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Hello and Welcome at "Dream Chronics", an experiment to find out if the wiki principle can be used to create a narrative work of fiction.

General Rules

  • 1. All general wiki rules apply
  • 2. Try to keep to the general writing style
  • 3. A chapter should not be longer then two or three screen pages
  • 4. A chapter needs to be at least one screen page long
  • 5. Do not write against the plot
  • 6. Write in past tense
  • 7. Read from the begining before you edit the first time
  • 8. Stay logical (everything in the story needs to fit together)
  • 9. Ask on the discussion page before you kill of a character

Starting a new chapter

Before you start a new chapter, make sure that the prior chapter is complete (= meets Rule 4). If this is your first edit, please read the entire story from the beginning, else please reread the newest chapter. Create a new chapter by adding a new subheading with == Chapter Title ==.

Rewriting/Editing a chapter

Only completed chapters (Rule 4) may be edited/rewritten. Reread the chapter before and after the one you are going to edit, to make sure it still fits together after your changes.

Adding to a chapter

If a chapter is not yet complete, you can add to it. If this is your first edit, please read the entire story from the beginning. Chapters already completed can be added to if they don´t already exceed Rule 3 and in this case the rules about "Rewriting/Editing a chapter" apply.

Ending a chapter

Make sure the chapter meets Rule 4. End the chapter by adding /End of Chapter/ in a new line.

Thats all you need to now. On with the show!

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