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Dry-Mouth Man, as he was in La Hora Chanante

First appearanceApril 21, 2005
Original AuthorErnesto Sevilla
Character Information
Status Active
English name Dry-Mouth Man
Spanish name Bocaseca Man
Japanese Name ボカセカマン
Real Name Ernesto Sebilla
Birthdate September 7, 1974
Epithet "The only Superhero with the tongue like a kitten"
Former Affiliations La Hora Chanante, Hector's Army
Current Affiliations Five Heroes
Original World Smonka (Earth-3)
First Appearance Battle 16
Current Record 7 wins, 2 losses, 4 ties.
Weapons and Skills Fights with staffs and his bare hands. His powers include: Turning into sand to avoid blows, creating sand out of nothing, absorbing moisture and drying anything he touches if he desires to, and also can generate great ammounts of White Dust.

Dry-Mouth Man (Real name Ernesto Sebilla) is a super-hero who currently inhabits Mondocentrale He can take the form of sand for self-defense and to launch powerful attacks. Currently inhabits MJ Town, where his rival Ratman also lives.


Before MJ Version

Ernesto Sebilla was born on September 7, 1974, on Albacete, Spain, as the younger of two twins. When they were born, their parents saw they had an unknown mark on their right leg (Later known to be the Greatest American Hero emblem), but didn’t knew what to do of it. However, doctors said it was harmless, so they just left it there.

When they were only two months, a war came on Castile-La Mancha, so his parents escaped from Albacete to Cuenca. However, they could only take one of the babies, because laws didn’t let families take more than one baby. With lots of pain, they left Manolo, Ernesto’s older twin, with a family who lived in a country of Albacete.

Ernesto grew without ever knowing he ever had a twin. For eight years, he was a pretty normal boy, nothing remarkable happening on his life.

That changed on the ’83 summer vacation.

As Ernesto and his parents headed to Valencia for their holidays, he felt thirsty, very thirsty. Ernesto started telling his parents he was thirsty, but they wouldn’t listen to him, no matter how much he complained. This went for two hours, after which he just stopped.

He had turned Dry-Mouth Kid, who was, as he put it, “the only superhero with the tongue like a kitten”, which would eventually become his trademark phase.

At first, his heroic life was tough. His powers were only being able to survive without water, which was useless most of the time. However, it came handy two years later, when a friend of his and him got lost on one of Cuenca’s many mounts. They only had enough water for one, so Ernesto let his friend drink it, and thus both survived until they were found.

When he became 15, he changed his name to Dry-Mouth Boy, and started doing some physical training, though he gave up after a week.

When he became 18, he got his first (And only so far) girlfriend, Manuela del Carmen Diaz, or “Manuelita”, who thought he was the greatest hero on the world. Their relation was sweet and affectionate, and Ernesto was very happy. That happiness would end when Manuela died of an unknown illness, bringing Ernesto’s unborn child with her.

DMB started investigating about this unknown illness, for he felt no one should pass through what he did. His investigations pointed towards Carlos Álvarez, the current king of villaindom on Cuenca. On 1993, on the first anniversary of Ernesto and Manuela’s first date, DMB charged towards Carlos’ hideout, without fear of anything. He managed to get all the way to Carlos’ room without getting caught, and once he was there, he fought Carlos.

The battle was rough, and it seemed neither had the advantage, though eventually, Carlos’ superior strength and resistance made him take down Dry-Mouth Boy, who then did something he would be ashamed of his entire life: He pulled a gun he had brought in case he would need it and blew the entire load on Carlos’ head and heart, killing him instantly. Seconds after, he had regret of what he had done, decided to suicide, and tried to shoot himself, but he forgot he had no bullets left.

Instead, he submitted to the Police, wanting punishment. But, as he was considered a Superhero, was in a position of self-defense, and his enemy was an evil mastermind, DMB didn’t go to jail, though he was still depressed. He spent the next four years on his house, going out only for buying food and minor stuff. His parents didn’t know what to do with him.

On October 1997, problems came back to Ernesto. His mother died of the same illness that had taken down Manuelita. Ernesto was speechless, for him though he had gotten rid of the illness by killing Carlos. It seemed it was someone else’s creation.

Ernesto changed his name again, this time for the one we all know: Dry-Mouth Man, and went to investigate the illness again. After a two-year hunt, he had found the man who had created the illness: David Cañas, Cuenca’s best scientific. DMM entered on David’s lab and, and after a lot of searching, he found the place where the illness was created: A huge room full of bottles with the illness on liquid form and a machine that kept on creating more. Furious, DMM started throwing chairs and whatever else he had at hand at the bottles, spreading the liquid everywhere. As he realized what he had done, he tried to run away, but the liquid got to him.

Ernesto woke up two weeks later. The dryness of his mouth had protected him from the liquid, and he had suffered no harm, for the liquid only causes death when drunk; else it’s just cold. DMM wondered where David was, and after looking through the lab, he found him... dead because of his very own invention. Happy with this, DMM left the laboratory and told everything to the police. After verifying it, DMM was given 100 millions of pesetas and became a huge social figure. DMM lived a fairly peaceful life for the 7 years, helping people with minor problems such as getting cats down trees or beating down thieves.

