Dracs. Sarians: social raptor-like guys. Omnivores; fruit, nuts, eggs, milk, meat. Have feathery hair.

Tech is... well, "technoform box" to quote Sid Mead. Angular, structured, boxy.

Very fond of long range missile strikes, rail gun barrages, supressive fire chaingun sprays and particle guns. Hate and tend not to use lasers; too little damage at range.

Eggs with hammers.

Rocket = unguided rocket missile = guided rocket mine = AI missile - you drop it, it tries to kamikaze anyone it can see that's not (faction). torpedo = not a Drac weapon; a teleported bomb

Something like this maybe [[1]]?

And these names are human code names, dig? They're Woolseyisms [[2]] of the actual meanings of the terms that are loaded down with cultural bullshit.

Fighters -

  • "Justicar" bomber. 2 gatling turrets, two particle beams some light missile swarms for when things get dicey, two-four HEAVY short range missiles. No atmo, used to punk cap-ships from a system or two away from its Centurion.
  • "Legionnaire" airspace superiority. Atmo capable with twin mass drivers and a whole buncha medium range missiles (Sidewinder-ish?) Probably carries 12 of them, some missiles swarms, and some chaff or flares.
  • "Archer" interceptor. Not atmo capable, spend their time chasing ships with around 60 (!!) light kinetic kill rockets (like on Apache helicopters?) in triple pods and three blasters. Wings fold up for storage?

Gunboats -

  • Light carrier armed with a ton of medium, swarmers and some chainguns (for suppressive fire). "Centurion" class? Has about 4 Legionaires.
  • "Questor." Scoutship and patrol boat, for recon-in-force. Has particle guns with a spinal mount railgun (duration is a concern, so no missiles, but maybe mines?).
  • Heavier refit of the Questor with more guns and less endurance? "Draconis" class.
  • Heavy missile boat. Call it a "Ballistae." TONS of heavy missiles, heavy rockets, and twin railguns.


  • "Ires Imperiator." For when you really just wanna get wroth. Smacks down with heavy rail guns, superheavy proton cannons, and very heavy missiles.
  • "Prefect." Mobile command center and heavy carrier. 4 Legionaires, 4 Justicars, and 8 Archers. Mostly suppressive guns and missiles, maybe even a mine-layer.

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