Somewhere in the darkness of the endless universe turned the world Adnu. The people of Adnu were unlike any other culture. They didn´t build anything, they didn´t make anything, at least not in the normal sense. The Adnu had the ability to shape their reality by dreaming. Whatever they dreamt would become reality. Anything needed, be it buildings, machines, clothes or anything else was put into existence by dreaming of it. Of course, not everyone on Adnu had this power. Some peoples dreams, called “non-shapers”, didn´t have any influence on reality. The majority of Adnu´s population had the power, but not everyone had it in the same strength. How strong a persons influence on reality was depended on how vivid he or she was able to dream. This was called the “Vrantu”. The Great Shapers had the most Vrantu, and their job was to keep reality orderly and stable. At the time of our story, near the end of the Age of Manru, there were about 400 Great Shapers.

The Adnu had been living in total peace and freedom for thousands of years. But all of a sudden a strange illness had befallen a handful of Great Shapers. Nightmares. Those Great Shapers who fell victim to this illness lost control of their dreams, and their dreams turned into nightmares. The nightmares changed the reality of Adnu in the most horrible ways possible. All other Great Shapers had to work harder and harder to undream the damage created by the nightmares, but it was clear that this would soon stop to work, when more and more Great Shapers started to get the strange, unexplainable disease.

Because of this, Balar the elected Chief Great Shaper had called the council of Great Shapers together to try and determine a course of action. It was clear to everyone that somebody needed to be sent out to investigate, find the cause of the illness and maybe find a cure. The person for this job needed to be chosen, someone who would neither fear demons, nor nightmares. But whom could they trust with this important matter?

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