“Japanese Wedding, Chinese Honeymoon”

Chapter 1

It was the middle of the night, and dark things were a brewin’ at the Neko Hanten. A shadowy figure rummaged through the mail stolen earlier in the day, looking for a package.

“Shampoo know it in here,” the figure said. “Been waiting on it for months now. Should have come by… Ayah! Here it is!” She pulled out her package from the pile and let the rest fall to the floor. Hurriedly she tore open the paper, and pulled out a stack of small paper pouches, labeled “Jusenkyo Industries”. “Hehehe, Pervert Girl is going to live up to her name too too soon!”


Akane sighed as she sat down in her desk. Ranma was going to be late that morning, and it was all Mousse's fault. He'd attacked shortly after breakfast that morning. The reasons given were the usual: "Give up Shampoo" and all that jazz, so Akane had just left them to it and gone ahead on her own. She had wanted to stay and fight, but Ranma had told her to go on without him, so she just shrugged and left. She didn't want to get attacked by that training potty too after all, that was just embarrassing.

She was just settling down and opening her bag when she heard a commotion coming from the grounds below. Thinking that it was probably just another round of Ranma vs. Kuno she ignored it, and started to review yesterday's notes. She was about halfway through her notes when the commotion started to increase in volume, but her curiosity wasn't piqued until she heard Ranma shout "WHAT THE HELL AKANE?! I THOUGHT THAT WE..."

Frustrated at being interrupted, she went to the window to shout down at Ranma that he had told her to go on without him, but saw that he wasn't looking up at the building, but instead at something that was going on against the wall along the school boundaries. She couldn't quite make it out for all the people crowded around.

Suddenly the crowd parted revealing a couple at the centre the girl bent over and pushed up against the wall, the boy, standing a little too close for comfort, turned out to be Kuno. Akane flushed bright red when she realized that they were having sex, Kuno's cock pushed deep into his lover's pussy from behind. She couldn't quite make out who she was though. Ranma seemed to be pissed though as he approached them through the hole the crowd had made for him.

"HAHAHAHA! It is to laugh Saotome! Finally the fierce tigress that is Akane Tendo has chosen me to be her man!" Kuno shouted as Ranma approached. "Step away now that I might drive out the last vestiges of your influences and plant my heir into her womb!"

Akane's eyes boggled when she heard this. She looked harder down at the girl who was offering herself to Kuno, and could see that her hair style was similar, along with her figure, but she couldn't quite make out the face. Quickly she turned away from the window and raced down the stairs to the front door. Not even bothering to change her shoes, she ran outside. Ranma was still standing by himself in the hole in the crowd, hands clenched at his side and breathing hard as he watched Kuno fuck what he thought to be his fiancée, but at the same time refusing to believe that Akane would rather have Kuno. She ran up beside him, and touched him on the arm to get his attention. He turned to her, and jumped in surprise when he saw what surely had to be some kind of demon doppelganger. "Akane? Are you the real one?"

Akane looked confused for a second, before looking over at the girl getting her row ploughed. It was a dead ringer for her, right down to the birthmark on her left butt cheek that nobody knew about. And boy could she see that birthmark, along with everyone else in the school. Her twin had her hands planted on the wall, and was bent over at the waist. The dress of her school uniform was hitched up over her hips, and her panties were down around an ankle, giving everyone a show, and giving full access to Kuno's cock which was currently buried in her pussy. It was surreal and kind of arousing to see her body being used like that, but then she remembered it was Kuno who was doing it to her. The twin's face was twisted in carnal pleasure, but that quickly changed to surprise when she turned her head and saw the real Akane standing there.

"Oh thank the gods!" Ranma said, completely relieved. He grabbed her in a tight hug. "I knew it couldn't really be you Akane. You'd never let Kuno do that to you." He suddenly seemed to realize what he was doing, and let go, embarrassed.

Akane was also flushed at the rare show of affection from her fiancé, but regained her composer. "Well duh Ranma, but who is it then? I don't have a twin running around you know." The doppelganger started to look worried, but was unable to break away from her lover's hold to escape.

Ranma looked thoughtful for a while. "Well there was Kiima after all. She took your form to fool me once through that 'Spring of a Drowned Akane'. Only one way to find out."

"Kiima?" Akane was surprised to hear that name again. She'd thought that the phoenix people were going to leave them alone now that they had their hot springs again. Although, it was the only explanation that made sense. She turned towards the fake. "Well I hope you got your jollies Kiima, because now you're gonna pay for them!" She pulled out her emergency hot water Thermos usually kept for Ranma, and threw it on her.

The water hit, and Akane breathed a sigh of relief as the transformation took place. Others in the crowd groaned when they saw that it wasn't Akane after all, but then a gasp went up when they saw who it really was.

"Shampoo? SHAMPOO?" Akane stared in disbelief as her rival was still being fucked by an oblivious Kuno. "Why would you do this?!"

Shampoo tried to answer, but she was, after all, in the middle of something. And despite being caught, the fact that she'd had this huge audience in the first place was arousing beyond anything she'd experienced before, and having her rival and husband watching her just compounded on that Instead of giving an explanation of her master plan gone all wrong, she orgasmed, and came hard all over Kuno's dick. The spasms seemed to do the trick, as Kuno slammed home and started to cum himself. Finally finishing, he fell backwards, and passed out.

Girls were heard in the crowd "tut tutting" at both his speed and his passing out afterwards. Guys were heard arguing over who would be next, and commenting on the fact that Shampoo's hair really was purple. Akane just glared, while Ranma was trying to decide between being angry and exasperated with this latest challenge for his hand in marriage.

Breathing hard, Shampoo stood up and adjusted her clothes, stepping out of her panties and leaving them on the ground. "Was trying to ruin Pervert Girl's reputation, make Airen think she choose another man. Got instant spring to transform into you. Wasn't counting on you being here. Stupid Mousse was supposed to get you out of the way."

She marched through the group, trying to pretend that she still had her dignity in tact. Looking over her shoulder, she sniffed at the pair. "At least Shampoo got a good fuck out of it. Next time it will be Ranma though. Ranma should leave stupid girl who won't ever put out and come to Shampoo's bed. He won't regret it." Everyone just stared at her as she left the school yard and walked towards the cafe.

Ranma just shook his head in disbelief as he watched one of his fiancées walk off after debasing herself like that as if she didn't care. He turned toward Akane, and saw what looked like a bomb about to explode. Her face was scrunched up, an absolute picture of fury mixed with the tears of embarrassment as everyone saw her naked from the waist down. Not wanting to be the target of all that fury, Ranma backed away slowly, and tried to get the crowd under control. "All right people, nothing more to see here!" He shouted while shooing the stragglers away. He looked back at Akane. "You gonna be ok 'Kane?"

"Just leave me alone for now Ranma," she said through clenched teeth. Ranma just shrugged his shoulders and continued to lead people away from Akane to let her calm down on her own. If this was the next stage in the fiancée wars, he didn't want to be around for the battles.


Shampoo muttered to herself as she walked home, complaining about how her plan failed and trying to figure out the best recipe for duck. She was having a hard time getting a good sulk on though, as she was still suffering the effects of afterglow. A pleasant soreness in her groin spread a warmth throughout her body. She didn't even mind the slight stickiness running down her legs...

"Ta ma de! Stupid Stick Boy came inside me!" She did some quick mental math, counting the days back to her last period, then sighed in relief when she figured that she should be ok. Besides, it wasn't the first time she'd had unprotected sex, and she wasn't pregnant yet. Even Mousse got the occasional roll in the hay, but he'd never remember it thanks to good old Formula 411. She'd have to remember to wipe that idiot's mind later, but for now she just wanted to go home and relax in the bath.


The rest of the morning was tense. Nobody wanted to be anywhere near Akane, the people who sat next to her in class even moved their desks away from hers. Ranma was the only one who glanced her way all morning, trying to make sure she wasn't going to explode. She was still furious, but at least her color had returned to normal rather than the bright red it had been. Ranma sighed as he watched her tear through her notepaper and break another pencil with the force she was using to write. He turned back to his own paper and the doodles upon it. Now, where was that birthmark again?

The bell for lunch rang, and everyone raced out of the room to find good places outside to sit and eat. Ranma took a more direct route and jumped out of the window, and climbed up to the roof where he could get some privacy. He'd just sat down to eat his lunch when the door to the roof opened. Damn, he should have thought to jam it shut somehow. He really wanted to be alone with his thoughts right now. He looked up to see who it was, and was only half surprised to see Ukyo standing there.

"Oh hey Ucchan, what's up?" He asked before turning back to his food. At least she's not going to do something crazy like Shampoo did this morning.

Ukyo fidgeted before turning and jamming a spatula through the clasp on the door, locking it shut. She walked over to him cautiously and sat down beside him, not looking at his face. "So... Um... Quite the show earlier today, huh?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah, I can't believe Shampoo would stoop to such a low," Ranma replied. He was actually kind of relieved to be able to talk about this with someone who wouldn't be going on about Akane's body and if they'd done it yet. He just knew that Hiroshi and Daisuke were itching to ask him those very questions. "As if I'd believe that Akane would let Kuno of all people have sex with her, let alone in front of the entire school."

"Yeah, no kidding," Ukyo replied, still refusing to look at him. She started to fiddle with the buttons on the front of her boy's uniform. "It's just a good thing that she hadn't tried to go after you instead."

