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  • Duck as Homer
  • Lady as Marge
  • Oliver as Bart
  • Madge as Lisa
  • Emily as Maggie
  • City as Truro as Grandpa Abe
  • Green Arrow as Ned Flanders
  • Rosie as Maude Flanders
  • Skarloey and Rheneas as Rod & Todd Flanders
  • Henry as Lenny
  • Gordon as Carl
  • Flying Scotsman as Barney
  • Mallard as Moe
  • George as Mr. Burns
  • Edward as Mr. Smithers
  • Stanley as Milhouse Van Houten
  • Murdoch as Kirk Van Houten
  • Thomas as Martin Prince
  • Mavis as Jessica Lovejoy
  • The Big City Engine as Principal Skinner (Not Murdoch!)
  • Lord Harry as Groundskeeper Willy
  • Molly as Edna Krabappel
  • D261 as Superintendent Chalmers
  • Isobella as Agnes Skinner
  • Derek as Herb Powell
  • Spencer as Comic Book Guy
  • Percy as Chief Wiggum
  • Culdee as Lou
  • Wilfred as Eddie
  • Diesel as Snake Jailbird
  • Diesel 10 as Sideshow Bob

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