Season 1

The Dark side to DarkMagicianmon's human partner Brian.K. While Brian was only nine he and the rest of the Digidestines traveled through the Digital World where DarkMagicianmon's Archnemesis Gozermon sent one of his cronies RyuKishinmon after Brian. Ryukishinmon entered Brian's body and found the chamber concealing Drake, so he broke the seal and Drake took control of Brian's body transforming him into himself. Drake fought the Digidestines and their Digimon without mercy, and DarkMagicianmon didn't want any physical harm done to him because it might've affected Brian who was inside of him. While deep inside Drake, Brian was struggling to regain control of his body, and in the end was successful and regained control and forced RyuKishinmon out. DarkMagicianmon used his magic to banish RyuKishinmon to the Shadow Realm but couldn't reseal Drake, so the Digidestines had to be careful for whatever rage that Brian ever felt, Drake would use tht rage to gain power and reposes Brian's body. So from time and time Brian would be taken over by Drake, and alwasy Brian would regain control. After the first defeat of Gozermon, Brian told his partner that they wouldn't have to worry about Drake repossessing him because he no longer had hatred in him.

Season 2

When Brian reached the Pre-Teen Years like T.K and Kari, he was confronted by a school bully named Kevin Sariyama who was jealous of Brian because he was always considered the best on the block, but now Brian was getting all the attention from everyone. Brian's hatred started to grow when Kevin confronted him telling him that being a Mr. Big Shot was getting on his nerves. Brian was outraged that someone thought that he considered himself better than everybody else, so when Kevin's back was turned he fired a single spirit gun at Kevin's back and vanished before someone knew it was him, but it didn't go unnoticed by the Digidestines. The next day Brian still couldn't help but think negativley on all that Kevin's been telling him he's acting like a big-shot, and those negative thought was enough for Drake to possess him without taking form, so he then ditched that class and headed for the Digital World where he transformed Brian into himself. He sent a fake SOS to the Digidestines to come to the Digital world, and when they did he forced them to fight him, and Drake seemed more powerful now that he was teenaged. But thankfully Brian got control of his body again and began to fear what Drake would do if he gained permanent control of Brian. Then when DarkMagicianmon gained an Armor form and became DarkSagemon an older wiser magician, he used a spell to separate Brian and Drake making them two separate beings. So Drake immediatley fled when he was separated from Brian and went off to Gozermon's palace where he became his partner. During his time with Gozermon Drake would sometimes be laying around the castle waiting for orders, or sometimes acting on his own. When he felt lonely being the only Darkside he decided to recruit one, so he captured Brian's girlfriend Melody Yushino and extracted her own and called her Meladonna. When the time came when Gozermon was defeated for good and Meladonna was purified, Drake was left all alone. The Digidestines and their Digimon fought him in the human world, and DarkMagicianmon and his Magician Digimon brethren sealed him into a hyperlock chamber, and burried him in the earth.

Author Arc

Years after Drake's imprisonment later the Chamber was risen by a criticizing being named Flame Rising and the Anti-Authors and freed him. At first Drake was amused by the partnership of him and Flame Rising, but when he knew that Flame Rising had no real power other then criticizism, he overpowered Rising by beating the crud out of him, and the Anti-Authors elected him as the new leader.

Throughout time Drake's fought the Authors was either to gain power, an army, or control of worlds. Including trying to take over the North Pole and Santa Clause's workshop, harnessing the powers of demons from other worlds, building up his army, trying to steal the imagination river, conquer the Pokemorph Sanctuary, adding whatever Darksides he could acquire.

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