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Main Character discovers an ancient mansion and the previous owner toiled away researching dragons. He had every book on dragons. Using this knowledge he tried to create a real dragon using snakes, various DNA substances. Lizard DNA for tails and scales, and Bat DNA for wings.

The main character believed that if a dragon was created, it would be the end of the world. Fortunately the study, where the previous owner kept his books and research is hidden away, no one has found it.

Lots of rumors of what happens at the mansion. Some say they are crazy, some say haunted. Some say they are dead.


Godzilla was a mutated lizard, find out more. How would you create fire breathing? Create snakes with venom chambers, this could be flammable? A spark bone can ignite the flammable gas/liquid "spit out".

Wikipedia says dragons are "winged serpents"


Modern England.



Characters in my book.



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