Henry Ragan which is his real name but goes by the titles ever Doctor Ragan or just the Doctor is a rival of the Rivers he is trained in making monsters. and anything else to do with that Subject. He first caught the Rivers attection in 1982.


Doctor Ragan was using dead bodies to make what he called Ragan Zombies which were trained to kill so he could use the bodies of the dead to make even more. After hearing about the Rivers he heard of there powers and wanted to make them his next target. He attacked them by sending on them his werecats which were giant cats. However these failed in killing the Rivers when they didnt return with there bodies. Soon the Rivers attacked by and they found a way of stopping him when Steph Colledge used a gas from her alien planet which went by the name of Gasdan it could stop his zombies and it put a stop to his plans.

However he didn't finish in that year and had a robot which he sent to finish them all off for good it was called Metal Kitty 1980 however the Rivers were to strong for it and the robot was smashed to pieces. The Rivers also took care of the Doctor's underground base which was in Chatswood by blowing it up. Henry Ragan escaped the blast the Rivers had a feeling he was dead however he wasn't dead.


The Doctor tried to rebuilt was he had left this time he started to attack Katoomba with his giant werecats. But being stupid the Doctor even put where the cat was from and even where he lived! Soon afterwards Henry went back to train in Ocean Grove with the other people working on his test. This base was attacked and shutdown once again with Henry making yet another escape.


Henry found himself stuck with 2 monkey who had gotten to clever and wanted to kill him. He was scared of what he did and asked help of Emma Smith to help stop them. Also another rival of the Rivers found himself dragged in with them named Paul Hankin together the three of them soon faced off with the monkeys. Later on it was worked out why these monkey had gone crazy it was because of a man named Richard Perry because of this Emma Smith took action. What she did is unknown but it might be that she killed him.


Paul Hankin was asked to be part of a experment that the Doctor had done so they could work together to stop the Rivers. Paul accepted and soon found himself with new powers which could kill the Rivers. However the Doctor never did hear of what went on with his plans because he was taken away by police and stopped.


Henry Regan was let out of Prison in 2008 soon he had a message from a girl who he head never heard of who was named Ashleigh Conghan she was having trouble with the Rivers in a place called Totnes she would pay for him to help her get rid of them. With some of his skills Ashleigh tried to kill the next body of the First River who was now in yet another form this time called Scott Curtis however she failed in killing him because of something Steph Colledge had done a year earlier. A effect started which made Emma Smith and Scott Curtis be both 21 and both in the same timeline. Soon the doctor found himself with Ashleigh Conghan facing. Scott Curtis with Emma Smith and Steph Colledge. They tried to use a new version of metal kitty this time called Metal Kitty 2000 this was stronger and he had planned it out more but Emma Smith and Scott Curtis manage to defeat the Robot using a affect which made the Robot blow up. Henry ran again and escaped the Rivers once again. Because of this the effect put Emma Smith back in her time line. Regan is still active and working with Ashleigh Coghan.

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