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  • Sora = Eragon: The main protagonists of their respective stories. Both beloning to the same archetype as the wide eyed youth. Both go on their adventures after recieving a special mystical item (The Keyblade and a Dragon Egg) that made them members of ancient warriors who protect their world (Keyblade Warrios and Dragon Riders).
  • Riku = Murtagh: Good friends that have brotherly relationships with the main protagonists. Both eventually however turn to darkness and serve with the forces of evil for a time. Though eventually manage to return to the good side.
  • Kairi = Arya
  • Xehanort = Galbatorix: Treacherous former members of the world protecting orders (Keyblade Warriors and Dragon Riders). The dark lords and main antagonists of their respective stories.
  • Eraqus = Vrael
  • Yen Sid = Oromis: Both are elderly high-ranking members of the world protecting orders. Both also eventually become mentors to their stories' primary protagonists (Sora and Eragon) starting with the second (main) installments (Kingdom Hearts II and Eldest).
  • Ventus = Brom
  • Terra = Morzan
  • Ansem the Wise = Ajihad
  • Leon = Jörmundur
  • Organization XIII = The Forsworn

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