"Nah, I’d ‘a thought something was screwy if she had come on to me like that." Ranma dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. "Akane really isn't like that at all. Heck I overheard her friends Sayuri and Yuka talking the other day, and she's the last one in her group of friends to lose her vir... vir... whooo boy."

All of a sudden, Ranma was face to face with a lovely pair of naked breasts. Ukyo had undone her uniform's shirt, and seemed to have misplaced her chest bindings somewhere. Her face was bright red, and Ranma could see that the blush ran all the way down her neck and was starting to cover her breasts too. And despite how hot Ranma was feeling right now, it must have been cold outside because Ukyo's small round nipples were standing up tall.

Ukyo finally looked at him. "Watching Shampoo got me all worked up this morning. I have needs you know Ranma, but I've saved myself for you all this time. Even though it has been soooo tempting to stray." She took the shirt off, leaving herself naked from the waist up. "After that little show this morning, I couldn't take it anymore. I knew the next step for Shampoo would be to claim you by sleeping with you, and... and I want to make sure she doesn't get the chance."

She leaned in to kiss Ranma, but only got air. When she opened her eyes, he was on the other side of the roof. "Ucchan, what are you doing?" he asked nervously.

"What's it look like you asshole? I'm throwing myself at you so that Shampoo doesn't get to you first!" Her eyes teared up. "Don't you find me sexy? Aren't I the cute one? Aren't I the one you wanted?"

Dammit, not crying. Ranma couldn't take it when a girl cried. "Look Ucchan, I..." but he didn't know how to finish that sentence. He didn't know what she wanted to hear, nor what he wanted to say to her.

Ukyo seemed to know what she wanted though. She approached slowly, swaying her hips with every step, her confidence seemed to be growing now that she had gotten past the hard part of exposing herself. "I know first times can be scary," she sniffed. "But when it's with someone you love, then it's worth anything. I want my first time to be with you, because I love you." Ranma was now backed up against the fence that surrounded the roof, and she was pressed up against him, her arms wrapped around his neck. She reached up to get the kiss she missed out on previously.

Ranma put his hands up on her shoulders and gently pushed her away, trying not to touch anything. "No, Ucchan, this isn't right. I don't want you to do this."

Ukyo's face faltered, but she quickly regained her composer. "What do you mean Ranchan? I want to do this for you." Her hand snaked down his front to feel at his crotch. She smiled nervously when she felt what was there. "Seems to me that you want to do it to."

Ranma shuddered at the touch, and almost broke down and let her take what she wanted. But then he thought of Akane, and how her day had been going, and about how Shampoo in her form was an exact duplicate of his fiancée, and about that birthmark. No, he knew what he wanted too.

"Ukyo, stop," he said, dropping the nickname. "I'm sorry but I don't want this." He pushed her away more firmly. "I don't want you to be throwing yourself at me like that. I don't deserve it."

The half naked woman looked aghast. She wasn't expecting to be refused. "Don't deserve it? Why the hell not, Sugar?"

"You want to give yourself to me? Why? Name one thing I have done for you that makes me worthy of that Ukyo. If your just giving it away, why should I value it?"

Ukyo looked shocked. "Giving it away? Ranma I love you, you lug! I'm not just giving it away."

Ranma turned away. "Well maybe I don't feel I deserve that love." He sighed. This next part was going to be hard. "Because I don't feel the same way about you. You're my best friend Ukyo, but that's it."

Ukyo looked away, then turned to get her shirt. She buttoned it back up, without looking or speaking to Ranma. Then she grabbed her lunch, and before Ranma could say anything she leapt over the fence, landing neatly in a tree, before jumping to the ground and running off. Ranma watched her go, sighed, then collected his bento and left the roof himself, taking the more conventional stairs.


Akane sat in class that afternoon and pondered about what she had overheard at lunch. She had been trying to get away from everyone who kept asking questions about what had happened that morning. Thankfully nobody thought she was the one Kuno had fucked any more, but her girlfriends were all asking about Ranma now and if she had put out for him, or if she was going to now that Shampoo had laid down the gauntlet. She just needed a moment of peace to think for a while about how to deal with Shampoo, and probably with Ranma too.

So she had decided to go up to the roof. It was one place where surprisingly few people liked to eat their lunch, most preferring to either stay in the classroom, or to sit under a tree out on the school grounds. When the bell rang signaling the end of the period, she noticed Ranma jump up to the roof himself, possibly seeking the same refuge as she. Well they could hide out together, so long as he didn't open his big yap and try to talk about it.

She got to the top of the stairs leading up to the roof and tried to open the door, but it didn't move, locked from the outside. 'Oh well' she thought to herself. 'I can at least sit on the staircase to eat my lunch, and now I don't have to deal with Ranma.'

As she sat down and opened her bento, she heard voices coming from the other side of the door. She knew Ranma was up on the roof, but who was out there with him? She pressed her ear against the door to see if she could understand what was being said.

It was Ukyo.

Why was Ranma nervous all of a sudden?

She wants to WHAT?

Akane was just about to break down the door when she heard Ranma's response. He didn't love Ukyo? Well she always kind of suspected that may have been the case, but they had always been friends, and he had known her much longer than he had known Akane. Ukyo was always the one she thought might win the fiancée wars.

She then heard footsteps approaching the door. Someone was coming, and it would look pretty bad if they caught her eavesdropping. She quickly packed up her lunch and ran down the stairs before the door opened. She had a lot to think about that afternoon.

And so she found herself in this current predicament. Ranma didn't feel that he deserved any of the affection that was thrown at his feet on a daily basis. Then why did he stay in Nerima? Out of obligation for the promise between their families? She wasn't sure how she felt about that anymore. Sure they had argued and fought a lot, and still did on occasion, but since the fight with Saffron and the ruined wedding, things had changed. There were still arguments, but they had lost their heat. Ranma walked with her on the way to school rather than beside her up on the fence rail. They were even able to have civil conversations over dinner, or watch TV together without fighting.

The big question of course was how did she feel about him. She had been willing to go through with the wedding because she had thought she'd heard him say that he loved her. Even though he had later said he hadn't, she had still been willing to go through with it so that he could get the cure to his curse.

But that was just it. Even if he hadn't said it out loud, she was certain that he at least liked her. His despair over the scene that morning had been a big hint, the fact that he'd hugged her when he found out that it was a trick was another. And then there was all the times that he had saved her life, and protected her, and acknowledged that she was his fiancée...

Holy crap, she loved him too.

Just thinking about all those times where he hinted at how he felt for her made her remember how she felt at those times as well. And then she thought about what her life would be like if Ranma were not in it any more, and it frightened her how lonely she would be without her constant companion.

She loved him, and he probably loved her too.

A slow smile spread across Akane's face and she felt a warm glow spread through her body at that revelation. But if Ranma didn't think he deserved her love, how was she going to prove him wrong?

She spent the rest of that afternoon ignoring her teachers and planning how she was going to do just that.


Chapter 3

Ranma eyed Akane warily on the way home from school. She was WAY too happy for what had happened earlier in the day. A happy Akane after something happened between his fiancées was a dangerous situation. Usually it meant that she was bottling it up to be released explosively later when it could do the most damage to him.

Akane almost laughed out loud at the sight of her fiancé looking like he was about to bolt any second. She was sorely tempted to turn to him and yell to startle him, just to see how high he would jump. She thought she had an idea for a plan, which of course involved blindsiding Ranma with it when he least expected it. It was going to be hard to admit her own feelings after so long of denying that there was anything there to begin with. Maybe she should try to get him to admit it first?

They arrived back home, and Akane went up into her room to change out of her uniform. Ranma went out into the dojo both to get out of her way, and to get some practice in before dinner. He was midway through his warm up when Akane walked in the door dressed in her gi. She didn't say a word, just walked in, and started her own warm up. Ranma decided to let her have her peace and finished his own warm up before launching into his first set of kata.

He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Akane had started her own kata shortly after him. She really was graceful, flowing smoothly from one form to another. It was one thing he always liked about her was that she was a student of the art, and a pretty good one too since she was able to tag him from time to time when he least expected it. Of course he probably should have expected it since it usually came after he said something royally stupid or insulting to her.

Akane noticed that Ranma had stopped to watch her, so she finished up her set, and turned to him. She needed to distract him while she was talking, otherwise he'd never admit to anything. "Hey Ranma, want to spar?" If he was too busy concentrating on dodging her attacks, he might let something slip.

Still wary of her apparent good mood, Ranma just nodded his head, before taking up his usual relaxed ready stance. Akane took up a much stronger stance, before launching into her attack with a hammer punch to the chin. Ranma of course dodged the strike by the faintest of margins.

The battle was entirely one sided, with Akane doing all the attacking and Ranma dodging every one. Rather than let her temper get away from her though, Akane stayed focused on her plan. "So Ranma, what did you think about that show Shampoo put on this morning?"

Ranma hesitated slightly in surprise, and was nearly tagged by Akane for it. He jumped back out of range to allow himself to find his bearings. "Uh... well I was certainly surprised when I saw it," he said, narrowly dodging another attack. "I didn't really believe that it was you though since I knew you would never let Kuno do that to you."

This time it was Akane that face faulted a little as she gagged at the thought of Shampoo's choice of sexual partner. "Yeah, you'd think she'd go for someone more believable. Maybe she just thought he'd be the most gullible and most likely to do it." Ranma nodded in agreement, but didn't let himself get distracted enough to be hit. Akane decided she needed to up the ante. "I really do have a birthmark on my left butt cheek you know." This did the trick as she was able to nail Ranma in the solar plexus.

