Drast Republic



The Islands to the SW of Bethakra


Wolfen and Human

==Government Arrangement:== Modified Republic*

==Economic Strength== Medium (however, rising quickly)*

Military Arrangement:

  • Drast Standard Army
  • Drast National Defense League
  • Drast Shadow Army
  • Drast Elite Army
  • Drast Archer Army
  • Drast Alchemist Army

Government/Military Officials

The Drast Government is currently the most stable along with the Taiiden Republic's


  • President- Josh Hall (Human) (talks to other Humans and Human mixes)
  • President- Canys Spera (Wolfen) (talks to only diferent races and different race mixes)
  • Vice President- Ombra Lupes (currently Wolfen)


  • Standard Army Chief- Angelo Ranger (Human)
  • DNDL Chief- Hurst Raon (Wolfen)
  • Shadow Army Chief- Das Yarul (Woolfen)
  • Elite Army Chief- Darius Dunham (Human)
  • Archer Army Chief- Shannon Hall (Human)
  • Alchemist Army Chief- Daesor Frant (Wolfen)

Military Strength

  • Standard Army- 50,000
  • DNDL- 20,000
  • Shadow Army- 10,000
  • Elite Army- 20,000
  • Archer Army- 15,000
  • Alchemist Army- 5,000

Magic Level

Medium, either done by Alchemist Army, alchemists (70% employed by government), or freelance alchemists

Training to become an Alchemist is an early choice. If you or your parents want you to be one, at age 8 you are entered into training. You bunk with roomates as older alchemists teach you throughout your life. Throughout your trainging, you will be taught strict discipline. When training stops at age 18, you have to serve either in the Alechemist Army or work for the Government, both fo which are minimum of 3 years service. After that, you can either stay on with a massive wage increase, or you can become a freelance. Many decide to stay on so we have a lot in our Alchemist army and such.(1)

Here are some common civilian potions

  • IBG (Illness be gone~ Cures all colds, virus', etc.
  • Sleep~ Duh!
  • Taste Boost~ put on your food and no matter what it is, it tastes great!
  • Hair potions~ either gives you it or get's rid of it.

Here are some common military potions

  • Co-ag~ you drink it. coagulates your blood. usually taken before battles. lasts for 4 hours
  • Salamander~ Your put this on a towel, and then rub this on your sword pre battle. It heats up your sword to around 200 degrees when it touches other flesh. It lasts for 2 hours.
  • Incin (pronounced in-sin)~ throw in a small bottle. Once it hits a hard surface, it makes a pretty big fireball.

CC ~ pour on ground. Creates a giant fog cover, giving you time to run away or get cover.


See Government Assembly


Other Information about the Drast's Armies and Alchemy

Soldier Ranks

(lowest to highest)

  • (|) Solon
  • (/\) Dula
  • (/|\) Treas
  • (\/|\/) Catur
  • (/\|/\) Hayaus
  • (|<>|) Chief

Alchemist Titles

  • Age 8- Hopefull
  • Age 12- Apprentice
  • Age 16- Follower
  • Age 18- Practioner
  • Age 25- (if applicable) Teacher
  • Age 40 & up- (if applicable) Master

(1)All magic is done by trained Alchemists. If anyone else tries w/o proper permits and such, they shall be sentenced to death.

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