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April 12th, 2007

~ Coffee Shop... of the Dead! Yesterday I went on a secret quest. *puts finger over mouth* Shhh... I will not tell anyone about it if you do not. *Checks the Calendar to see tomorrow's date again* WOOOOHOOOOOO!

~ Guards Guarding the Guardian's Guardian Tower Tomorrow we will be releasing the very first levelable class armor in DragonFable.... The Guardian Class! This is so exciting! To unlock each skill you will go on a different quest. It is different from how things were done in AdventureQuest as you will get a different objective each time. It might just be to read a book, or to collect a few items, or to defeat a difficult monster, or to do something wierd. For example, one of the quests is to obtain your Guardian Blade... which is required to use a few of the skills. I hope you like as much as we do (it is fun!)... and if you do, creating more classes should be fun and fast!

~ Forum Question: What class (After DragonLord of course!) would you like to see next?

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