Duck from Pearls Before Swine is the "watchduck" for Pig and Rat's home, and still lives with them despite often taking on different occupations. He's known for a short temper and a violent streak (usually Rocket launcher-related) bordering on stereotypical sociopathy. Pig often locked him in a clothes hamper or wastebasket as a punishment for irrational actions.

His first appearance was March 14th, 2005, when Pig bought him due to the fact that a proper Guard Dog was too expensive. Pig's neighbors frequently laugh at the Guard Duck, but the neighbors usually then get beat up or blown up by a rocket launcher. Soon after he was fired for stealing a neighbor's inflatable pool.

Months later, the Duck robbed a bank and was thrown in prison. Though he was awarded release on bail, the Duck escaped prison and has been with Pig and Rat ever since.

The Duck once staged a coup to become mayor. Once Mayor, he began checking off neighbors of the town he had written down on his "Enemies List" and began a very corrupt reign as a despot. The reign ended because of the Duck's ineffectiveness as a civic leader (most of his strategies involved eliminating the opposition), but Duck later represented Zebra in a lawsuit the Crocodiles brought against him.

The December 3, 2006 strip revealed that Duck did not know ducks could fly, never having been taught because he never knew his parents; he referred to himself as "a broken duck." Things became more hopeful for Duck when on January 1, 2007, Maura the non-anthropomorphic female duck companion appeared with him and even kissed him. However, on January 5, she flew away to migrate with other ducks. Since then, several strips have featured the Duck coping with his loss. The crocodiles, in particular, made the poor choice of laughing at the Duck at which point the Duck made one of the crocodiles into a pair of boots January 24, 2007.

The June 11, 2008 strip revealed that Duck had declared war on Venezula. On June 14, Duck is shown outside a building holding offices for some South American consulates. He has a rocket launcher and is speaking spanish to the security guard.

Later a strip showed that Maura came back and they fell back in love again. they procedded to have a romantic vaction to Paris,France with Duck riding on Marua all the way there. It ended however when Maura left Duck to become a corprate spokesperson for Aflac and Duck decended into Depression.

The April 13th 2009 Strip showed he had up an alias called the Water Folwler.

Thomas Voice

  • Steven Kynman (UK)
  • Bailey Downson (US)

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