Dragon King

Dragon King was released on December 11, 1985. It was one of the first RPGs. It came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System and was a huge success. It was Published and Developed by Conforti. It was the first in the Dragon King Series


Dragon King (NES)

A young boy learns early on in his life about a story thought to be fake. One day he wonders into the woods and sees that the story is true. Every 100 years there is a battle for a crown. Not just any crown, but a crown to be Dragon King. The Dragon King has the power to control the demons of the underworld and the Great Dragons of the land, air, and sea. This young boy and a party of heroes must stop the evil Emperor that has gotten his hands on the crown. These heroes must go through a living hell to stop the Emperor, get the crown, and restore peace to the Earth.

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