The Dreywar

The Dreywar are a race of beings found in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


Most of what many other races know of the Dreywar comes from a discovery made some thousand years ago by a mining team sent by the Kingdom of Onas to survey a newly discovered series of underground catacombs. In the darkest depths of these seemingly endless catacombs, the Human team (along with their Orghim minders) came across what we now call the Graghrim Cache, a collection of scrolls and pictographs depicting a race whose name best translates in the Human tounge to ‘Dreywar’. Subsequent contact established by the formerly mythical Dreywar Hives has confirmed much of what was discovered in the Cache.

The Dreywar are mentioned but occasionally in the records that survive from before the Second Rain (and even then are fragmented at best) It can be thus assumed that because of this mention, however fleeting, that they are one of the Old Races.

The Dreywar race seemed to enjoy the patronage of none of the Old Gods – unusual in that regard, as each of the Old Races seemed to be created with the blessing of particular Gods in mind. Several scholars have theorised that these creatures were not in fact the creations of any of the Old Gods, and were instead an accidental result of the creation of the other races. Whatever their inception, they still lived and prospered in those early days of peace. Even then, when all living things were like brothers, they were aloof and isolated.


Each Dreywar stands approximately anywhere from two to four feet tall. They can display many variations of shape and colouration, appearing largely bipedal upon first glance, but the more attention given to them, the more and more their insectoid heritage emerges. Their internal structure differs greatly from those of humans, having no less than three stomachs and many redundant nervous and circulatory systems.

The males of the species are the most genetically diverse, as benefits their largely Hive-based society. Workers are the weakest of the kind, with Soldiers being the most physically dominant. There are countless castes and roles to fulfil, and so the exact number of sub-species and how they differ could be endless.

Culture And Society

The Dreywar exist in large Hive communities. The resident Queen (or Queens in the case of the larger Hives) holds complete and utter sway over her resident populace. The population exists solely to fulfil the Queen’s command, as she is the heart and (perhaps literally) the soul of the Hive.

Individual (if they can be called that) Dreywar seem to possess little to none sentience. They are essentially inert and mindless creatures, driven on to their tasks by the gestalt sentience of the Hive community itself, directed by the Queen. She is their anchor and voice – even the largest community of Dreywar without a Queen are mindless and directionless beasts. Experiments have yet to determine the exact range upon which an individual Dreywar has to be taken to be out of the ‘range’ of the Queen and the Hive, but capacity for focused thought and intelligence seems to wane at approximately the one-hundred kilometre range.

The Queens themselves, however, are highly intelligent beings. They are the mothers of nearly all the Dreywar race, and it is through them that their existence continues.

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