Ranma backed up coughing as he tried to breath without his unresponsive diaphragm. "That was hardly fair you know," he choked out.

Akane just smirked and said "Anything goes," before starting her attack again. While it was always fun to get Ranma's goat, this wasn't getting her anywhere with respect to what she wanted to learn. "I didn't see you at lunch, where did you go?" she asked. She didn't expect Ranma to be completely forthright with her about what had happened up on the roof, but she figured that she could let it slip that she knew, and then he'd have to admit his love for her.

Needless to say, she was surprised as hell at his reply. "Actually, I went up to the roof. Ukyo followed me and decided that the more direct approach would work better than Shampoo's attempt by trying to have sex with me right then and there." Akane froze, and Ranma took advantage, shouting "An opening!" and poked her on the forehead. She was so stunned that the simple act knocked her over onto her back.

Akane lay there dazed on the floor. Ranma had actually told her the truth about what had happened. She didn't know what to make of this new revelation, so she just lay there looking stunned up at her fiancé.

Ranma eyed her warily. Yeah he'd told her the truth, but he was expecting her to jump up quickly lose her temper at him for what she'd believe was him having sex with Ukyo. He wasn't entirely sure why he baited her like this all the time. There was just something exciting about seeing her all riled up and angry. She was at her most genuine then. Instead of the reaction he was expecting though, she sat up and motioned for him to sit across from her. Cautious, he complied. "Uh... we didn't do it," he said, creeping gingerly onto what he thought was thin ice. "She had her shirt off, and wasn't wearing her bindings, but I told her no."

Akane took his hand in hers. He flinched, but she didn't let him pull away. "I'm glad, but why not?" If he was going to be honest about all this so far, maybe he'll open up more. Unfortunately, he instead clammed up and turned his head away in embarrassment. Akane pressed her lips together determined to get him to tell her what she felt. She slugged him in the shoulder with her other arm to get his attention. "I tried to get up on the roof, looking for some privacy to think things over. I was in the stairwell eating my lunch since the door was locked. I heard everything you said." She smiled as she saw him grow nervous at the implications.

Akane changed tactics, her face becoming more sympathetic. "Look, I know you rejected Ukyo, and that you said it was because you didn't deserve her love. I wondered why is all."

Ranma tried to get away, but Akane had his hand in a death grip. His death if he wasn't careful. "Uh... well... you see... she's kinda like a sister to me. My best friend. I don't really feel that way about her. I kinda don't think she really feels that way about me either."

That was a surprise. Ukyo seemed pretty damned sure about how she felt to her, but she let it slide. The next question was going to be hard. "What about Shampoo?"

This time it was Ranma's turn to look serious. "I can't believe she tried that this morning. Well... maybe I can. But to try to seduce me afterwards was kinda creepy. I just wish she'd leave me alone."

Akane was ecstatic to hear this. She scooted closer to him for this last question, hoping for a hug to come shortly... and maybe a little more. "And what about... me?"

Ranma blushed hard and turned away from Akane. "What about you?" he asked nervously.

Akane's mood dropped slightly, but she continued to push. "How do you feel about me? You seemed pretty relieved when you found out that it wasn't me spreading my legs for Kuno." This seemed to make Ranma blush harder as he worked his mouth open and closed like a fish, but no sound came out. She pushed harder. "If I remember correctly you hugged me in relief." This only served to make him clam up even tighter, but Akane took that as a good sign, and instead decided to wait him out.

Ranma saw no way out. If he tried to insult her to get out of it, she'd just ignore it, she was that serious. If he tried to pull away, she'd just hold on tighter. He didn't know how to handle this. "Well... uh... what about you?" he asked again lamely, this time expecting an answer. "How do you feel about all this?"

Surprised at the question being turned around on her, Akane tried to come up with an answer. All she could come up with though was a stupid sounding "I asked you first." Seeing Akane start to falter brought back some of Ranma's confidence. "Yeah? Well I've already told you a lot so far, so I think it's time you opened up some too." He grinned, thinking he had found a way out of this. He knew she'd never admit to liking him.

Akane started to look nervous as she felt control over the conversation slipping away. She tried to pull her hand away, but this time it was Ranma who was holding on tightly, not letting her get away. She tried to smile and joke about it, trying to regain control. "Well, I wouldn't have sex with Ukyo or Shampoo either." She tried to put on a smug look, but it came out a grimace.

Ranma was surprised that Akane would go for the sex joke, but it didn't distract him from the matter at hand. He leaned in closer to her, putting himself firmly in her personal space. "That's not what I meant and you know it." He wondered how long this would go on before she got angry enough to hit him and run away, thereby getting them both off the hook.

Akane still looked a little nervous, but she had a sort of determined look on her face as well. "Um... Ranma? Personal space?" She wasn't about to give up yet, but she needed to wrestle with her own emotions first. He was right there, close to her, and she knew that he didn't like the other girls. All it would take to end all the silly arguments would be for her to just... close the distance that was rapidly shrinking.

By then, Ranma was practically nose to nose with her. He smirked at her, sure that she'd break away any minute now. "I'll back off once I get my answer. How do you feel about mfff..." he was silenced by Akane's lips pressing against his. Their first real kiss. He was stunned, barely knew what was going on. Then he realized that his other hand was in her hair, and that he was kissing her back. He let go of her hand, and wrapped his arm around her in a hug, pulling her to him.

Akane just wasn't able to take it any longer. When he gave his ultimatum, she just went for it and kissed him, hoping that he'd return the kiss and at the same time, knowing that he would. She loved him, and now she was showing it. And then he pulled her into his lap, hugging her tightly, and she knew that he loved her as well.

They continued to kiss like that for a while, only breaking away to breathe for a second before diving back in. Ranma's hands somehow found their way up under Akane's gi top, brushing along the skin on her back. But that was ok, because she had opened his shirt as well and was running her hands over his well defined chest. Finally they broke apart, flushed and breathing hard, both grinning like they had won the lottery. Ranma was the first to speak. "I love you too, Tomboy." Akane's face lit up brightly, and she kissed him once more, pushing him down to lie on the floor, and knocking their teeth together when Ranma's head bounced on the floor.

"Ow!" Akane pulled away, and wiped her mouth with her hand, checking for blood. It was then that she noticed a rather prominent bulge under her stomach. She looked up at Ranma in surprise, but he didn't seem to know why. She then smiled seductively. "Ranma, is that a roll of coins in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"

Ranma had the decency to look embarrassed. "Well, I can't help it you know, hehehe..."

Then Akane got a serious look on her face. "Look, Ranma, I know that you had two girls offer to have sex with you today, but I just want you to know that I'm not ready for that yet. Is that ok?"

"Actually, that's fine," Ranma said. "I didn't really want those other girls. I can wait." He smiled. "Heh, I was kinda worried, because Hiroshi apparently slept with that Miyuki chick he's been seeing for the past year. He said he thought he kind of pushed her into it and everything changed between them and that’s why the broke up last week. I kinda don't want to mess up like that, ya know?" This led to an Amazon sized glomp as Akane hugged him hard. He wrapped his arms around her back, savoring the feeling for once.

Akane leaned back slightly to look in his eyes. "Nothing says we can't make out every once in a while though," she said, then laughed as she watched his eyes become as big as dinner plates. She got all serious again. "So what do we tell everybody? Do we tell our family? We'd be married tonight if we did."

"Yeah, and probably have another fiasco of a wedding. No, lets just take it slowly, let them know when we are ready, and when the others can all get a clue."

Akane smiled at this suggestion, and nodded her approval. She then gave Ranma one last kiss before standing and walking out of the dojo. "I'm going to take a bath first Ranma. I'll come out and let you know when you can wash up for dinner."

Ranma just smiled at his fiancée, deciding to go for one more dig at her. "Sure I can't join you? I'd like to see that birthmark again." Akane looked angrily at him for a second, but saw his smiling face and realized that he was joking. Instead, she just stuck her tongue out and shook her bum at him before leaving through the door.

“Wow,” Ranma said to himself quietly as he watched her leave. “If I knew she could be so cute and sexy like this when she was happy, I'd have admitted that a long time ago.”


Chapter 4

"Shampoo is going out for a while Great-Grandma! Will be back in time for dinner rush!" Shampoo called as she left the Neko Hanten. She hopped on her bicycle and rode out into the street. She was off to take care of one small loose end: wiping Kuno's mind of everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. He wasn't a bad lay, but she didn't need him clamoring after her for sex day in and day out now that he had gotten a taste. Along with Formula 411, she had also brought along some Spring of a Drowned Akane, just in case she felt like round two before she wiped him.

Mmmm that didn't sound like a bad idea at all. Shampoo could feel the heat pooling deep in her belly at the thought of getting to use that man again. She hadn't even slept with Mousse in a number of months, and had nearly forgotten what it felt like to have a man shoved deep in her snatch. Maybe this time she'd get on top, in the position of power, rather than let him rut with her like an animal. She always preferred to be on top, and only bent over for him before because that would be the most humiliating position for Akane to be found in.

Yes, that was definitely what she would do. First she'd transform, then fuck Kuno again, then she'd wipe his memory of her ever being there. Since she knew it was a safe day, she'd have to take advantage of it. She might even have to order more of these instant packets so she could do this more often. Why only stick with Mousse as a boy toy when she could add Kuno to her little harem. Maybe she could even trick Ryoga the same way!

