Dragon Tales/Madagascar is a parody with Madagascar sounds and Dragon Tales clips.


  • Zak as Alex
  • Scallywag as Marty
  • Mungus as Melman (Both Mungus and Melman have the names starting with the letter "M")
  • Cassie as Gloria (Both Cassie and Gloria have "i" in the middle)
  • Ord as King Julien
  • Baby Booby Bird (from Little Einsteins) as Mort
  • Robin Hood (from Disney's Robin Hood) as Maurice
  • Woody (from Toy Story) as Skipper
  • Hamm (from Toy Story) as Rico
  • Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story) as Private
  • Rex (from Toy Story) as Kowalski
  • Jessie (from Toy Story 2) as Marlene

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