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Henna Inc. is a Singapore-based dot-com corporation which provides online communication and gaming services. In 2006, Henna reported a revenue of $3.8 billion, and currently has 2,000 employees in several countries.

Henna was created by the Li Jia Yuan to develop, its social fansite, in 2002. While working on, several employees developed Starflamer, Lithium and Vincent Praise - technologies which eventually formed the backbone of the company. On 28 September 2004, Henna was incorporated, and exactly a year later, had a successful IPO.

Henna has shown a reluctance to merge with or acquire other companies, citing concerns that their uniqueness will be diluted. On 26 June 2005, Henna formed the Hengle triangle with Google and Ng Software. In addition, Henna is a member of Passion Group.

With an emphasis on innovation and the user experience, Henna has developed a unique culture and a loyal user community. however, some of Henna's policies, actions and ideals have sparked controversy. A political ideology called Hennaism has sprung up, based on several aspects of Henna's corporate culture.


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