Shampoo nearly fell off the bike when she imagined all three of them filling all her holes all at once. As it was, she had to wipe some drool from her face. She was used to having to share her men with other women at the village, it was high time that she had men sharing her! She had to keep her mind on her task though. Besides, once Ranma finally worked his way around to seeing things her way, she'd be able to get all the sex she wanted from him, and would have no more use for the others. Nothing said she couldn't have her fun until then though!

She arrived at the Kuno Mansion and splashed herself with the water, changing her form into that of Akane Tendo. She was dressed in her usual Chinese dress rather than the school uniform from that morning, but she figured that Kuno wouldn't focus on her clothes, especially when she took them off. She did wish, though, that there was an easier, or at least dryer, way to transform. Then again, splashing herself with the water had left her with a wet top, and she wasn't wearing any underwear. She smiled at the thought that she was going to be able to get laid again so soon, and so easily! No sneaking around when Grandma was asleep and trying to keep from crying out!

She pressed the button on the intercom, and was met with the face of some servant or another on the screen. The servant asked who she was, but before Shampoo could answer, he seemed to realize himself, and told her to wait one moment for Master Kuno. Apparently the staff was given a picture of Kuno's "beloveds" and told to let them in immediately if they ever showed up, rare as that was.

Shampoo had to wait less than a minute before the door was thrown open and an out of breath Kuno stood there in a bath towel, his hair still soapy as he had been interrupted in the bath. Shampoo smiled at how easy this was going to be, her sex drooling in anticipation as she leapt onto Kuno, giving him an Amazon glomp and a searing kiss, full of tongue. Kuno was so surprised, that he let his towel go, leaving him naked in the doorway. Shampoo was tempted to have him right there, but instead he grabbed her by the arm and led her to his bedroom.

Shampoo had to admit, this Kuno guy was kinda obsessed. All the pictures of Akane and Ranma's girl form all over his room were rather creepy, especially since she looked like Akane at the moment. Kuno told her to wait right there for one moment while he went to wash the soap from his hair, but Shampoo would have none of that. Instead, she grabbed his arm, and with an impressive show of strength, threw him onto the bed. She then undid the buttons on her dress, and shimmied out of it leaving her standing naked before him. Kuno was, for once in his life, speechless as he gazed upon the body of one of his true loves, getting to see her fully naked for the first time. He was erect in no time.

Shampoo didn't say a word, she just climbed up on top, positioned herself, and sat down hard, driving Kuno deep inside. She then started a fast rhythm, bouncing in his lap and loving every minute of it. She started to moan and scream as she drove herself down onto him, switching between Japanese and Chinese words expressing her ecstasy. Kuno expressed his own delight by ranting about how he knew that he would tear her away from Saotome’s influence and that she would marry him and the pig-tailed girl would be his mistress and her splendid buttocks could be unmarred with surgery, and blah blah blah. Didn’t this guy ever shut up?

She had to admit, though, he was a pretty good fuck. While not the biggest man she’d had, he wasn’t too small. He also had calluses on the palms of his hands since he fought with a sword rather than hand to hand. That was a new feeling that she enjoyed very much stroking up and down her sides and over her breasts as she moved. Akane’s body also had some subtly different erogenous zones she wasn’t used to, and it was a pleasant surprise when his touch set off these new sensations.

But it wasn't quite enough. Kuno was going to cum soon, that much was obvious by the faces he was making and that his ranting was becoming more erratic, and she wasn't quite hitting the sweet spot in order for her to reach orgasm. She realized then that she didn't know this body as well as her own, and didn't know what it would take to get the screaming orgasms she craved. Kuno certainly wasn't going to last long enough for her to explore. Suddenly, she saw the answer, a hot tea kettle had been set out for Kuno so that he could have some tea after his bath. She stopped bouncing for a second, held a pillow over Kuno's face so that he couldn't see her change, and reached over and grab the kettle from the stand next to the bed, and poured it over herself.

That was much better. Not only did the feel of the hot water over her naked body add to her arousal, but her different shape now had Kuno touching other places inside of her that felt delicious. She changed her angle slightly, before starting to bounce once more, this time feeling herself growing closer to orgasm, finally settling down hard on Kuno, and letting out a scream. This was all it took for Kuno, who was a passenger in this entire wild ride, to blow his load as well. Shampoo was a little disappointed that he had passed out again, another round would have been nice, but it would make wiping his memory easier, so she figured it was ok. She stood up from her position on top of him, and went over to her dress on the floor to look for the shampoo in her pocket when there was a pounding on the door.

"BROTHER! Do you have that hussy Akane Tendo in there with you? I thought I heard her voice." It was Kodachi, and she sounded pissed. "I cannot believe that you would debase yourself to rut with that commoner, Brother! I mean really, what if she were to spawn a child? It would completely ruin our gene pool!" Shampoo backed away from the door, ready to jump out the window if Kodachi decided to come in. "I thought you were just spouting nonsense earlier when you told me that you had finally rid yourself of your virginity by fucking that woman this morning, but now I hear her screams of her passion coming from your room, and find it sickening! I mean, what about..." Kodachi seemed to pause as if she had just thought of something. "Never mind, Brother, go back to your little whore, I'll use this to my advantage instead! OH HO HO HO HO!"

Well now that was interesting, Kuno seemed to think that he really had had sex with Akane rather than noticing that it was really Shampoo in disguise. He must have been so out of it when he finally came that he didn’t see her transform. She looked over at her lover. Either that or he was an idiot. Shampoo pondered upon this. Perhaps this could be used to her advantage as well. She put the shampoo away, got dressed, and snuck out the window.


Dinner at the Tendo household was ready soon after Ranma got out of the bath. He sat down in his usual spot next to Akane, looked around to see where people were looking, and stealthily gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Akane was so surprised and pleased with this open show of affection that she broke out into a big grin and was unable to get it under control before everyone else sat down. Nobody else took any notice of it, except for Nabiki, who had seen the spectacle that morning. She was immediately suspicious that something was up since she was so happy after being so embarrassed that morning. "What are you so happy about, Akane?" she asked.

"Oh nothing," Akane replied, trying not to blush and failing miserably.

"Well it must be something big after what happened this morning. Could it be that you showed Ranma how Shampoo did it wrong out in the dojo?"

Akane and Ranma both choked hard on their food, forcing them to reach for their drinks. Kasumi looked confused, having not yet heard the story. "What did Shampoo do?"

Nabiki smiled at getting her sister's and Ranma's goat. She knew there was no way in hell they'd actually had sex, but it was fun to tease. Still, it was weird that Akane seemed to be so damned happy. "Shampoo got her hands on some instant 'Spring of Drowned Akane' and used it on herself so that she could seduce and have sex with Kuno in front of the entire school," she said. "I got pictures." She balked when Akane threw her a dirty look. "Relax Akane, I got pictures of it *after* you changed her back into her real form. I wouldn't want to take pictures if it really was you and mar our family's reputation after all. These are going to nab me Shampoo's tips for months."

Suddenly, Akane had a horrible thought. "You may not have taken any pictures Sis, but did anyone else?"

"No, and I checked," replied Nabiki seriously. "Like I said, don't want to ruin our family's rep. Although, Shampoo didn't seem to care much about hers. She even left her panties behind, and some guy picked them up. I'd hate to think of what he's doing with them now."

"Nabiki, please not at the dinner table," said Soun, turning slightly green.

"Sorry Daddy, but I gotta say it was quite a sight to see. I almost believed it myself for a second. Shampoo's form even had Akane's birthmark."

"Oh you mean that cute little birthmark on her bottom that looks like Shikoku Island?" asked Kasumi. Akane turned bright red at this remark.

Ranma snapped his fingers. "THAT'S what it looks like. Thanks Kasumi, I couldn't figure it out, and it's been bothering me all day." He got his face driven into the table for his troubles courtesy of Akane.

Genma winced at his son’s lack of tact. He must have gotten that from his mother’s side. “So does this mean that Shampoo is no longer chasing after you Boy? That’s wonderful news! We can have the wedding this weekend!”

Soun looked less enthusiastic. It was his dojo that was nearly destroyed during the last attempt at getting his daughter married after all. “Perhaps we should wait until the situation with Ukyo is resolved as well before we attempt another wedding. She brought explosive okonomiyaki to the last one.”

Akane held her tongue. Telling everybody that Ranma had told Ukyo off would be like giving them a green flag to start planning a wedding. Ranma, thankfully, was still out of it from his earlier comment, and therefore wasn’t able to open his big mouth and make things worse. She noticed that Genma seemed less than pleased with her father’s suggestion, but he kept his mouth shut. Nodoka on the other hand seemed to be agreeing with Soun, thankfully making it two against one.

Ranma sat up again, and seemed to be about to comment, but Akane pinched his leg under the table and gave him a Look. He quickly got the point and went back to eating his rice. Akane looked satisfied that he wasn’t going to say anything and went back to her own food. Maybe he can be taught.

After dinner was over, Kasumi started removing the plates from the table. Ranma moved to go turn on the TV, but stopped when she called his name. “Ranma, could you please come help me wash these dishes?” Being that it is impossible to say no to her, Ranma stood to comply. He quickly gathered all the dishes from the table, balancing all of them one on top of the other and carrying the rather tall stack into the kitchen. He then went to work at washing the dishes while Kasumi dried for him. He was starting to hum tunelessly when Kasumi turned to him. “What about you Ranma, what do you think about this whole situation?”

