Dragon Voice (Korean: 용 음성; For Voice) is a Korean animated film directed by Hyung Seo-Kun. This film was English dubbed by Nickelodeon and first aired in Nick Asia and it's website in June 18, 2012. Despite the title, this film is in no relation to the Japanese manga series, Dragon Voice.


A Korean-British band named Kyobuki feature their star writer Naon Takamoki (Drake Bell), their lead guitarist Peipei Lenigaru (Adam Hicks), their greatest drummer Michael Nesmith (Mitchell Musso) and their famous music artist Jayden Meavo (Logan Grove). Naon was put under a curse causing that whenever he sings, he transforms into a ferret. The only cure is to find the scales of the dragon.


  • Drake Bell - Naon Takamoki: Born in Seoul, Korea, he is the lead guitarist who was cursed under the spell of transforming into a ferret when he sings.
  • Adam Hicks - Peipei Lenigaru: The lead guitarist of the band who has poor listening skills and has martial arts skills.
  • Mitchell Musso - Michael Nesmith: Born in Liverpool, England, he is the British drummer who sports a Beatles mop top haircut. His name is based on the Monkees singer of the same name.
  • Logan Grove - Jayden Meavo: Born in South Carolina, he is an American musician who plays various instruments throughout the band. His name and appearance is based on Justin Bieber.
  • Mark Mothersberg - Shenpai the Dragon: The 1,000 year old Golden Scaled Dragon that has magical scales that can cure any curse with the wish by kissing the scales.
  • Miley Cyrus - Suneo Hayukina: Naon's love interest who has no idea that Naon transforms into a ferret. Her appearance is modified from the original Korean version to look like her voice actor.
  • Adam Sandler - Xaon-Shun Lyng: Naon's 50-year old grandfather who was the only human in the world to ever contact the dragon with his own eyes.
  • Leo Howard - Sabaya Pokatanaki: The yokai from the dead who was birthed from a deceased spirit of a warrior and came alive to kill Nesmith and Naon.
  • Doc Shaw - Hojo: A schoolmate of Peipei who ha a crush on Suneo as well and is nervous and shy to talk to her.
  • Dwight Howard - Aikinada Hojo: The Korean descent of Hojo who rides on a fox named Feifei and wields a magical blade.
  • Selena Gomez - Gayo the She-devil: The evil witch who cursed Naon in the first place.
  • Brendan Meyer - Senpei the Witch Boy: A sorceror from another dimension who cannot enter Earth without his cat, Misa. He has the ability to become a vampire. He is based on Klarion the Witch Boy.

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