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Dream C Club

A dating simulation video game released on August 27th, 2009. It was released in Japan only for the Xbox 360 by D3 Publisher. The game is region-locked and can only be played on an NTSC-J region Xbox 360.


After a hard day's work, you are walking home. You stumble upon a new hostess club, Dream Club. The game lasts as long as your year membership (starting in January and ending in December). Your goal is to befriend and date a girl of choice, aiming toward your "happy ending" together.

It is possible to get a bad ending, normal ending, "best friend" ending, and happy ending. It is also possible to get no ending (when your membership runs out and you haven't gotten past a certain point with any of the girls).


Amane (long, red hair)
Mio (glasses, green hair)
Setsu (side-ponytail, light brown hair)
Reika (long, blue hair)
Mian (pigtails, blonde hair)
Rui (long, pink hair)
Riho (short, light brown hair)
Nao (very short, dark brown hair)
Mari (long, lavender hair)
ILI (short, blue hair)

Each character has a full/real name that is discovered by getting her true ending.

Starting The Game

  • Press Start
  • Select your storage device for your save game
  • Three input screens will come up asking to setup a profile. The info asked is for each screen is (in order): Last name, First name, Nickname. Your nickname is what the girls will call you when you have high affection / are in the VIP room. The game allows both Japanese kana input and English/Roman characters.
  • You can also leave the inputs blank, but the game will put some default names in (translation needed for this)


During the day, you can do one of several things:

  • Work (pay on the stable jobs can be increased with promotions):
    • Convenience Store (20,000 earned, 1 week of time spent)
    • Call Center (60,000 earned, 2 weeks of time spent)
    • Mysterious Work (400,000 lost ~ 400,000 earned, 3~5 weeks of time spent)
    • Gamble (20,000 lost ~ 100,000 earned, 1 week of time spent)
  • Shopping
    • Go to the store to buy gifts for your host girl. Key items show up when they're needed. Birthday presents show up a few weeks before your host girl's birthday (provided your knowledge in-game includes the date).
  • Look at your e-mail
    • Check your cell phone messages. These includes messages from any host girls you've visited at the club, birthday notifications (i.e. Setsu will text you and tell you when Amane's birthday is about a month in advance), pictures from dates, and the host girls' schedules.
  • Look at your items
    • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Go to the club (only available Saturday nights).
  • Rest (end week without doing anything).

At the entrance of the club:

  • Select the host girl you wish to visit for the evening (left option is "yes", right option is "no").
  • Select costume (left option is "yes", right option is "no"). If you decline the costume select, she will wear her default uniform and no accessories. Costume select is not available on Cosplay days.
    In the costume screen, highlight the item you want and press A. If you've downloaded the patch, you can also highlight an item on all of the screens and press X to apply it all at once.

Inside the club:

  • First, select a drink for yourself.
  • Next, select a drink for your hostess.
  • Use the right stick to drink, the left stick to look around, the left trigger to zoom and the Y button to bring up the menu.
  • X button (order)
    • Single drink (order 1 drink for yourself, uses 5 minutes of time)
    • Bottled drink (order 1 bottle for yourself, uses 5 minutes of time)
    • Food (order food for yourself, uses 10 minutes of time)
    • Karaoke (order a song for your hostess to perform, costs ¥2000 and up to 30 minutes of time. If you've bought DLC songs, they have no in-game cost.)
  • A button (talk)
    • Conversation topics are assigned to each button. Storyline-progressing choices are highlighted in yellow. Birthday topics are not, but are written as X月Y日 (Xth month, Yth day).
  • B button (present)
    • Select a present to give to your hostess. Only key items, wearable accessories, and general presents are given through this option. Birthday presents are not.


Official site:

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