Duck & James is the first episode of the Duck the Great Western Engine direct-to-video series.


Duck loves to whistle to make the cows get off the line, but James lies that Duck is scared of them, but Duck tries to tell him off, and had made a dicussion to make James see scents, if James whistles at them, he will be scared. James does not listen, and is singing about what he said to Duck.

The next morning, a policeman sends James to get the bull off the line to the farmer, and James is excited. He sets off to the scene where the bull is on the line. It appears that his name is Dustin, and he slide down from his field and down to the rails, and now he doesn't know where he is. Soon, he sees some grass and begins to eat it. James arrives at the scene, and tries to whistle at Dustin, but he takes no notice, and he whistles even more loudly, soon Dustin walks into James' footplate, and sniffs at his nose. James is now scared and runs off, causing his claims to be revealed, he lied!

Duck is sent to get rid of Dustin, and he wheeshes some steam and with breakfast over, Dustin goes to join the farm. After that, Sir Topham Hatt reprimands James for lying about Duck and the cows, and as punishment, sends him to work with Thomas, Percy and Toby. James feels embarrassed.


  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Duck
  • James
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Dustin the Bull
  • Farmer
  • The Big City Engine (cameo)

Music Cues & Themes Included

  • The Season 4-6 Skarloey Railway-like music instrumental (heard in some episodes like "Four Little Engines", "Steam Roller", "Horrid Lorry" and "Rusty Saves The Day") (the beginning)
  • Season 3 James theme (used in Time for Trouble) (when James is singing about what he has said to Duck)
  • The Season 4 bad mood cue (when Dustin fell down the hill and onto the tracks)
  • The Season 4 Slate Quarry theme (when James arrives at the scene where the bull fell onto the line)
  • An Season 4 redition of the Season 6 Arry and Bert theme (when James tries to whistle at Dustin to get off the line)
  • An Season 4 redition of the music cue where James is scared of Jack Frost Percy in "Jack Frost" (when James runs away from Dustin sniffing at him)
  • Duck's Season 3 Theme (used in Bulgy) (when Duck is sent to make Dustin go to the Farmer)
  • The Season 3-6 friends theme (when Dustin goes to join the farmer)
  • Sir Topham Hatt's Season 3-4 theme (when Sir Topham Hatt scolds James for lying to Duck)


  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon.
  • This episode was filmed alongside Season 4, with the Season 3-5 Thomas the Tank Engine models and the Season 4 sets.


US version

  • Narrator: On the Island of Sodor, some engines are afraid of cows, and some are not. One of the engines who are not afraid of cows was Duck. He loved to wheese steam at cows and make them go with their owner, the farmer. One morning, James thought Duck's trick was silly.
  • James: You are afraid of getting hurt yourself!
  • Narrator: He snapped.
  • James: I am not afraid of cows, and I whistle and they go away to join their owner!
  • Narrator: Duck had a plan to make James see scents.
  • Duck: If you see one bull, you would be scared of them.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • James: Pah!
  • Narrator: Wheeshed James.
  • James: I am not afraid of bulls! I never met one before!
  • Narrator: He puffed out of the yards. James was now pleased about bulls.
  • James: Poor old Duck, poor old Duck!
  • Narrator: He sang.
  • James: I am sorry, he is frightened! I am sorry, he is frightened!
  • Narrator: James puffed past a cow and whistled at it. He was still thinking about what he said to Duck. Next morning, a policeman was waiting.
  • Policeman: There's a bull on the line. Please, make sure he returns to the farmer immediately.
  • Narrator: James was excited.
  • James: Now I will show Duck how to manage bulls!
  • Narrator: He huffed to himself. Dustin wasn't a ferocious bull. But this morning, he was cross.

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