Ordei insignia
Duchy of Valorn
Form of Government Oligarcy
Founding Document Confederate Constitution
Official language Valornian, Basic
Capital Valorn
Head of State Duke Marcellus Ordei
Legislative Branch Department of Justice
Judicial Branch Supreme Court
Executive Branch Department of the Interior
Formed from Orderim Independent Territory
Establishment -500
Currency Valornian Credits
Allies None
Enemies None

One of several small national entities in the Lapsarian Sector, the Duchy of Valorn thrive on politics.


The Duchy was founded approximately 500 years ago by the Orderim family. Since then, the Orderim and their descendents - House Ordei - have ruled the Duchy with an iron fist. A hundred years ago, House Cornellis - rulers of the Torun system - submitted to House Ordei and became part of the Duchy.


Almost every citizen in the Duchy belongs to a House. This House - or clan - governs the life of its members, and vies for power within the Duchy. Those born within a House are called Trueborns, and can rise to almost any position. Those born outside a House - whether because the parents were not members of a House or members of different Houses - are called Freeborns, and without a House are forced to live and die on their own merits. Few Freeborns rise to high ranks within Valornian society.

The most powerful houses within the Valornian society is House Ordei and House Cornellis, followed closely by House Ta-Kel and House Kamas. Lesser houses include House Brandt.


Though the inhabitants of the Valorn prefer to call themselves Valornians, they are baseline humans. There are telepaths present among them, but not in any greater number than among any other human population.


The Duchy controls four planetary bodies; the capital planet of Valorn, home to House Ordei and House Ta-Kel; the planet Torun, home to House Cornellis and House Kamas; the planet Nigra, an airless rock heavily mined by House Ta-Kel; and the planet Cinder, an icy lumb of rock heavily mined by House Kamas.


The Duchy maintains a small navy, the aptly-named Duchal Navy, which at the moment commands ten space vessels. The ground forces, totalling some 500,000, are organized into several units controlled by various entities, all of which is under the command of the Duchal Army.

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