Dracko19 is the co-administrator of, next to Ron Stoppable. He signed up to the forum back on April 30, 2005 and has been fully devoted to making the forum a safe and fun place for its members.

Starting as a regular member, he bore witness to's shut-down when the Proboards' admins discovered that there was illegal episode downloading being conducted on the the forum. When the site shut down, he, along with volunteers, worked hard not only to reinstall the forum to make it a clean and perfect haven for its members, but to ensure that the V.I.P.s that signed up were the genuine article. For his efforts, he was promoted by Ron to be one of's new moderators.

During his tenure as moderator, he has helped keep forum members in line, moderated and kept chat rooms in order, and overall making the forums enjoyable as possible for all members that sign up. During the forum's mock elections, Dracko has been awarded with many titles, including Best Moderator, and Peacekeeper.

By the time Season 4 of Kim Possible was about to air, the forum was seeing a dramatic increase in members, many of them not familiar with the rules of the board. Dracko had to go through extra lengths to ensure that spammers and new members were in line. With all of his hard work and effort, Ron once again promoted Dracko, this time to the rank of Administrator. Since then, he has been very helpful towards fellow members as well as maintaining the decency of this board. During all of his time at, Dracko is still regarded as one of the highest and most efficient mods on the forum.


During his time at, Dracko has been known to have at least three different avatars. His first one was of a screen manipulation of Kim & Ron in So the Drama. The second icon (which was held for a brief time) was of flashing red/blue police lights to reflect his new position as Administrator. His most recent avatar is a screencap of Mr. Dr. Possible in the episode "Car Trouble." Dracko claims that Dr. Possible is his favorite character due to him being a fatherly figure not only to the board, but also in real-life.

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