The Dread War

The Company of the Red Spear vanished from West End in November of 20 AF. No one had seen the group leave town. Darkling attacks increased from this point. As December began, corpses were flung over the wall into the town. As these "corpses" were being interred, they got up, their wounds healed. They began savagely attacking the townspeople. These creatures were actually seen eating human flesh. The townspeople fled to the keep, where the doors were locked tightly. Wounds were healed, and the creatures were studied. It turned out that they were people who were cursed with hunger, blessed with regeneration, and they had been labotomized. Worst was their captain, a foul evil being who would come to the keep every morning. He would shout something unintelligable, then point. The moment he pointed, someone in the keep fell over dead. As food supplies begain to run low, the Company of the Red Spear returned. Fighting their way to the keep, the rushed inside. After an all too brief rest the Company of the Red Spear challenged and defeated the opponent on December 7th. The townspeople cleared the remaining monsters from the town, and began moving their things back in. At this time, it was announced that an army must leave to move on the city of shadow so that the Company could complete it's prophesy. An army of 90% of the able-bodied men in West End Suited up and rode forth. After a long march, the army reached the city of shadow. A larger army led by giant stone guardians of Berezin had already assaulted the army from the south, and the city was largely unguarded. The army fought it's way to the center of the city where the Company went through a dark portal. The fighting continued, and forces of darkness began to rebuff the shadow army in the city. Sir Gregory Grimwar fell defending his bannermen.

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