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  • Zak as Mufasa
  • Eunice as Sarabi
  • Max as Young Simba
  • Wheezie as Sarafina
  • Emmy as Young Nala
  • Ord as Adult Simba
  • Cassie as Adult Nala
  • Cyrus as Timon
  • Scallywag as Zazu
  • Mungus as Pumbaa
  • Arlo as Rafiki
  • The Giant of Nod as Scar
  • Polly as Shenzi
  • Lorca as Banzai
  • Wyatt as Ed
  • Phineas (from Phineas & Ferb) as Young/Adult Kovu
  • Isabella (from Phineas & Ferb) as Young/Adult Kiara

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