Surprised that anyone would ask him about the situation, Ranma nearly dropped the plate he was passing to Kasumi, but she grabbed it lightning quick. She smiled and winked at his look of astonishment at her speed, then motioned for him to answer. “Well, Shampoo always was the most.. ah.. aggressive of my fiancées,” he said. “She’s pretty much put herself out of the running now though. What she tried to do to Akane, ruining her rep like that, that would have been unforgivable if she had succeeded.”

Kasumi smiled at his answer. “I always had faith in you Ranma, that you would put off any sexual advances your girls would try. At least until you decided to choose and marry one of them.” Ranma heard the subtle emphasis on the word “marry.” “I know you’ll continue to do the right thing!”

Ranma just nodded in response. It was easier to agree with her now that he had finally cleared up the fiancée situation and started to show, and even better, receive affection from Akane. “No worries Kasumi. I figure you and the good Dr Tofu will get nasty in the sack before Akane and I decide to do anything.” Kasumi gasped, blushed hard, and admonished Ranma for even suggesting it, but he saw an amused look in her eye.

Meanwhile, Akane had gone up to her room to start her homework. Nabiki was hanging out in her room, reading through her magazines, but not interrupting her work so she let her stay. She was just about finished with her math assignment when Nabiki spoke up. “So how are you going to win Ranma now?”

Akane turned to her sister and gave her a quizzical look. “Why do I need to do anything?” she asked.

“Well Shampoo has raised the stakes after all. She was willing to put out for Ranma, even if it wasn’t FOR Ranma.” She paused to allow her statement to take the maximum effect on Akane. “He is a guy after all Akane, he’ll soon get fed up with you calling him a pervert all the time, and go to the girl who is willing to spread her legs for him first.”

Akane gave her sister a half lidded stare. “Ranma has been offered Shampoo’s body more than once and hasn’t done anything yet. Somehow I don’t think that little display this morning will change anything.”

Nabiki looked surprised at her sister. “Well, well, has our little Akane-chan finally grown up some? Has she finally decided she wants Ranma?”

Akane decided to take the mature route and pulled down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue. Something Nabiki had said had gotten to her though. Sure she knew how he felt now, and he knew how she felt too. But what would happen if Ukyo or Shampoo tried again? He was just a guy after all. What could she do to make sure he stayed with her?

Chapter 5

School the next day was boring and uneventful as usual, but Ranma couldn’t help but smile to himself for most of the day. When asked about it at lunch, he just said he was in a good mood, and tried to change the subject. His friends all took that at face value since he usually was just a happy go lucky guy anyway.

Akane’s friends however wouldn’t leave her alone asking about why SHE was smiling so much a mere day after Shampoo tried to ruin her reputation. Akane insisted that she was ok since it was revealed immediately that it wasn’t in fact her that was having sex in front of the entire school. Her more persistent friends, notably Yuka and Sayuri, asked if it was because she had joined them in becoming a woman thanks to Ranma. Of course Akane outright denied these rumors, but her bright red face during these denials did little to help her credibility.

“But Akane, once we found out it wasn’t you, it was soooooooo hot watching Shampoo take Kuno-sempai like that!” Sayuri said. “I gotta tell you, I very nearly grabbed Daisuke and dragged him off to the supply shed to add some nail marks to his back.” She sighed dreamily as the other girls rolled their eyes at their friend who was the only one in their little group who had a boyfriend at the moment.

This was usually Akane’s cue to huff and vocalize her distain for all things male and most things sexual, but she surprised her friends by instead blushing and asking tentatively “Umm… is it that good?”

All the other girls sitting with her all stared wide eyed at their virginal friend. Sure they’d all asked the question at one point in time of the others, usually shortly before finding out for themselves. Akane, though, had always just turned her nose up at them and ignored the conversation. They all thought she was secretly a lesbian, or, considering her absolute hatred of boys, that she had had a very bad experience earlier in life, something they didn’t want to dwell on. Akane actually showing interest in sex, with a boy no less, was a welcome breath of fresh air that quashed both rumors.

Squealing in delight, Sayuri began to spill. “Well, the first time wasn’t that great. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, it hurt for me, and he finished way too fast, but it was good enough that both of us wanted to try it again. So the very next night we did it again, but first we watched one of his dad’s pornos that Daisuke had stolen. It gave us some ideas that worked out great, and we were both able to have an orgasm that time!”

All the girls save Akane screamed in delight with their sister in arms. Akane had a nervous smile on her face, but seemed determined. “W-What kind of ideas?”

“First of all, you’re in luck, because the poor guy is so hung up on you that he’s going to want to treat you right. But you need to make sure you take charge since this will also make him really nervous about it too, and then he’ll just mess everything up, and probably put you off sex for a good long time.” Sayuri scrutinized her friend closely. “You masturbate right?”

Akane looked aghast. “N-No! Of course not!”

Yuka looked smug. “That of course means yes. Poor girl doesn’t even know that she’s not the only one.” Everyone else at the table nodded in agreement. “It’s good that you do, it means that you know what you like, and can tell him what feels good, and what doesn’t. The most important thing to do though, is don’t try to force it to happen. That will just lead to more embarrassment. My first time, I had music and candles and even flower petals. He didn't notice any of it, he finished before the song was over, and the idiot had thrown my bra on a candle flame.” She looked to the others for support, and saw them all nod, possibly thinking about their own failed attempts at romance.

Sayuri took over again. “Now, here’s what you need to do to make it GOOD.” Sayuri leaned in closer to the center of their little group. She explained, and Akane listened and learned.

Akane was so engrossed in her conversation, and Ranma with his food, that neither of them noticed when a lithe figure leapt through the open window. They couldn’t help but notice though, when it landed on Ranma’s desk and opened it’s mouth.

“OHOHOHOHOHOHO! Ranma darling, I hear that that wretched Akane Tendo has finally forsaken you for my brother! Now there is nothing to keep you from me my love!”

Ranma’s head dropped to klunk against the desk at which he was sitting. The one person who was more annoying than Tatewaki Kuno was probably his sister Kodachi, and that was because she was a girl and he couldn’t hit her. “Kodachi, that wasn’t Akane. Your brother is just being delusional again.”

Kodachi twittered. “Oh but my dear sweetums, I heard it directly from the horse’s mouth as it were. Her screams of ecstasy were coming from my brother’s room last night” She looked over at Akane to see if her implied insult hit the mark. She was disappointed to see that Akane just looked confused rather than angry. “I distinctly heard Akane Tendo screaming her pleasure as she rutted with my brother last night in his room,” she explained.

A gasp went up among all the students in the room, while Ranma and Akane sighed exasperatedly. “Shampoo can change into Akane’s form with some Chinese magic she sent away for,” Ranma explained. “She probably just went back for seconds.” Every one in the class settled down when they realized that it was probably true and that Akane hadn’t gone crazy after all. The words “What a slut,” was heard from many of the girls in the room.

Being an avid browser of such catalogues where one might send away for magical powders, Kodachi was slightly taken aback by this answer, but remained firm in her quest. “Be that as it may, I am sure that it is only a matter of time before my brother ensnares his little whore, so you may as well dump her for me now Ranma darling!”

Ranma stood, and looked as if he was going to finally break his convention of not hitting girls. “Look Kodachi, I ain’t in love with you, I don’t like you, and I’ll never be your darling! Now why don’t you just go back to your own school and leave us alone?”

“Oh but Ranma darling, I cannot leave until you receive the gift I brought for you.” She quickly pulled out a bundle of black roses from somewhere behind her back. Ranma was so distracted by the fact that she wasn’t carrying a bag and didn’t have anywhere on her body that could hide the bundle, that he forgot that he was supposed to hold his breath whenever Kodachi presented him with a bouquet, and was subsequently sprayed in the face with a powder. His muscles instantly locked up.

Grabbing her now immobile prey and hoisting him into a fireman’s carry, Kodachi raced for the window. “Farewell peasants! When you next see me, I shall be Ranma darling’s wife, and carrying his child! OHOHOHOHOHOH!” She threw a glass vial at the ground, causing a great smoke cloud to fill the room, covering her escape out the window.

Coughing, Akane ran out of the door to the classroom, escaping the smoke. Leaning against a wall, she caught her breath. When she stood, she had a determined look on her face. For once the tables were turned, and Ranma was the one who needed saving, and now that they had finally opened up to each other, she wasn’t about to lose him to some floozy who had to poison her lovers to keep them from getting away.

Ranma knew by now that it was futile to struggle against his own body when Kodachi paralyzed him, so he saved his energy. It would wear off eventually, and he’d need all he had to escape when it did. Instead, he just allowed her to carry him wherever she pleased and tuned out her maniacal laughter. Man, did she know what she sounded like when she laughed like that?

It seemed that she was carrying him to her mansion. Well that made sense since she’d need the antidote for her little potion before she was able to get any sort of sexual use out of him. Ranma did find her attractive – she went around practically naked half the time after all – but it was discovered quite by accident that when she paralyzed him that his blood flow was also somewhat restricted, specifically to parts of the body she’d prefer rather engorged. Kodachi found this frustrating, Ranma found it rather hilarious.

There was one thing that was worrying him though: this powder smelled different than the one she usually used. At first he thought it was because it would do something different to him, but then he felt his muscles lock up. Perhaps it was just a new formula to make sure that he would stay paralyzed longer? He was starting to build up an immunity to the old powder after all, and it was taking him less and less time to break free of it’s hold.

