Duchal Army
Commanding Officer Lord General Viderius Ordei
Acting Commander N/A
Base of Operations Valorn (Planet)
Affiliation House Ordei

The Duchal Army are the ground forces of the Duchy of Valorn.


Duchal Army Trooper

The Duchal Army consists of two entities: The Regular Army, composed of voluntary, professional soldiers recruited mostly among the lesser Houses or the Freeborn; and the Household Guards, which consists of the various military units maintained by the Houses.

Regular Army

The Regular Army is the core of the Duchal Army. Each soldier has signed a 20-year contract with the Duchal Army, and have received extensive training. They wear a light but durable combat armour, and are armed with short-range T14 carbines.

Household Units

Several Houses maintain independent military units. These units are placed under the command of the Duchal Army in times of war, and add considerably to the strength of the armed forces.

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