The Cat In The Hat as Doogal the Dog

Sarah Hall-Small as Florence

Norval the Fish as Dylan

Sam-I-Am as Brain the Snail

Pam-I-Am as Ermintrude the Cow

Mr. Brown as Zebedee

Min (from Barney & Friends) as The Train (female)

Little Cat Fleep as The Train (male)

Mack the Turtle as Mr. Rusty

The Lorax as Mr. McHenry

Horton the Elephant as Paul

Matthew Katroon as Basil

Cindy-Lou Who as Penelope the Spider

Thing 1 & Thing 2 as The Twin Birds

The Grinch as Buxton the Blue Cat

Jane Kangaroo as Madame Blue

Lotso (from Toy Story 3) as the Cannon

Vlad Vladikoff as Zeebad

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