Boy, he never realized just how far it was from the school to the Kuno mansion, and all the bumping and rubbing against her shoulder between leaps was starting to get to him. In fact he could start to feel himself, rather reluctantly, start to react to it… oh no…

“Oh by the way Ranma darling, I changed the formula of the paralysis powder to include some blue pills I stole from my father. I wonder if you can guess what they do,” she smiled knowingly over her shoulder at him as she leapt from a rooftop. She then proceeded to roll her shoulder against his growing erection. “It seems as if it’s working already.”

Well that was just peachy. Now not only did he not have any control over what she did to him, but the one thing that would help him was now gone. She didn’t have to give him the antidote anymore to get what she wanted out of him. How was he going to get out of this?

They finally seemed to reach their destination, entering through a window rather than the front door, which Ranma assumed was her bedroom window. Soon he was placed gently on a large four poster bed, and subsequently had his arms and legs tied to the posts. Kodachi bounced off behind a dressing screen, her leotard flipping to hang empty over the top as she discarded it with scary quickness. “I have something special I’ve been saving for you Sweetums! I hope you like it!” She stepped out from behind the screen, posing for him in a skin tight and very revealing black teddy.

Oh great, an even more skimpy outfit than the one she usually wore. The problem this led to of course was that between the drugs and the ride and the present view he was being offered, he was stiff as a flagpole and ready to pop at a moment’s notice. The last thing he wanted was to submit to this harpy’s desires, not only because of his newfound relationship with Akane, but also because he was sure he’d be put off sex for life if Kodachi did have her way with him, and he was kinda looking forward to trying it with his fiancée.

Kodachi walked up to the bed, swaying her hips in what she thought was a sexual way. Ranma was trying hard not to look at her, but he couldn’t turn his head, or even keep his eyes closed longer than it took for him to involuntarily blink. She crawled up onto the bed, and on top of him, running her nails over his body, cutting through his clothes and drawing blood in some places. Ranma winced, but didn’t cry out, lest she thought he was crying out in pleasure and did it more.

“And now Darling,” she said sitting up. “We will unwrap your present for me.” She reached for his waist and started to untie the ties on his pants. Once done, she dragged both his pants and boxers down his legs in one motion, exposing his ramrod cock to the air. He tried to think about baseball like he heard he was supposed to do to make his erection go away, but it didn’t seem to be working. Kodachi squealed in delight. “Oh Ranma darling! Is that for me? It’s so big!” She tentatively touched it, then wrapped her hand around it. “It’s just so magnificent Dearest!” She leaned over and opened her mouth, but hesitated, a slight look of disgust on her face as she looked just north of what she wanted so desperately.

“Before we begin, I think we must do something about all that hair. I simply will not put my mouth anywhere near it all.” Ranma breathed a sigh of relief when she pulled away from him and ran out of the room. He was starting to get some feeling back in his fingers, maybe he could try to work the knots loose so that he could escape once he finally regained control of himself.

Unfortunately, Kodachi appeared too quickly for him to even work the first knot loose, carrying with her a bottle of some sort of lotion. “I use this lotion on my legs to make them silky smooth,” she said, lifting a leg and placing it next to his head for his inspection. “It should work rather well on your hair as well Sweetums.” She proceeded to add a generous dollop of the goop to her hand, then reached for his crotch again. She slathered the lotion all over the hairs around the base of his penis, and over his testicles. Ranma shivered at the touch, and at the fact that the lotion was really cold! “There, and now we wait for three minutes.”

Ranma was curious as to what the lotion was supposed to do. It wasn’t even a magic potion or anything, the label was written in Japanese, and it was obviously store bought rather than concocted in Kodachi’s lab with all of her other potions and poisons. It seemed to have a foreign name though, ‘na-ii-ah’ or something like that if he was reading the katakana correctly.

Kodachi seemed to be content to sit there and look at him while she waited the three minutes for something to happen, so Ranma tried to surreptitiously loosen the knots again, but was having no success. It didn’t help that he was starting to feel a kind of burning feeling down in his crotch. Just what the hell was that stuff doing?

Finally, it seemed that the three minutes were up, and Kodachi reached over with a towel to wipe away the lotion rather than rub it in. Ranma was still confused as to what was supposed to be happening, until he saw his pubic hair lift away from his body with every pass of the towel. He almost fainted in embarrassment when she finished cleaning him off, leaving him as bald as he was when he was ten years old. How was he going to face the guys in the locker room after gym class?

“OHOHOHOHOHO! You look lovely my dear!” Kodachi shouted. She used a tub of warm water to rinse him off, before grabbing a hold of him once more and starting to stroke. “I’d say you’re good enough to eat! So I will!” She opened her mouth again to take him in, but was interrupted by a commotion coming from the hallway. She looked up at her door just in time for it to explode off its’ hinges into the room, knocking her off the bed and across the room, before it landed solidly on top of Ranma.

Standing in the wreckage that was once a doorway, surrounded by a multitude of ninja servants lying sprawled out up and down the hallway was Akane. She was breathing hard, seemed to have a fat lip and seemed to be favoring her left side a bit, but she was upright, and much more to the point, just in time. It was then that the powder seemed to wear off enough for Ranma to croak out “What took you so long?”

Akane just shot her fiancé a dirty look before stomping into the room and over to Kodachi. She grabbed the other girl by the front of her barely there outfit, stretching and tearing it in the process, and lifted her up to sock her in the jaw. Unfortunately she seemed to already be unconscious from the door smacking into her, so she just dropped her in a heap. Akane moved over to the bed and grabbed the door, intending to lift it off her fiancé. “Honestly Ranma, how do you get into these situations?” she asked as she pushed the heavy door off the bed, not hearing his warnings until it was too late.

Akane was entranced by the sight of it. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen Ranma’s penis, but she wasn’t really looking before, nor was it this close, or so hard. She blushed when she realized she was staring, quickly grabbing his pants and yanking them back up his legs, giving him a wedgie in the process. She then made herself busy untying the knots at his wrists and ankles, and trying not to look him in the face.

When she was on the last knot, her curiosity finally got the better of her. “Umm… Ranma… don’t boys… you know… grow hair… down there?”

As if this day couldn’t get any worse… “Yeah… Kodachi used that lotion over there and it kinda melted off.” He indicated the bottle of lotion lying on the floor with his nose. Akane picked it up and read the label. “Nair huh? I use this stuff on my legs, but I’d never have thought…”

Ranma thought she had paused to keep from finishing that thought aloud, embarrassed at what she was thinking about, but instead, she turned to him with an evil grin on her face. It seemed as if she had an idea. A real doozy by the look of it too. “Akane, what are you thinking?” he asked, suddenly nervous.

“Oh just a little revenge Ranma, that’s all,” she replied. She sauntered over to Kodachi, a much more sexy sway to her hips in Ranma’s opinion than Kodachi had demonstrated earlier. She uncapped the bottle of lotion and squeezed it all out on top of the prone girl’s head, then reached down and massaged it in. “There, she should wake up before it does any permanent damage, and it will keep her out of our hair for a while as well while she hides her baldness.” Akane suddenly seemed to realize the pun she had made by accident and giggled behind her hand.

She walked back over to the bed and lifted Ranma up onto her back in the piggy back position. Ranma had regained enough of his strength that he was able to hold on to keep from falling over as she carried her out the door, and over her fallen opponents. Ranma had to admit that he was impressed at the sheer numbers she had defeated in order to save her. Something was missing though. “Where’s Kuno?” he asked.

Akane looked around, as if she just realized he wasn’t there. “I don’t know, he never showed up I guess.” She shrugged her shoulders and exited the mansion.

On the way back to school, they ran into Yuka and Sayuri, the latter of which had her boyfriend Daisuke in tow. “Hey! Glad we caught you two,” Yuka called out. “School was cancelled for the rest of the day so you might as well go home.”

Akane looked confused. “Cancelled? Why?”

“Well it seems that Kodachi wanted to have some privacy with her ‘Ranma darling,’ cuz she knocked out Principal Kuno and tied him up in his office before she came up to our room, so the teachers decided between that and the smoke damage from the bomb, that the rest of the day was a wash. Your sister said that Kuno-sempai was left the same way.”

“Well that explains why we weren’t interrupted,” said Ranma. That turned out to be the wrong thing to say, as both of Akane’s friends gave him a Look.

“And just how far did you two get anyway Ranma?” Sayuri asked. Daisuke seemed to be interested in the answer as well, but for different reasons.

Thankfully, Akane came to his rescue. “They didn’t do anything, I got there before she was able to.”

“How do you know that?” Yuka asked.

The obvious answer was that Ranma was still hard as a rock and rubbing into her spine, but she wasn’t about to say that. “Ranma says they didn’t, so I believe him.”

Both of the other girls shut up at that comment, and almost looked as if they were about to cry at seeing their friend mature and admit her love right before their eyes. Daisuke had to ruin the moment though by asking “So did you see her naked at least? Was she hot? Does she really have a tattoo of a rose over her boob?”

Akane interrupted before the conversation could shift to fantasizing about Kodachi. “Anyway, we’re just going to go home then. See you tomorrow!” She turned and started to walk towards their house. She blushed hard when she overheard Sayuri suggest that Daisuke needed to stop thinking about other girls naked and only think about her naked instead.

