Drip Feet is an episode of the All-Stars version of Cartoon Paradise.


  • Ash is on his way to the bakery when he gets hit by the wall and hurts his foot. When he gets home, The Redheaded Sisters are angry and Ash decides to go against them. Later, he tells Brock, Ralph and Nelson what a drip is, having heard his sister Mary call one, but Mel interrupts and tells Ash that he's a Drip. Ash soon changes his mind when Shaggy gets a pain in his foot while on a stroll with Alexander, Stanley and Wally. Ash comes to his aid and Shaggy is thankful for helping him. Then, Mel apologizes to Ash and promises not to be rude and Ash agrees.


From Pokemon

  1. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  2. Mary (Kerry Williams)
  3. Brock (Eric Stuart)
  4. Ralph (Tara Jayne)
  5. Nelson (Kayzie Rogers)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From Josie and The Pussycats

  1. Josie McCoy (Janet Waldo)
  2. Alexander Cabot (Casey Kasem)

From Phineas and Ferb

  1. Candace Flynn (Ashley Tisdale)

From Gravity Falls

  1. Wendy Corduroy (Linda Cardellini)

From What's New, Scooby-Doo?

  1. Shaggy Rogers (Casey Kasem)

From The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan

  1. Stanley Chan (Lennie Weinrib)

From Butch Cassidy

  1. Wally (Micky Dolenz)


  • US: Alec Baldwin.
  • UK: Michael Angelis.
  • This episode aired in a Season 6 style.
  • This is the first time where a character has a foot pain.

Music Used

  1.  ???


  • Alec Baldwin: One day, Ash was taking loads of flour to the bakery. He was pleased with his good manners, and wanted to feel free like always. He had had a good day and was feeling very glad with himself. He was so busy thinking how he would tell Brock, Ralph and Nelson about his expert handling of the flour that he forgot to look where he was heading. Suddenly, he saw a huge wall that was miles and miles away in front of him.
  • Ash: Yikes!
  • Alec Baldwin: He exclaimed. He tried his best to stop, but his strength wouldn't hold him. He hit the wall with a loud Wham!
  • Ash: Ow!
  • Alec Baldwin: He cried in pain. The flour went flying, plummeted down and landed toward the ground. Ash was more startled than ever, but his foot was sore when he got home.
  • Mel: This is all your fault, Ashy Boy.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Mel indignantly.
  • Mel: You should keep a better look out. I don't have time for your lame excuses.
  • Ash: Was that so?
  • Alex Baldwin: Snapped Ash.
  • Ash: I wouldn't dare get my foot hurt.
  • Josie: You'd be more careful if the flour gets spilled.
  • Alec Baldwin: Retorted Josie.
  • Candace: Whenever this happens, you'd feel in pain.
  • Alec Baldwin: Insisted Candace.
  • Wendy: And that's how you got into a lot of trouble.
  • Alec Baldwin: Added Wendy. Ash was so cross that he forgot to solve to resolution. He talked to Brock, Ralph and Nelson for the rest of the night.
  • Mary: It wasn't your fault, big brother.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Mary unhappily.
  • Mary: You'd be sorry for that.
  • Ash: I know, little sister.
  • Alec Baldwin: Sighed Ash sadly. By morning, he didn't speak to Mel either.
  • Ash: I'd say, you three.
  • Alec Baldwin: He told Brock, Ralph and Nelson that night.
  • Ash: Do you know about a drip?
  • Brock: It's when there's rain falling on your feet.
  • Alec Baldwin: Brock said.
  • Ralph: It can cause pain.
  • Alec Baldwin: Explained Ralph.
  • Nelson: And you can get hurt.
  • Alec Baldwin: Added Nelson.
  • Ash: I see to it.
  • Alec Baldwin: Reminded Ash.
  • Ash: I heard someone called my little sister that name this afternoon.
  • Mary: I'm sure he could call that name too.
  • Alec Baldwin: Smiled Mary.
  • Mel: That's different, Ashy Boy.
  • Alec Baldwin: Interrupted Mel. She was tired of hearing Ash talk about a drip.
  • Mel: You thought you were being a coward.
  • Josie: Or being a silly and spoiled sport.
  • Alec Baldwin: Objected Josie.
  • Ash: You wouldn't dare.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Ash. He knew about it.
  • Ash: So if you want to stop being a crybaby, Mel Blake, then your parents should ground you for the rest of your lives.
  • Mel: You're the one who's going to be a drip.
  • Alec Baldwin: Answered Mel indignantly.
  • Mel: Now get to bed like a sensible guy and go to sleep. I don't need any of your silly nonsense.
  • Ash: You'll regret this.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Ash. Instead of going to bed, he became even more determined to get back at Mel. By morning, Shaggy was ready to start his delivery.
  • Shaggy: Like, i can't make up for lost time.
  • Alec Baldwin: He said to Alexander, Stanley and Wally.
  • Alexander: Be careful, Shaggy.
  • Alec Baldwin: Warned Alexander.
  • Stanley: You wouldn't dare let your friend down.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Stanley.
  • Wally: It'll be dangerous.
  • Alec Baldwin: Added Wally.
  • Shaggy: Like, i will.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Shaggy. Soon, he set off making sure he won't let Ash down. All of a sudden, he stepped on a rock and began to feel pain in his foot.
  • Shaggy: Ow!
  • Alec Baldwin: He cried and came to a complete halt.
  • Alexander: What happened, Shaggy?
  • Alec Baldwin: Asked Alexander.
  • Shaggy: My foot hurts.
  • Alec Baldwin: Groaned Shaggy. Ash was still grumbling when Alexander arrived into the scene.
  • Alexander: Shaggy's in great pain.
  • Alec Baldwin: He called.
  • Alexander: You must help him.
  • Ash: Blast my head!
  • Alec Baldwin: Exclaimed Ash.
  • Ash: Shaggy's in trouble.
  • Alec Baldwin: And he raced to his aid. He soon took Shaggy to the hospital, where Dr. Anna and Dr. Proctor amputated his foot.
  • Anna: Your feet will be all right.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Dr. Anna.
  • Proctor: You'll be all right.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Dr. Proctor.
  • Shaggy: Like, thanks.
  • Alec Baldwin: Said Shaggy in relief.
  • Ash: You were right, Alexander.
  • Alec Baldwin: Replied Ash.
  • Ash: You were lucky to warn me.
  • Alec Baldwin: The Redheaded Sisters came up.
  • Mel: I'm sorry i was rude with you, Ashy Boy.
  • Alec Baldwin: Apologized Mel.
  • Mel: Thank you for helping Shaggy.
  • Ash: You're welcome.
  • Alec Baldwin: Smiled Ash.
  • Brock: You know Ash had been a good helper.
  • Alec Baldwin: Brock said to Ralph and Nelson.
  • Ralph and Nelson: We know that.
  • Alec Baldwin: They both replied.

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