Game Setup

Players each place their dragons in front of them, in the stance of their choosing. Decide who goes first. Each player draws seven cards from their deck. Each player starts with 100 life points. There is no hand limit.



  • Restore Moves equal your Restore value plus the number of allies you control.
  • Restore all allies.
  • Revive one defeated ally, and discard one defeated ally.

Draw Phase

  • Draw 1 card

Event Phase

  • Select Stance: You may choose what stance your dragon will be in this turn.
  • Play an Event: You may choose a single Event card from your hand and play it. You may only play an Event if you meet its threshold cost.
  • Events take place: Events occur in the order you choose. Auras always occur last.


  • Place an Attack or Guard card into your Move pool.
  • Place allies: You may only place an ally if you meet its threshold cost. The total number of friendly allies may not exceed the number of cards in your Move pool.


  • Attack:
    • Declare attack and target. Activate a single attack from your Move pool. The attack you choose must be Ready, but an attack (or guard) always generates effort toward its own cost.
    • Pay for that attack by spending moves in order to generate Effort that is at least equal to the cost of your chosen attack.
  • Response:
    • Your opponent declares what guard card(s) he is using in response. You may use multiple guard cards to block a single attack.
    • Your opponent pays for his guards by spending moves in order to generate Effort that is at least equal to the total cost of his chosen guard(s).
    • You may use abilities or actions in response to your opponent.
    • Repeat until neither player wishes to play any more abilities.
  • Damage:
    • Calculate damage: Add the applicable might or mystic score of the attacker to the damage dealt by the chosen attack. Subtract the appropriate might or mystic (or courage, if the target was an ally) score of the defender. The result is damage dealt.
    • Damage effects take place: Activate any special effects granted by Attack and Guard cards uses, or by dragon abilities, and apply damage to the target.
    • If the target was an ally and the damage dealt was greater than 0, that ally is defeated. If the damage dealt is at least twice that ally’s Courage score, that ally is slain instead. If the target was a dragon, subtract the damage dealt from that dragon’s life total.
    • Any Effort that was generated, but not spent on an attack, guard, or ability is lost. For example: You generate 6 effort in order to pay for Tail Swipe, which costs 5 effort. 5 of that effort goes to pay for Tail Swipe, and the remaining point of effort is lost.
  • Return to first step, move to next phase.

End turn

Resolution of actions

When multiple action cards or creature abilities are played, they are resolved in reverse order - the last card played is the first card to take effect. When both players have stopped playing effects, resolve them with the most recently played ability happening first.

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