The rest of the walk home was pleasant for Ranma. He was enjoying the weather, and the sort of hug he was getting with his fiancée, even if it wasn’t particularly manly to be seen being carried like that. He quickly looked around to see if there was anyone watching, then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for saving me. We really didn't do anything you know. You were just in time.”

Akane blushed again. "I know Ranma. You're welcome." He really could be sweet at times. Unfortunately his show of affection ruined her concentration. She was trying hard not to think about what was rubbing her in the back. Ranma was still hard, and he didn’t seem to be going down any time soon. And while she was embarrassed to be feeling it and thinking about it, she was also very curious about it, and how it might feel deep inside of her. She was going to have to take a long bath when she got home. One with her special battery powered rubber ducky she got at a novelty store.

Chapter 6

The next day at school Akane had a hard time concentrating all day long. She was just so… well, horny! She surprised herself at her choice of adjective, but that was the best word to describe it. She had had her long bath the previous night and her vibrating ducky was just wonderful as usual, but it just wasn’t enough to scratch her itch. She’d almost gone up to Nabiki’s room to find that dildo she knew her sister had, but decided that the consequences of getting caught were just too expensive.

The problem was a combination of getting so much sex thrown at her in the last few days between Shampoo disguising herself and doing Kuno in front of everyone, Ukyo offering herself to Ranma – Ukyo still wouldn’t even look at him – and having to save a half naked and half hairless Ranma from Kodachi yesterday. Plus it seemed that since she had shown an interest in the topic, it was all her girlfriends wanted to talk about. The only thing that shut them up was when they saw some of the bruises she had gotten during the rescue when changing for gym. A classmate who wasn’t very close to her asked if Ranma had given them to her, and then was surprised when Akane vehemently defended him.

The real question was did she feel she was ready for it? She did admit to Ranma that she loved him, and he said he loved her too, so that wasn’t the problem. And not two days ago, she had said that she wanted to wait, and he agreed with her, but now she was having second thoughts. She had always sworn that she was going to wait until she was married to have sex, but well, she was engaged to Ranma anyway, and they almost got married once before. What would it matter if they were to have sex before it was official?

It was kind of a scary thought, but at the same time it was rather arousing. Akane found herself feeling flushed, with a burning sensation deep in her belly. She took a deep breath and tried to get a grip on her hormones before they got out of control. She had to remember what her friends had told her: Don’t try to force it or it will only end up bad. She would just let things flow, and if it seemed to be the time, she would let it happen.

Satisfied with her decision, Akane was able to relax and concentrate on her teacher, but she was still squirming a little in her seat with the heat in her lower abdomen. She looked over at Ranma, and noticed that he seemed to be having a hard time concentrating on whatever it was he normally did other than the teacher. He was glancing over at her every so often, trying not to get caught staring, and was fidgeting in his seat as well. Akane decided to take a peek, and looked down at his crotch, finding a rather big bulge in the front showing that he was aroused as well. This of course only served to make her own arousal worse, but at least she knew she wasn’t the only one suffering.

The walk home that day started at a slow pace, but Akane had so much energy buzzing through her thanks to her arousal that it quickly went to a fast walk. Then Ranma raised the bar to a jogging pace. Akane quickly caught up and started running ahead of him. This of course turned the mile long walk home into a race.

Ranma just edged out Akane in the final turn through the gate into the front yard. The run left him breathing hard, but he had a big smile on his face. “Great run Akane, think you can go faster tomorrow?”

Akane who was breathing harder than Ranma, just resorted to sticking her tongue out at him in answer before stumbling into the house. She removed her shoes and went into the kitchen looking for Kasumi to announce their return. Ranma followed looking for a snack. They were both surprised to see that she wasn’t in the kitchen, and more surprised to see that their parents were nowhere to be found either. Instead, they found a note on the dinner table.

Dear Ranma and Akane,

We were all invited out to dinner tonight by some friends of the family. As we were invited to the Neko Hanten, and we know of your troubles with Shampoo at the moment, we thought it would be prudent to go ourselves, but allow you to decline on the invitation. We will be picking up Nabiki from her after school activities before going to the restaurant, so you will have the place to yourselves tonight. Your dinner is almost ready for you, and is in the oven cooking. Please clean up your dishes after you finish.

Love, Kasumi

Akane was put off that her family had just up and decided to exclude them from dinner. The choice of restaurant was suspicious as well. “Who could the be meeting at the Neko Hanten of all places?”

“Dunno,” replied Ranma. “But I gotta admit I’m kinda glad they decided to leave us out of it considering how Shampoo has been acting lately.”

Akane had to agree with that. But she was still bothered by the fact that they were meeting at that particular restaurant. If it anyone from her extended family or friends, they’d know better since they were all introduced to the fiancée problem at the failed wedding. Who could it be?

Ranma seemed to be unbothered by the entire thing. He went back into the kitchen to check on their dinner. It seemed that Kasumi had prepared baked fish for them, but it wasn’t quite done yet. “Hey Akane, want to spar while we wait for this to finish cooking?”

Akane nearly fell over from shock. Ranma was actually asking her to spar with him. “No dancing around? You’re actually going to fight back?”

“Well… I’m not going to go all out, but sure. I get the feeling that we’re both going to need the training in the near future. Things are never gong to be the same.”

Akane eyed her fiancé suspiciously. “Who are you and what have you done with Ranma?” She asked. Ranma gave her a look that showed he was unamused. Still, it was better safe than sorry. She grabbed the kettle that was kept hot for the cursed houseguests and poured it over his head.

“Ack! Hey! What did you go and do that for you uncute tomboy?”

Akane giggled at his reaction, before leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. “Just making sure you’re the real deal Baka.”

Ranma could feel the love pouring off of her, and knew that the old insult had become a more pet name for him. Between that and the kiss, he was starting to feel a little flushed. “Geeze Tomboy, did you have to pick such an uncute pet name?” he teased. Akane pouted in mock anger, and tried to smack him on the chest, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. He could feel her heart beating hard against his chest as he leaned down to her face. Akane closed her eyes and closed the distance. They kissed for a good long while, neither wanting to stop, before having to succumb to their addiction to oxygen. Both were breathing hard and smiling when they pulled away. “Why were we so against doing that again?” Ranma asked.

Akane tried to feel indignant about that comment or at least a bit perturbed, but she was just feeling too good right now. She wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest. Ranma reciprocated and held her, just content to stand there in the kitchen for a while. Finally Akane started to pull away slightly and looked up at him. “I’m going to go get changed. I’ll see you in the dojo.” She then left the kitchen, practically skipping up the steps to her room.

Ranma just smiled and checked on the fish one last time. He figured they probably had about an hour before it would be ready to eat, so he grabbed an egg timer before heading out to the dojo.

Ranma was well into his warm up when Akane entered the dojo. She started her own warm up, but was still feeling rather sore from her little altercation at the mansion the previous day so she wasn’t able to move quite as well as she would have liked. Ranma stopped to watch her stretch and run through her kata for a while, before calling out for her to stop.

“Are you feeling stiff?” he asked. “You look like you can’t quite get through your entire range of motion.”

“Yeah some of those ninjas yesterday got in some lucky blows,” she replied. “I think one of them bruised a rib.” She lifted up her gi top some to expose her side, showing a big purple bruise. “How does it look?”

Astonished that she had become so comfortable in his presence that she’d lift up her shirt for him, Ranma just stared for a second before shaking his head and taking on a more clinical demeanor. “Pretty bad actually. I kinda think you should see Doc Tofu about that.” He walked up to her, and placed his hands around the bruise, checking to see if she’d protest at the touch. Seeing she wasn’t about to call him a pervert, he started to feel around her ribs, trying to massage away the pain. “No ribs are broken, but you’re going to be sore for a while.” Akane hissed as he hit a particularly tender area. “I got a salve that should help with the pain if you want,” he suggested. Akane nodded, trying to keep from crying out in pain as Ranma finished his examination. “Wait right here, I’ll be right back.”

Akane sighed in relief as he left the room, and sat down on the floor to catch her breath. She reached down to the hem of her shirt and lifted it off over her head. She’d been putting up with the pain all day long, and it was a relief to just let it get some air. She adjusted her sports bra so that the strap wasn’t pressing on the bruise, and sat there relishing in the relief.

Ranma reappeared in the dojo a minute later, and was stunned at what he found. Quickly he checked his nose to make sure he wasn’t going to bleed all over the place, no he was fine there, and then covered his eyes. “Uhhh Akane?”

Akane just looked back over her shoulder at him. “Well are you going to put that stuff on me or what?”

Ranma swallowed nervously, but took the hint and walked into the room. He sat down beside her and opened the jar. He took out a big dollop and put it against her side. She screamed. “Ah! That’s cold!”

“Oops, sorry,” said Ranma. “Here, lemme try something.” Ranma seemed to be concentrating, and the next time he put his hands on her, the salve was warm and soothing. Akane sighed in relief. “I forced a little ki through my hands, so they should be really warm now.”

All Akane could do was moan her agreement as he rubbed her side. She leaned into his touch as his fingers worked their magic, and the salve took the pain away. It burned, but it was a delicious feeling. It was also starting to cause another separate burning sensation to start up in her lower abdomen.

Ranma was trying to concentrate on what he was doing, but Akane kept making all these interesting moaning sounds and it was getting hard for him to stay clinical about the massage. His hands started to wander as he caressed her tummy and up her back, stopping to rub her shoulders. “Mmmmm that feels good Ranma. Could you massage my back please?” she asked.