On late 2004, a television show called La Hora Chanante decided to have him appear so he could give tips and suggestions through TV. They were very popular, and he earned even more fans.

On early 2005, he was set-up a fight against Strong Rough Man, for The Clown told him he was an evil individual. DMM tried to beat SRM down, but he proved to be too much. During the fight, DMM accidentally lowered SRM’s pants, revealing the Greatest American Hero’s emblem. SRM told him he had this since he was born, and DMM revealed he had it as well. SRM was Ernesto’s long lost bro Manolo. Together they beated down The Clown for tricking them into fighting.

MJ Version

On April 14, 2005, DMM decided to go alone on a trip through the world. Unluckily, he had a shipwreck caused by The Clown. DMM tried to swim towards land, and without even noticing, he crossed an unclosed portal, taking him to Mondocentrale, very close to its version of Laus. DMM made home on a nearby village.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A week later, DMM heard someone coming to the village. He went to check, and there was RatMan. DMM presented himself as a superhero. Ratman answered saying he looked like a weakling, causing DMM to join Hector’s Army, where RatMan was serving right now, to show his powers. Their rivalry had just started.

The next day, Heroic Hentai Fanboy, the owner of the place, showed up and caused Hector’s army to split. DMM ended on MJ City, where he got himself a house. He still had some money left, and the Euros were big there. He decided to give a party, to which only Mr. Clean, Mr. Dirty, RatMan (Who went only for laughs), Pocholo and Zack Galaxy went. During the party, RatMan and DMM started discussing again, and they were stopped by the Mysterious Figure, which they managed to make run away.

DMM got a few months to relax, and try to find a way home, but he was unable to find the portal. One day, he went to the bathroom, for the sake of going, and a Man in Grey appeared. He offered him to join the time bank, but DMM happened to have read Momo before, and thus he knew of the MiG’s plan. He discovered the Men in Grey were trying to take everyone’s time, and they had gotten Ratman’s, by mouth of the MiG, who quickly died by accident, showing DMM their weak point.

After recruiting Cassiopeia, the clairvoyant turtle, Dry-Mouth Man tried to make RatMan wake up. It seemed hopeless, until Cassiopeia sacrificed her life to return RatMan his time. DMM quickly recruited RatMan, and the two of them headed to Master Minuto’s house.

Minuto stopped the time (By using The World) for an hour, enough for DMM and RatMan to kill all of the Men in Grey and return everyone their time. Unfortunately, the last MiG had self-destructed and taken the entire building with him. Rocks started falling on them, until they were crushed. However, instead of dying, as they were crushed with the time stopped, a rip on the space/time continuum sent them to Womanmilk Version.

Once there, they found WM Version was inhabited by alternates of people in MJ Version, and that the alternate of HHF was Furryfan. DMM and RatMan accidentally revealed Furryfan was dead, and were attacked by nine of WM’s heroes, on an unwinnable battle. They had to run away and search for a portal back to MJ Version. They managed to find one, but they were followed by WM’s heroes. Back in MJ, they told HHF about Womanmilk Version. HHF then realized Furryfan was alive, and decided to kill him.

Meanwhile, Furryfan was attacking The Forgotten Ones’ HQ. WM’s heroes rushed in to help Furryfan, and HHF called his own allies. During the battle, DMM managed to take down Supersonic Man, his counterpart.

Soon after that, the First Tournament started. DMM entered as part of a team made of RatMan, Supersonic Man and him. During the fight, he managed to spot SRM, who had came after him, and asked him for help, but got disqualified. DMM took revenge by destroying the Battle Arena, and then hided at his house, along with SRM. They were quickly found and defeated by Ephraim, Kakyoin and Eirika. As they fell down, it was revealed DMM and SRM had been possessed by Waddacku since their disqualification.

When Waddacku came back, one of his targets was DMM, but he showed his recently-gotten Sand Powers and made the villain run away (Albeit he had used Dryness, the moisture-sucking attack, a few times before). Later on he discovered he had gotten his Sand Powers because Annabel Lei, the goddess of the place, felt like giving them to him.

On early 2006, Dry-Mouth Man and Strong Rough Man were attacked by The Clown, who had gained Sand Powers and was ready to get revenge. SRM told DMM to get help while he keep The Clown distracted. DMM rushed to the Torre degli Angeli, where Daniel M. Starbright, Beatriz Crewe, Fanroic and Etchiboy laid on the floor after have been defeated by The Clown. DMM quicly woke them up, and asked for their aid. They unhappily accepted. As they were to leave, Annabel Lei appeared and told them they were now to be referred as the Five Heroes.

The Five Heroes went then to face The Clown, who had captured some of the heroes's friends and family. After a long battle, The Clown was finally defeated.

Dry-Mouth Man is currently living in MJ City, having a peaceful life with his brother... by now.


  • Dry-Mouth Man was really weak at the beginning of the version, but as event unfolded he became really strong, and when he gained his Sand Power, his strength went up even more, making him one of the version’s strongest characters.
  • His house is the biggest in MJ Town.
  • DMM is 31 years old as of now.
  • DMM is 169 cm tall or 5 foot 7 inches.
  • DMM is the younger twin.

The Five Heroes

Daniel M. StarbrightDry-Mouth ManEtchiboyFanroicBeatriz Crewe

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