Duck's Story How He Saved Sodor is a special from the ERTL Thomas series.


Duck tells Thomas and Percy a story how he saved Sodor from a mean exrpess engine called Wellsworth.


  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon (at the sheds)
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis (at the sheds)
  • The story narrated by Ringo Starr (US)/Pierce Brosnan (UK) as Duck the Great Western Engine.
  • First special to focus on Duck.
  • First apperences of Wellsworth.
  • The events took place in 1997.


  • Narrator: One day, at the yards, Thomas, Percy and Duck were talking about an engine being destroyed.
  • Duck: Remember Percy, you may run into danger, and one of the other engines is not here to save you.
  • Percy: I know.
  • Duck: Then you fall off a cliff and get destroyed.
  • Percy: Really?
  • Duck: Then, you are salvaged and repaired.
  • Percy: And then, I look good as new.
  • Duck: Yep. Right, Thomas.
  • Thomas: That's right, Duck. Will you tell us a story about you saving Sodor.
  • Duck: Yes, my friends. (begins the story) Long ago in March 1997 when I was working with Wilbert, Oliver, Percy and James, Sir Topham Hatt told us that another engine will be there to pull frieght cars.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: A new engine is coming to pull frieght on the main line.
  • Duck: A new engine. Yes, sir. I will warn him about any trouble.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, you will.
  • Duck: Thanks, sir. (narrating) And the new engine did arrive. He looked very mean and spiteful to us.
  • Wellsworth: Hi, my name's Wellsworth. And I am here to pull frieght on the main line.
  • Duck: Be careful.
  • Wellsworth: I know.
  • Duck: Don't let the frieght cars play tricks on you. (narrating) But Wellsworth took no notice. Soon, he reached the yards. The frieght cars were silly and noisy.
  • Frieght Cars: Don't bump us or else we'll push you!
  • Wellsworth: SHUT UP!! Don't play tricks on me!!
  • Duck: (narrating) Wellsworth was coupled to the frieght cars. And he pulled them away from the yards. Soon, he reached the quarry. City of Wellsworth was hoping for a rest, but his driver thought him other wise.
  • Wellsworth's Driver: We'll leave those now, and fetch some coaches for James to take.
  • Wellsworth: Coaches?! James?!
  • Duck: (narrating) Wellsworth could not believe what he had heard. Soon, James' coaches were fetched snd he was on his way.
  • James: Come on, let's get you to the station.
  • Duck: (narrating) Soon, Wellsworth saw Percy on the edge of the cliff.
  • Wellsworth: Goodbye, Percy!
  • Duck: (narrating) And he pushed Percy over the edge of the cliff. Percy screamed as he fell down towards the deep ravine. He hit it with a loud smash.
  • Percy: Ow, that hurts.
  • Wellsworth: (evily laugh)
  • Duck: (narrating) A large crane lifted Percy on its flatbed. His funnel and dome were cracked. His cab roof was dented. One of his wheels were bent His front and back ends were badly twisted. The side of his saddletanks were ripped into, creating a hole. His siderods were broken. And worse of all, his green was badly scratched.
  • Percy: (opens his eyes) What happened? Did I get hurt?
  • Duck: Are you okay, Percy?
  • Percy: Yeah.
  • Duck: (narrating) Oliver pulled Percy into the Crovan's Gate Works to get repaired and repainted. Later, he came out of the Crovan's Gate Works and looked good as new.
  • Percy: I now feel like a new engine.
  • Duck: Thanks, Percy. (narrating) Later, Wellsworth saw his rival, Stuart, the Tender Engine on a siding.
  • Wellsworth: Good bye, Stuart.
  • Stuart: Oh my goodness!
  • Duck: (narrating) Wellsworth backed up and bashed a frieght car of bombs and it hit Stuart and blew up. Stuart layed on his side, dead. Wellsworth puffed right behind him.
  • Wellsworth: (evily laugh)
  • Duck: (narrating) Later, Wilbert and James saw Stuart's corspe.
  • James: Not Stuart!!
  • Wilbert: He's dreadfully rude.

  • Wellsworth: (screams) AAAHH!
  • Wilbert: (screams) AAAH!
  • (Wilbert hits Wellsworth and he crashes through the buffers, which slow him to a stop)
  • Duck: (narrating) Wilbert hit Wellsworth and he smashed through the buffers, which slowed him to a stop. His tender broke loose and tumbled into the valley below.
  • (Wellsworth is hanging over the edge. He screams)
  • Welsworth: Heelpp!
  • Duck: (narrating) Wellsworth was hanging over the edge of the cliff. I arrived and coupled up to Wilbert. And I pull harder and harder. At last, the coupling broke, as I pulled Wilbert from Wellsworth. Wellsworth slide over over the edge of the cliff.
  • Wellsworth: (screams) NOOOOO!!
  • Duck: (narrating) There's a earsplitting crash as he hit the ravine. Then everything went silent.


At the shed

  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Duck

In the story Duck told

  • Thomas (cameo)
  • James
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Wilbert
  • Wellsworth (new character)
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Frieght Cars

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