Dragon Tales vs. Bunnytown: Let's Start a Band with 32 Music Videos will Released in April 15, 2008

  1. Wake Up and Say Good Morning
  2. We're Makin' Music in Bunnytown
  3. Doodli-Doo
  4. The Bunnytown Quair: Old MacDonald Had a Little Farm
  5. Cassie
  6. Colors
  7. Hello
  8. Me And My Show And Tell Song
  9. Be a Dragon
  10. I'll Make Him Laugh
  11. Shake Your Dragon Tail
  12. The Bunnytown Hop
  13. Clap (a.k.a. One-Kid Band)
  14. Singin' My Shinin' Song
  15. Betcha Can
  16. Up, Down, Song
  17. Try
  18. The Clean-Up Dance!
  19. The Wiggle Song
  20. Dig, Dig, Diggin It, Dig!
  21. Dance
  22. Disco Pirate Bunnies
  23. The Ord Shuffle
  24. Eating Healthy
  25. Silly Song
  26. Little Bad Bunny's Song
  27. Hum
  28. The Bunnytown Quair: Are You Sleepy, Brother John?
  29. Count On A Friend
  30. Never See a Thing Like That in Bunnytown
  31. And The World Goes Round and Round
  32. Closing Song

Production Companies

  • Baker Coogan Productions
  • Nelvana
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Spiffy Pictures
  • Walt Disney Television Animation

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