“Sure,” he replied. He stood and went over to one of the closets and grabbed a spare futon used for guests. He laid it out for her, and she went to lie down on her front, but had a better idea. “Ranma, I can trust you right?” she asked.

He looked at her quizzically. “Of course you can.”

“Good,” she replied. Keeping her back turned to him, she reached down, and pulled off the sports bra, and lay back down face first. Ranma wasn’t able to see anything, but her back, but it was still much more erotic than anything he’d ever seen in his life. He took a deep shuddering breath, before placing his hands on her back once again, rubbing and massaging her stiff muscles. He remembered to keep a steady flow of ki going through his hands to keep them warm, but all he wanted to do was start up his Soul of Ice technique to get a hold of his emotions. Unfortunately he couldn’t do both at the same time.

Akane on the other hand was having a battle going on in her head. The massage was great, Ranma really knew his stuff when it came to martial arts, and being able to heal on the road usually called for a massage. She couldn’t help but to moan her approval for what he was doing, and the fire that had been simmering in her belly on a low burn all day was now a raging inferno. On the other hand she was also trying to fight down the last dregs of her “I hate boys” mindset that was keeping her from relaxing since a boy she was in love with was touching her all over.

Finally she couldn’t take it any more. She turned over slightly, keeping one arm over her breasts, she reached up and grabbed his collar. Looking deep into his eyes, she dragged him down into a searing kiss. When she let go, she had pulled her arm away from her chest, showing him her breasts, and wrapping it around his shoulders. “I love you, Ranma,” she said, before pulling him into another heavy kiss. Leaning back, she grinned as his eyes dipped down to her chest. "Did I say you could stop?"

Ranma shivered at her tone of voice as she displayed herself for him. This was it. The one girl that he wanted for so long, the only girl he wanted, was giving him the green light. It seemed too good to be true. This of course usually meant it was. “You’re not Shampoo in disguise are you?” he asked, only half joking.

Akane gave him a nasty look, but all things considering it was easy to see why he might think that. “The very first day we met, you saw me naked in the furoba, and now you’re hesitating when I’m letting you see it up close and touch it?”

That was the proof he needed. Shampoo wouldn’t have known about how they met. His mind free of worry, he dipped his head down to kiss her again, his hand sliding up her torso to caress her breast. Akane mmmmed at the touch and leaned into his hand, trying to encourage him to do more. Ranma seemed to get the hint as he broke away from the kiss, to kiss down her neck. He paused to suck briefly on her clavicle, noting the reaction he got as she seemed to like it, before ending up face to face with her chest. He watched it for a second, in awe at her form as he watched her breath long and deeply in anticipation of his next touch, before leaning in and placing a suckling kiss on the right breast.

Akane jumped and moaned aloud at this touch. She always did have sensitive breasts, but she never knew they could feel like this! She placed a hand over her mouth to hold in the noises she was making, but then remembered that their families were out, and therefore she didn’t need to. She instead put the hand to better use on the back of Ranma’s head, guiding his actions.

Ranma was really enjoying himself as he kissed and suckled on Akane’s breasts. He was especially enjoying how vocal she was being, every moan sending a shiver down his spine and through his crotch. He kept going at her tits with his mouth as his hand stroked up and down her side, then moved east to caress her belly. His fingers splayed out as he gently rubbed her stomach in small circles. This was the part where it would get serious. He knew what he wanted, and he was pretty sure that Akane wanted it too, but if she put on the brakes, then he’d need to use good ol’ Lefty later on in the bath. Keeping his hand over her pants, Ranma gently moved his hand down to caress her crotch. A tug on his pigtail made him think that he was being told to stop, but before he could reluctantly remove his hand, his head was pulled up to her face by a much more insistent tug on his hair, only to have her kiss him hard on the mouth. Her free hand grabbed his wrist and held it in place.

Well that was a positive response. Ranma slid his hand up above her waistband, before delving underneath it, under the panties underneath, and touching her directly. She was hot and moist, with wiry hair covering her pubic arch that reminded him of what he didn’t have. Oh well, it would grow back eventually. He gently rubbed his middle finger up and down her slit, his palm resting heavily on her clit. Akane had to break off the kiss to gasp loudly at the contact. Much to Ranma’s delight, she didn’t tell him to stop, but instead rolled her hips in time with his strokes.

Looks like we’re getting to B today then, lets see if she’ll go for C. Ranma backed away from Akane briefly, earning a confused look, and a bit of a pout. It turned to a smile when she saw him start to take off his own shirt. Once that was removed, he knelt down between her legs, and grabbed her waistband in both hands, slowly pulling it down.

Akane was on fire. She wanted this badly, perhaps she had for a long time as well. She knew Ranma was taking it slowly, trying to test the waters with each step, but she was getting tired of such a slow buildup. She wanted him now. She lifted her hips to allow him to pull her pants and panties down. Finally she was fully naked in his presence. She felt a thrill go up and down her spine just from the feel of his eyes on her naked form. Although it hardly seemed fair that she was the only one who was naked, so she in turn reached up to his waistband and yanked it down, pulling it to his knees, and taking his boxers with them. This exposed Ranma’s penis, which was semi erect and growing by the second. Of course, Akane had to break the mood by giggling.

Ranma looked down at her with a sour face. “What are you laughing at?”

Akane covered her mouth with her hand, trying to get control over her laughter. “I, hehe, I’m sorry Ranma, but it just looks so funny! You’re bald!”

Ranma sighed. Damn Kodachi and her lotion. “Yeah well you wouldn’t think so if you were the one who was hairless down there.”

Getting her laughter under control, Akane thought about it for a second. “Well I dunno Ranma, it might look better than being all hairy. What do you think, would you like to see me shaved and hairless?” She spread her legs allowing him to get a good look.

Ranma looked down at what Akane was offering to him, and had to swallow hard. His confidence was beginning to wane. “Are you sure you want to do this Akane?”

Akane looked confused at first, wondering if she meant shaving herself clean, but then understood what he meant. She indicated with a crooked finger that he should come closer and lie on top of her. When he was on his hands and knees hovering over her, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and gently kissed him on the lips once more. She then reached down with one hand, grabbed his cock, and directed at the entrance to her vagina.

Ranma got the hint. He readjusted himself into a more comfortable position, settling his weight onto her, before he positioned himself again, and slowly pushed in. Both teens gasped aloud at the new sensations they were receiving from their bodies. Akane was more than ready for him, so he slid in easily.

“Oh gods Ranma!” Akane cried as he started up a slow pace. This was what she had been missing during all her sessions with her ducky. A pleasant fullness that seemed to radiate euphoria from her center to the rest of her body. Ranma was stretching her slightly, but it didn’t hurt at all, and the spot he was hitting on his in stroke was delicious, along with all the times he touched bottom within her. She couldn’t help but to moan aloud, sometimes at the top of her voice, as he plunged deep within her.

Ranma had to grit his teeth in order to keep from blowing too soon. Akane was tighter and slicker than anything he had tried before. It almost hurt really, but it was a good kind of hurt. He shifted his balance, putting more weight on his knees thus changing his angle of entry. “Oh gods yes Ranma! Right there!” came the cry from his lover, so he stayed in that position and continued to thrust.

Akane could feel the wave coming. This was going to be a big one. But suddenly Ranma gave out a grunt of his own and pushed in all the way hard. She could feel him pulsating inside her, feel him filling her with the results of his own orgasm, and knew she’d have to take matters into her own hands. Wrapping her legs around his butt to hold him in, she reached down to his hand on her hip, and moved it over to her clit. Ranma took the hint, and began to rub in a circle, applying more pressure than she had ever tried. Between that and the presence of his still hard cock deep in her pussy, the result was an explosive orgasm of her own. The gods themselves probably heard her cries of pleasure, or at least the neighbors.

Ow! Now that had hurt! Akane had squeezed down hard during her orgasm, becoming a little uncomfortably too tight for Ranma’s taste, but that was ok. It was something he was sure he’d learn to love. He withdrew from her, then rolled them both over, pulling her on top of him. He reached up to kiss her, and she closed the distance, both feeling satiated and satisfied.

Akane adjusted her body, then lay down her head on his chest. “I love you Baka,” she said quietly.

Ranma just held her close, stroking a hand up and down her body. “I love you too Tomboy,” he replied.

Suddenly she raised her head up and looked at him mischievously. “I guess you can’t call me sexless any more now can you?” she teased.

Ranma’s reply was to stick out his tongue at her. “Yeah well you can’t call me a pervert any more either since you were the one that started it.”

Akane returned the tongue face, but just giggled at his comment otherwise. She lay back down again, content to just cuddle, when a thought occurred to her. “Um, Ranma, we didn’t use a condom.”

Ranma gulped. “You’re on birth control pills, right?” he asked.

Surprised that he even knew about The Pill, Akane shook her head. “I didn’t really think I’d need them until I… until WE got married.” She thought about it for a second. “I should be safe today, but from now on we’d better use condoms ok?”

Ranma relaxed when she said that they would be ok, and nodded in agreement. Besides, it meant that there would BE a next time. Drawing up the discarded blanket over top of them, he held onto his fiancée tightly and closed his eyes to snooze before dinner. Akane noticed on the egg timer that they still had about a half an hour before it would be ready, and settled down to join him in slumber.

Part 2 to be found at

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