    • Conan: This is lovely. (cartoon ends)

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